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The Unexpected Meeting

Chapter One

Alan's P.O.V
My body tensed when I heard the door open and close a few seconds later. It was him. I quickly turned my attention back to the food that was cooking when I saw him entering the kitchen, silently praying to God that he wouldn't bother me. But I was wrong. I could sense his presence in the room; more specifically behind me. Corey leaned over and kissed my cheek but pulled away when I flinched a little. His hand made contact with my arm and started caressing my skin as he whispered in my ear. "I won't hurt you, Alan. It was an accident. I love you baby." I nodded even though I was a little frightened.
I was so uptight and afraid of Corey because the other day he came from work demanding a beer...
"Alan! Get me a beer!" Corey called from the living room while he watch his game.
"Wait a second, babe. Let me finish cutting these and I'll get it for you" I finished cutting the ingredients for dinner and took a beer out of the fridge, walking over to Corey. He took it in one quick violent move. I went back to the food and finished cooking, before calling him over to eat. We sat down on the table and started eating peacefully but I turned to Corey when he made a gagging noise.
"This food has no taste! Why do I even keep you around? You're useless" His words brought tears to my eyes but I didn't let them fall. Corey, of course, wanted another beer so he asked me for another one.
"There's no more beers"
"Go get me some at the store then. Don't just sit here and look at me"
"But it's already midnight, Corey" It was such a blur. I didn't see him get up or anything but all I felt was a sharp pain by someone pulling my hair rough enough to make me fall on the floor. I looked up at him and I could tell it wasn't the same Corey that I knew. He punched me then kicked my stomach more than once even though I was begging him to stop...
I shook my head trying to get rid of the horrible memories and finished dinner. I put a plate full of food in front of Corey before walking to our bedroom not feeling in the mood to eat. I stripped down, only leaving my boxers on and slid under the covers, thinking about the first time I met Corey. He wasn't so cold and aggressive. Contrariwise, he was a gentleman unlike now. I felt the bed dip as Corey laid himself down behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me as close as possible to him. Those were the moments that I enjoyed the most; the ones that I loved. But I Knew It wouldn't last long because I already knew what he wanted. He started kissing my neck sucking on it but I moved away a little because I wasn't in the mood so I told him. The anger that flashed through his eyes scared me but I didn't dare say anything because I knew that it would get me in more trouble. He hovered over me and started running his hands on my chest into my boxers. "Corey, please don't do that"
I felt a sting on my cheek and realized that he had just slapped me across the face, continuing with his actions. I couldn't help the tears that were running down my face. I didn't want him touching me. He leaned down and kissed me roughly but he bit my lip because I refused to kiss him back. His action forced me to gasp and he took the opportunity to shove his tongue down my throat. I was disgusted by myself for letting him get his way but I was too tired to fight back.

I turned on my side and look at the clock on my nightstand. Its bright green numbers read 1:15. I pulled the covers off me, getting out of bed carefully, trying not to wake up Corey as I make my way to the dresser taking some clean clothes out. On my way to the bathroom connected to the bedroom, something caught my eyes. It was boy skinny as hell whose body was covered by purple/bluish bruises caused by his so called "lover". This boy was him and he was more disgusted to admit it. He walk to the shower and turned the hot water on before jumping in. I just stood there. I didn't care if the water was burning my skin or if I was scrubbing my skin so hard that I might rip it, all I wanted to do was get the awful smell off my body. When I felt satisfied I rinsed my body and got out of the shower turning off the water. I quickly dried himself up and put on the fresh, clean clothes. I didn't felt as horrific as before but he still felt a little dirty. I walked to the leaving room and laid down on the couch not wanting to be next to him. I fell asleep with thoughts running through my mind.

I was living a nightmare and I was far from getting away from it


Here we go!
New and first story so be nice guys :)


loved it! more please!
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