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Princess of Texting

Chapter Fifteen

Talking to Oscar was really nice and for the first time in ages I didn’t think about anything else. I felt safe and it was just the two of us. I didn’t care about the stress or the nightmares. The few hours I had with him made me just focus on him and nothing else.
"So what do you do then?" I asked and looked at him.
"I work as a light and sound technician, but I mostly do light… But for the moment I’m looking for a new job, since I hate the job I have right now" he said and shrugged.
"Why?" I asked, kinda surprised. THis was the first time I heard someone say they hated their life as a technician for light and sound.
"I never get to play, I just have strict orders on what to do with the light… I never get to show off my skills and… Sorry, I don’t mean to whine or anything" he said and blushed a little. I laughed and shook my head.
"I’m just gonna go and make a call" I said and excused myself for a few minutes.

I picked up my phone and I called Mike. My foster brother. He answered almost immediately.
"Did something happened?" he asked and sounded worried.
"You remember your friend Oscar, that moved to Germany?" I asked.
"Yeah, he’s the sweetest guy… why?" he asked.
"I kinda just ran into him and we’re having a coffee, and… I was just wondering, how is he as a person?" I asked.
"If you’re thinking about dating him then I’m okay with that" he said.
"I’m not thinking about dating him, but I was wondering to maybe hire him as my new technician… He works with light and sound, and he hates his current job" I said and shrugged.
"Then do it. One thing I know about Oscar is that he’s really ambitious, and he puts his whole heart into what he’s doing" he said.
"Really?" I asked, and got a little bit hopeful.
"So if you want to hire him, do it" he said and I could hear him nod.

I walked back inside and Oscar smiled. His really icey blue eyes looked at me and I couldn’t help but to smile back.
"Okay, this might sound weird but i just called Mike and asked him about you and he thinks I should do what I’m about to do" I said.
"Do what?" he said and looked confused.
"I’m alone on this tour and I don’t really like All Time Low and Pierce The Veil’s sound and light techs, so… Would you like to help me out?" I asked. I swear he could have choked on his coffee right here and now. He stared at me. Really shocked. I had just handed him a ticket to his dream job.
"Yeah" he said and got a huge smile on his lips.
"But then we need to go get some of your stuff" I said and smiled.
"Sure, let’s go" he said and got up from the chair. He looked so happy.

We got to a small apartment, kinda messy but nothing but normal, and he ran around and picked things up. He put it in a bag and then he looked at me. He had a huge smile on his lips and then he pointed towards a frame by the tv. I walked over and got surprised. It was a picture of him, Mike and me. But he was skinny and short, Mike was younger and I looked like a small little brat.
"Wow, I remember this day" I said and laughed.
"I wanted to have something that reminded me of the good old times" he said and stood beside me. I looked up at him and smiled.
"You’re welcome anytime Oscar" I said.
"Please call me…" he began and I laughed.
"Ossie" I teased and he laughed.
"Ossie and Essie, the two champions" he teased and lightly punched my arm. Then my phone went of and it was Mike. I answered and smiled.
"Hi Fuentes" I said.
"So where are you? We’re getting a little bit worried here" he said.
"I’m actually meeting up with my new crew member" I said and grinned towards Oscar. He shook his head and smiled, and walked over to his bag.
"Your new crew member?" he asked, a bit confused.
"Yeah, I thought I might need my own guy to do my light and sound" I said and shrugged.
"So our guy is not enough?" he asked, and I heard that he was both confused and amused.
"I want my own crew member, someone that can play a little with the light and not just follow orders" I said and I heard Oscar chuckle.
"When are you coming back then?" he asked.
"We will leave any time now, and is the extra bed in my room still free?" I asked.
"Yeah, why?" he asked.
"Where is he going to stay if not there?" I said and laughed.

- - -

Austin’s POV

From: Mike Fuentes
Hey Austin, I know you’re friends with Essie… Might I ask something?

From: Austin
Getting some trouble with the lady?

From: Mike Fuentes
Very funny, but… If she brings “home” a new guy, kinda good looking, and they seem to get along very fine… How should I react?

From: Austin
Essie brought home a guy?

From: Mike Fuentes
Some dude named Oscar, her new light and sound technician

From: Austin
What does he look like?

And Mike sent a picture of the new guy and Essie together. And even I had to say. That guy looked good, and Essie looked happy with him.

From: Austin
Yeah, you should feel threatened

I looked at the picture and I couldn’t help but to feel a little bit insecure about this guy. But who was I to say anything?


Hey first off this story was AMAZING and made me cry. Your an amazing author and I wish I could be half as good. Since you like asking alexandria though maybe you would want to check out my story? I really want it to get more subscriber and such. I'm also the author of I was all for you which is an OMAM fanfic. Sorry for being annoying but I just thought I should ask :)

Savedbybands Savedbybands
I love this story so much, it even made me cry oh my gawd your such a good writer!!! This story was really beautiful <3


pawwcx pawwcx
I love this story so much, it even made me cry oh my gawd your such a good writer!!! This story was really beautiful <3


pawwcx pawwcx

Sorry for my english I'm from germany :D
I just read the whole story an god I was crying so much! I signed up to tell you that you are awesome. I loved the story It was cute and funny
god i really hate you for making me belive she is dead!
I got so angry when they kicked her out of the band I was literally screaming that they should stop being assholes
The story is awesome and I hope that you never stop writing

chapter 49 ;-; feels. why u do dis to me. why. u suck. jk ur amazing <3 ur amazing, but you still suck for making me cry like that <3

alanashbyscat alanashbyscat