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Princess of Texting

Chapter ThirtyTwo

Austin’s POV

I watched ehr as she slowly, and slowly, got more relaxed. Her breathing became normal and her eyes wasn’t as wide as before. I smiled and glanced down at her and I was going to make a risky move.
"So are you going to stay with me now?" I asked. She looked up at me and then she began. She started to punch me and cry, and let out small screams.
"YOU INSENSITIVE BASTARD" she yelled. I took her hands so she couldn’t hit me and she tried to break free.
"ASSHOLE" she screamed and cried. Then she stopped and just leaned her head against my chest and cried.
"And yes… yes you asshole, i’m staying with you" she said and grasped my t-shirt as I wrapped my arms around her.
After almost an hour of crying and me holding her she finally stopped, and it was because she slowly was drifting off to a sleep. I lifted her up and carried her out from the bus, and back to my own where the others looked at us. I gently put her down in my own bunker and closed the curtain.
"So you managed to calm her down?" Caspian asked.
"No, she finally fell asleep when I was with her. And I made her angry" I said and chuckled a little. The others looked at me with confused looks, and I told them what I had said.
"Well yes, you are one insensitive asshole" Caspian muttered, and I chuckled again. I didn’t care. She was with me now. Again.

- - -

I was back on stage and I sang. But it wasn’t as emotional and powerful as it used to. The fans didn’t notice but Scott mentioned it. He said it was probably because I was emotionally drained for the moment.
"Maybe we should do things to get your emotions back on track" he said and looked at me. I stared back and wondered what he had in mind.
"Like what?" Elijah asked. Scott shrugged and that was when Caspian jolted up from his chair, clapped his hands together and got a huge grin on his lips.
"I have the perfect idea" he said.
The morning after he woke us up and told us to put clothes on and join him and the others outside. We all wondered what he meant by the others, but when we got outside we understood. With him stood Austin, Alan, Tino and Cory. Mike, Jaime, Tony and Vic was there as well. They all smiled.
"What is going on?" Scott asked.
"Since we have a day off today I made some research, and found out that there are a fair today a bit outside town. So I asked if they wanted to join us and well… We’re going to play around today and have fun" he said. I stared at him and then I smiled.
"Sounds good" I said and shrugged.
"This is why you are my best friend" Scott said with a grin.

After almost 40 minutes by car and then a big field opened up and you could see carousels, the food stands and a very big playground. You could even see people in all ages and they all looked happy.
"Wow" I heard the others say as we parked the car. We payed our entry and then we looked around a little. Some walked over to the carousels and playground, some to the food and I just stood there and wondered what I should do. Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulder and when I looked up I saw Cory.
"Try and enjoy yourself today" he said before he disappeared away Alan and Tino. I glanced to my side and saw Austin, and he smiled.
"Where do you want to go?" he asked.
"Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving" I said and started to walk towards the food stands. Austin chuckled but he followed me.

I walked over to the first stand and asked if they had anything vegan and they shook their heads. So did the second, and the fifth… and the last. No one had vegan or vegetarian food. Which surprised me. I looked over at Austin and saw that he was eating something, and when I walked over to him he looked up.
"What di you get?" he asked.
"They didn’t have anything I could eat" I said and shook my head.
"What?" he asked, very surprised.
"No vegan, no vegetarian food here" I said and sighed. He stared at me and then he got up. He walked around the stands and came back with a few boxes. I looked at them and he smiled as he put them in front of me.
"Fried noodles, in olive oil, from the chinese stand, grilled vegetables from the barbecue stand, I don’t know if the bread is vegan but it’s at least vegetarian and the package with butter is from vegetables and not milk, I’ve never seen you had coke or fanta, so I took sparkled water with a taste of lemon for you and… I bought two apples" he said and picked up two apples and put them next to the boxes with food. I looked at him, amazed by what he had done and smiled. He smiled back and I leaned in and softly kissed him, and dug in to the food.

- - -

Austin’s POV

I watched her as she jumped aboard on the carousel, and waved for me to follow her. I hesitated but her face made me follow her and I took the seat next to her. She had such a big smile on her lips.
Then I felt how it started to move and soon we swung in the air. I never stopped looking at her. I didn’t care about the carousel. But the smile on her face and her laugh, it just made me smile and stare at her. She was beautiful and breathtaking.
"Essie" I said and she looked at me with her shining eyes.
"What?" she asked, and looked a bit curious.
"I love you" I said and she looked at me. Then she smiled and got a huge grin on her face, laughed a little and looked ahead.
"I love you too" I heard her say.


Hey first off this story was AMAZING and made me cry. Your an amazing author and I wish I could be half as good. Since you like asking alexandria though maybe you would want to check out my story? I really want it to get more subscriber and such. I'm also the author of I was all for you which is an OMAM fanfic. Sorry for being annoying but I just thought I should ask :)

Savedbybands Savedbybands
I love this story so much, it even made me cry oh my gawd your such a good writer!!! This story was really beautiful <3


pawwcx pawwcx
I love this story so much, it even made me cry oh my gawd your such a good writer!!! This story was really beautiful <3


pawwcx pawwcx

Sorry for my english I'm from germany :D
I just read the whole story an god I was crying so much! I signed up to tell you that you are awesome. I loved the story It was cute and funny
god i really hate you for making me belive she is dead!
I got so angry when they kicked her out of the band I was literally screaming that they should stop being assholes
The story is awesome and I hope that you never stop writing

chapter 49 ;-; feels. why u do dis to me. why. u suck. jk ur amazing <3 ur amazing, but you still suck for making me cry like that <3

alanashbyscat alanashbyscat