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My Understandings

Filth Friends Unite

Austin’s hands traveled up my shirt and easily tossed it to the side. He planted kisses down from my neck to my stomach. He attached his lips back to mine and proceeded to take my bra off. He moved up until he was between my legs. For two years I’ve waited for this moment. To be with Austin and to not have to worry about anything.
He kissed my breast, taking a nipple in his mouth and lightly sucking on it. He did the same with the other and not once breaking contact with my eyes. I climbed over him and took his shirt off, attaching my lips back to his while my hands fumbled to remove his boxers. After he’d stripped me of any other clothes he towered above me and placed himself at my entrance. He kissed me again, more passionately.
“God I love you so fucking much.” He slowly pushed himself inside of me. He caught my moan in his mouth. He moved his hands to lace our fingers together before pulling out and pushing in again. This time, he was the one to moan.
No sounds were made but the sound of his hips hitting mine and the occasional moan. He gripped my hands extremely tight, but I didn’t care. After years, Austin and I have finally connected again.
The tight pit feeling in my stomach came and I felt myself tighten. But I nor Austin said anything. As I came, I broke my lips away.
“Oh Austin,” I moaned. He came moaning my name and fell on top of me. he pulled me close to him, so close my nose poked his chest.
“I love you. I love you so much Ellie.” he knotted out fingers again.
“Please don’t leave me again.” I whispered.
“I won’t. I promise.”
The next morning I untangled myself from Austin's arms and I rushed out bed and threw on sweat pants, my UGGS, and a random shirt. Running down the hall and sliding into David's room, I walk to the closet and thrown down Lynzie's bag. I search through it until I find what I'm looking for. I swallow both Morning After pills and wash them down with spit. I was so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I ran down stairs and grabbed my keys and slammed the door shut.

“Dude what the hell are you doing?! The fucking road is the other way you dipshit!” Kyle and I we’re playing some weird game, Call Of Duty I think. He was being the stupid person he was and walked the opposite way of the road! The door barges open and Ellie goes through my girlfriend's back an takes two pills. She runs out of the room, after giving us a stare, and slams the door.
“Dude look out for the-” Boom! Boom! Boom! “-fucking gun.” I threw the controller down and faced Kyle. “Man! You suck ass at video games!” Kyle and I got into a full blow argument. He ended up yelling these words.
“You cheater!”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah.” I tackled him to the ground. I grabbed a shoe from under the bed and began beating him in the back.
“Take…..that…..back…you……fucking…….loser…..” his hand shot under the bed and then he was beating me with a shoe. Now standing, we were hitting each other with a shoe like girls.
“You suck!” I yell. He smirks at me and throws the shoe at me. I duck as it flies through our now open door.
“Whoa! Hey! What’s is going on in here?” I look to see that drummer in Ellie’s band. Matt I think.
“Oh, Matt.” I said as I take another swing at Kyle.
“Yeah, it’s Max.” Kyle slapped me upside with the shoe.
“You fucking piece of no excuse for a game player!” He opens his mouth to fire back but we were stopped by another slam coming from down the hall. I run to my sister's room to see a shirtless Austin sleeping and a MIA Ellie. I sigh and grab my keys. I know exactly good and well where she went.


Where did Ellie go? Hmmm? Does she regret what happened last night?


I love this story!!! And your username is amazing!! I love Heroes!

I want Austin and Ellie back together already!...

i ship ellie and alex

I've been crying trough it all... I love it!!


laullypop laullypop