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Meet My Dedication, Inspiration

I Don't Mind It, I Don't Mind It IF Your Over Rated ♥

I woke up and noticed I was wrapped in something. I looked up to see Austin's sleeping face. I didn't want to wake him up so I slowly wiggled out of his grip and out of the warmth of the covers and him. The cold air hit my legs immediately and a shiver was sent down my body. Not knowing what we were doing today I decided to get in the shower. Yeah, I showered last night, but I still felt dirty. I always did. I pulled a pair of skinnies out of my drawer along with new panties and a bra. I decided to reuse my tank from last night.
**skipping shower**
I quickly dressed and blow dried my hair, straightening my hair. I pulled Austin's hoodie back on not wanting to give it up just yet. I left my face like it was. Just a little mascara tho. I opened the door as the steam rolled out. I heard laughter down stairs. The boys are up. I smiled to myself and walked into my room to see if Austin woke up. Memories of last night rolled played in my mind. I told him last night, about my heart. Yeah, I have to have a heart transplant by the age of 21 or else I'll die. Nothing new right? As if my life couldn't get any worse. Austin was laying in my bed wrapped up in the blankets. I didn't want to wake him up, he looked so peaceful. But peaceful things have to end at some point right? * enter evil laugh here * I walked out to the living room telling the guys to quietly come up here and that I'm going to scare the crap out Austin. the all huddled in to room and stayed silent with their phones out to record it. I step back into the hallway. I ran as fast as I could and took a flying leap and landed right on to Austin. His eyes shot open and a scream escaped his mouth. I died. Of laughter. I was literally laughing so hard I fell right of the bed. The look on his face was priceless. The guys couldn't contain their giggles. They all filed out complaining they were hungry and that they are going out and getting something and that they will bring me and Austin something back. Austin's head popped over the side of my bed, giving me a weird look. "what?" I said trying not to laugh harder. ''You okay there giggles?'' He said reaching his hand over and pulling me up. ''Y-yeah.'' I calmed down because my breathing was out of whack. ''Come on, lets go down stairs.'' He said getting out of bed. I giggled lightly at his hair. Can you say major bed head. ''What are you laughing about now?'' He said turning around and giving me a curious look. I pointed to the mirror on my vanity. His head looked to the right and gasped at the sight before he could laugh. ''I'm gonna hop in the shower!'' he said before leaving the room. "Oh and nice hoodie by the way!'' He looked at me and offered a wink. ''T-thanks.'' A blush crossed my face making it heat up.
With that I headed down to the living room to watch some TV.


Unnff please update with SOMETHING soon :3 anything really, I like the potential for this
maybeabbey maybeabbey
OMG, update, I love this!