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My Understandings

Fame > Demise (Caleb Shomo Remix)

*1 month later*
August 7th.Friday is the last day of Warped and Austin and the guys, including me are flying out later tomorrow to perform. I wanted to surprise my band so we told no one about me coming. Over the past month, Austin and I have been growing really strong. Sadly, I never did get to write a wing with the rest of I See Stars due to constant song writing with Vic for my band and writing with Austin for myself. Today was sort of an off day. After a doctor’s appointment, they said it is okay for me to do unclean vocals, but to take it easy. So, for that, Austin decided we should get a tattoo. Not matching, but just another one. I really don’t want one, but since Austin was paying, why not? I told him he could pick what I get. He already knows what he’s getting. But he won’t tell me.
"Are you ready?" Austin asked me as I grabbed my bag and nodded. "Indeed I am, let’s go amazing boyfriend." I said ushering him out the door. He grinned and grabbed me hand, shutting the door behind me. Austin was giddy that he was getting another tattoo. I rolled my eyes when I realized how much he looked like a little child going to get some candy.
He walked to the car and the both of us jumped in, him starting it up and backing out of the driveway. He drove to the tattoo parlor and parked in a spot close to the door. He grabbed my hand again as the two of us walked through the door, the bell dinging overhead as it slowly came to a halt again.
The artist, Alex, lined the ink up and grabbed the tool.
"What are we gettin’ and where are we gettin’ it?" he asked me. I looked up at Austin and bit my lip, grinning. "Cat on my hip." I said. Austin grinned and jumped up and down a little bit. I rolled my eyes. Sometimes that boy is just mental.
I heard the tool start buzzing and I closed my eyes as Austin held my hand through the whole thing. Before I knew it, the tattoo was done and we were able to look at it.
“Do you like it?” I asked him, showing him the tattoo. “It looks amazing. Alan’s going to have a fit.” He said. Alex lined the ink up again, but this time for Austin.
The buzzing sound rang through my ears and I watched as Austin got my name on his upper, inner arm. I was shocked. I didn’t know he was getting a tattoo of my name.
I saw the intricate, delicate lines as Alex marked them on his skin. My full name Elizabeth showed up brightly on his arm and the artist announced that he was done. “Wow, that was like five minutes.” Austin said. Alex finished him up and smiled at his work.
Alex nodded and grinned, walking over to the register.
“$30.” he said. Austin handed him a 50 and he got his change. The two of us walked out and he looked at it as soon as he got in the car. “Like it?” I asked him. “Love it.” he said, grinning. I rolled my eyes and got in the passenger seat.
“Ellie?” he asks once were out of sight from the tattoo parlor.
“Would you like to accompany tonight for a romantic date at the beach?” I looked at him.
“Are you crazy? It’s almost ten at night!” I exclaim.
“But if we drive to Long Beach, it would be one in the morning. There’s a spot by the cliff where no one goes to.” He grabs my hand and runs a thumb over it.
“You meant the cliff where you asked me out?” he nodded.
“Pleeeaaseee.” He whined. I sighed, knowing there’s was no way in the world I could say no.
“Okay,” I sighed. He squealed in victory and drove right pass the house.
“Already had it planned?” I ask.
“You betcha.”
The cold water touched my feet and I jumped back. I couldn’t remember whose idea it was to go skinny dipping, but I instantly regretted it when my skin touched the water.
"Austin! It’s cold!" I whined. I heard a chuckle and felt arms wrap around my waist. The next thing I knew, I was flying through the air and hit the surface of the water, going under.
I popped back up and saw Austin laughing. “Austin Robert Carlile!” I yelled, trying not to grin. His laughter was contagious. “You should’ve seen your face!” he practically yelled, trying to breathe through his laughter.
I flipped him off and he pulled you to him. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry, baby. Forgive me?” he asked me. I thought about and shook my head. The frown appeared on his face as I laughed.
“Kidding!” I smiled and nodded. He brought me closer to him and kissed me.
I kissed him back and I felt his tongue glide along my bottom lip. I smiled in the middle of it and opened my mouth, granting him entrance. Our tongue’s danced together.
We made out for about 5 minutes and I pulled back, gasping for breath. He laid me down on my back as he towered over me. The waves crashed over us and Austin as he slid into me. It was nighttime, so there wasn’t anyone on the beach except the two of us. The stars shone overhead and I looked at him.
He never ceased his pace or force, his hips crashing onto mine. He moaned out my name, which triggered my own moans. There was something about the way he moaned that drove me crazy.
He picked one of my legs from around his waist and slung it over his shoulder so he could go deeper inside of me. I nearly screamed his name before he put his hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t be as loud.
The water rushed from around me and soaked our clothes lying a few feet away. I grabbed his thighs and dug my fingertips into them, making him moan again. His thrusts became sloppy. But he continue for five more minutes.
The two of us released at the same time, him riding out both of our highs. He fell beside me, the water crashing over the both of us, panting and gasping for breath. “God, I love you.” he said while he pulled you to him. My eyes felt droopy as I snuggled closer to Austin. When I woke up, we were in the tent by the cliff and Austin was snoring slightly.
I missed this and I’m glad I gave Austin chance. I just wish I had the courage to tell him how I feel.
“What?! Why! Isn’t there like a backup bus we could all share?!” I groaned and turned over. “What do you mean? Where did all the money go?!” I woke up and stretched. “We were all looking forward to it!” there was a pause and then the yelling continue. “Why would Jenna do that?!” another pause. “Don’ tell me to calm down! That was our headline tour! We make money off that yo!” another pause and a scream of frustration. “FINE!” I slip some clothes on and I get up and walk towards Austin.
“What’s wrong” I ask him.
“Headline tour’s been cancelled. Half of Tonight Alive fell ill and there’s not enough money to get a tour bus here, in England, and in Australia. So the tour’s being pushed back to start after Christmas.” I groan and kick some sand. “Great. Everything is falling apart. I still have two cities to make up!” I hate to let fans down. I promised them something and I will not break my promise. If I have to, I will drive a van to the cities and perform. And you know what, I think I will. He pulled his phone out.
“What are you doing?”
“Making a video.” He ushers me over. I sit next to him as he hits record. “Hey guys, Austin here,”
“And we have some sad news for you guys. Headline tour has been cancelled.” We both frown.
“Tonight Alive has fallen ill and due to some budget cuts, we can’t afford a tour bus in England or Australia.” I say.
“But, don’t fret. We’re going to randomly visit a couple of cities and throw our own little tour. Of Mice and Men and Sorry Not Sorry are starting our own tour and we’re gonna call it…..” he looks to me.
“Uh, The Knock Out tour.” I say randomly.
“Right. So, keep your fingers cross because we may be seeing you. The concert are free. But VIP passes will still be charged.” I smile at him as he pulls me closer. “And I want to make an official announcement. For the past month, I have been dating this wonderful girl. She’s pretty, talented, and I love her to bit.” I turn to him shock.
“Really? Who?” I say pulling an act.
“You,” he pecks me on the lips. “Sorry ladies, I’m off the market.” He wraps his arm around me and I laugh.
“But seriously guys, we love you, see you soon.” He hit the red button and loaded in up on my YouTube account.
I walk back to the tent to get our stuff when Austin wraps an arm around my waist.
“Last night was amazing.” He whispers in my ear. I nod in agreement. It feels nice to have some sort of balance in my life now.
“It was. Now let’s pack so we can get to Warped.”
"Hello fans of Warped!!!!!" Cheers and more cheers. I feels good to be back on stage in front of the people who got me to where I am today. "How many of you all know Austin Carlile?" People scream and I saw two girls rip open their shirts and their boobies pop out. Max drops his drumsticks and Ryan fumbles for his phone while Austin laughs from side stage. "Well, for the past two months since my leave from Warped, we wrote a song call Vengeance. When I sent the music out, my band thought this would be too fast and hard to do. I wrote this song out of anger, experience and my thoughts because we all have that one song we can relate to. But we're doing it and here doing the screams is my dear beloved ass annoying boyfriend," Austin rolls is eyes and runs out to where we were. He smiles at the crowd. "VENGEANCE!" And the music rolls in. With the back track playing, Austin begins the song.
We will live forever:

And if I were you I'd fear me more than death himself, because when I am through with all I'll do you'll wish to burn in motherfucking hell.
So let us open the gates of hell for the likes of you.
May God rest your soul when we are through.

This is our vengeance.
Orphan of broken dreams:
Your word isn't what it seems.
You're jealous and weak:
Stay humble and meek
And one day you might succeed

Maybe one day I'll probably make more of an impact than you'll ever fake and I'll take what is rightfully mine.
You ran away so I'm calling the shots this time.
I'll take their hopes I'll take their dreams I'll take everything that would ever mean a single hint of trust from them you never cared so I will always win.

For every kid that you hear screaming loud and clear:
You left them in fear.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I ripped the tongue from his mouth and left him gasping for breath.
I told you that you'll reap what you sow:
But you wanted fame
So fuck your ego.

How could you think this would go down so easy??
Your words are misleading blinded by the glare of the spotlight now your fiending.
How could you think this would go down so easy?

Well you can huff and you can puff and try to blow my house down,
But I take comfort in the fact that I have stolen your crown.
Go ahead with the childish games you play and at the end of the day we've got the final say.
I bet you never saw this coming

The tensions rise in your mind and you think back to realizing everything that you left behind.
The mask that you wear is just an illusion we've picked up our cross we've found a solution.
You've lost your flames in the darkest of night your ambitions are falling out of sight.
Selfishness owns you I hope you can see,
The family you loved is now the enemy.

We will live forever.


VengeanceLike three more chapters left and then I will be doing a SEQUEL. Info about that is to come.


I love this story!!! And your username is amazing!! I love Heroes!

I want Austin and Ellie back together already!...

i ship ellie and alex

I've been crying trough it all... I love it!!


laullypop laullypop