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This Gets Me By


“Pfttt, you’ll never get anywhere honey!” The father of now one, snarled at a small black clad figure “you think it’s all glitter and gold, BUT IT’S NOT” the man had worked up into a furious scream, turning his face a distasteful red “you’re pathetic, a bloody brat, nobody will ever want you. YOU’LL BE BACK BY THE END OF THE WEEK, YOU’LL SEE.”

A loud smack and an audible whimper could be heard throughout the street. A few bags and a guitar case scattered clumsily on the darkened porch, scrambling, and the girl feebly lifted herself up. Surprisingly no tears came to her eyes and a wave of calm settled around her. Sweeping her hair aside and out of her eyes revelled a faint pink hand print on the side of her face, along with a few bruises and cuts. Her eyes locked with the towering man.

“You never wanted me, you never believed or encouraged me.” Her voice beginning in a whisper. “You always compared me to my sister, blaming me for everything” her voice gradually raising, becoming louder and stronger. “I was never ‘home’ here,” gesturing to the towering house in front of her “And it never will be, music is all that I live for. And if you won’t let me follow my dream then i have no purpose in this house, in this city, in this state” drawing a final breath to finish what she has wanted to say to the man in front of her for years. “Theses a better life for me out there somewhere, and I’m going to be the one to make it.”

Without looking back she turned on her heels, gathered her bags and guitar, walked off the porch and out of the drive way into the cold night. Savouring the dreams of tomorrow and the thought of never returning.


So the first chapter :/ if you have anything you want to see in the plot, message me. I'm open to ideas :) same goes if you don't like where it's going.

Also the date in the title descriptions are when I publish them, 'cause when i read fan fics I tend to forget where I'm up to if there's a few chapters updated (just helping people who might have the same problem)


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