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It Has To Be You Love, That I've Been Dreaming Of <3

You're Not Alone, You're With Me ❤

Being on an air plane for the first time was pretty scary but I made it though. I found the carousel my luggage is on and quickly collected my suitcase. Our meeting place was a Starbucks. I came down an escalator and to my left was the Starbucks. I could see Austin and Alan sitting there. Austin raised his head and his million dollar smile just spreads across his face and at that exact moment my clumsiness was at its finest. I fell flat on my face. Austin Rushes out to me with Alan following close behind.

After cleaning up the blood from my nose bleed, we reached Austin's car. Austin opened the trunk and pulled out something. "Ahhh, there it is." he said as he pulled off his shirt and replaced it with the one from the back. My face must of turned red because both Austin and Alan were pointing and chuckling at me. "Here Siren, you can wear this until we get back to the house." I just nodded because I knew I couldn't trust my voice. I did the little switch-a-roo shirt thing that most girls do, so that they don't give anyone a free show. After I was finished I opened the door to the back seat and Austin quickly slammed it shut. "What the hell?!" my voice raised loudly, echoing in t he car park. "You're sitting up front!" he said with a bright smile on his face. "Ohhhh come on man!" I heard Alan say as he climbed out the front seat and passed me with a dirty look. I just smiled and slid in.

We pulled up to a decent sized house. Alan immediately jumped out, took my suitcase and ran inside. I just sat there trying to calm myself. "Are you okay love?" Austin asked reaching he had to hold mine. "Yeah, I'm just a little nervous." I said in a whisper not wanting to stutter. "Don't be, the boys are gonna love you! Plus Amanda, Anouk, and Jen are gonna be here. You'll be okay." My head snapped towards his direction with a look disbelief on my face. "What did I say something wrong?" "No its just the last thing you said." I said lowly casting my eyes down. "Oh fuck, Austin you're an idiot!" he slammed his fist on the steering wheel. "I'm so sorry Siren, I didn't mean too." he took me by the wrist and ran his fingers over my tattoo. He instantly jerked away from me and got out of the car. In a blink of an eye he had the passenger side door open and me out of the car into his embrace. Me being really freaking short only came to about his collar bones. "She told me to be strong, so I had to be strong. But after sometime you just slip ya know? You find yourself drowning, unable to keep your head above the water anymore, especially when your rock left and you couldn't help her. I feel so alone now." I told him, tears streaming down my face. He held me tighter. He reached his hand under me chin. I couldn't look him in the eyes. "Siren, look at me." My eyes flickered to his then back to the ground. "Look at me." he suddenly got a little rough. My eyes locked onto his.
"You're Not Alone, You're With Me"



Please update ;)x

oh my god this is soooo good! :))


Yeesssss :3
maybeabbey maybeabbey

I'm in the process of writing it should be up with in the next 2 weeks(:
OfMiceAndMaddi_ OfMiceAndMaddi_
Hope you update soon, I'll be looking forward to it! (: