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Navy Blue Eyes


Captivating. There was no other word he could conjure up to describe the pull her eyes commanded. There seemed to be an unspoken law, they demanded your full attention be given to her, but much the same there appeared to be a silent beauty that drew your attention and—whether you wanted to or not—you had to pay her gaze mind. Not that he wished this pull to disappear. In fact, he'd never wanted anything so much as he wanted to hold her stare. In a moment, he knew she'd taken control of him... he saw that he had no more choice in the matter. Not one inch of him wanted to have it any other way. He was under her control, and he understood that could destroy him, yet there was no one whom he wished to destroy him more than the small girl with the navy blue eyes.

In one moment Kellin Quinn knew he couldn't go on without the frail, blue eyed beauty by his side.

After Katelynne is diagnosed with breast cancer, Kellin's heart and head are flipped upside down.

Despite the world's outlook on the 'Big C', he knew he'd probably live to be an old couple alongside his wife and daughter, but other family members of cancer patients aren't so lucky.

Through the tragedy that brings them together, Kellin can't let go of the broken girl who unintentionally saved him in his hour of need. What he comes to realize, though, is that the little girl with the navy blue eyes may need him just as much as he needs her.

Warning: RATED PG-13 for strong language, sexual content, gore, etc...

May be triggering!
Consists of sensitive topics including, but not limited to, the following: Self Harm/Self Mutilation (Cutting, Burning, Interference with the Healing of Wounds, Etc.), Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Rape/Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Mental/Emotional Abuse, Family Trauma, Death.


Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn

The Girl with the Navy Blue Eyes

The Girl with the Navy Blue Eyes


  1. Seeing Her.

    Chapter One.

  2. Finding Her.

    Chapter Two.

  3. Watching Her.

    Chapter Three.

  4. Her Hope and Her Hurt.

    Chapter Four.

  5. Her Deadly Weakness.

    Chapter Five.

  6. Losing Her.

    Chapter Six.

  7. His Question and Her Answer.

    Chapter Seven.

  8. His House, Her Home?

    Chapter Eight.

  9. Her Hum, His Words.

    Chapter Nine.

  10. His Shock.

    Chapter Ten.

  11. Her Decision.

    Chapter Eleven.

  12. Her Guilt.

    Chapter Twelve.

  13. Her (Anti-)Luck.

    Chapter Thirteen.

  14. Her Wild Ride.

    Chapter Fourteen.

  15. Her Distress and His Decision.

    Chapter Fifteen.

  16. His New Knowledge.

    Chapter Sixteen.

  17. Her First Glimpse.

    Chapter Seventeen.

  18. Her Great Escape.

    Chapter Eighteen.

  19. Hearing Him.

    Chapter Nineteen.

  20. Her Not-So-Free Freedom.

    Chapter Twenty.

  21. Her Game, His Rules.

    Capter Twenty-One.

  22. Her Place to Belong.

    Chapter Twenty-Two.

  23. Her Surprise Gift.

    Chapter Twenty-Three.

  24. Her Introduction.

    Chapter Twenty-Four.

  25. His Law and Her Rebellion.

    Chapter Twenty-Five.

  26. Her Stumble and His Fall.

    Chapter Twenty-Six.

  27. Her Little White Lies.

    Chapter Twenty-Seven.

  28. Her Three Knocks.

    Chapter Twenty-Eight.

  29. Rescuing Her.

    Chapter Twenty-Nine.


Where in the world is Mati Marie!? :(

Hey !
please continue this story... i need to know what happens to Rowan.

Xxbsx Xxbsx

Are you still writing this story?

Are you still going to finish this story. I'm still in love with Rowan and I really need closure. I know it's been like 8 months but please finish it. I'd still love to read it