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It Has To Be You Love, That I've Been Dreaming Of <3

Don't Be Nervous <3

|siren p.o.v|
"Today's the day!" I said as I fixed my hair in the mirror. Ashville Idol here I come! My anxiety is high, I'm freaking out. "I don't mind it, I don't mind it if you're overrated, Or if your staring at the edge of the world. But keep in mind that I'm a sore eye with blurry vision. But I can see it has to be you love, that I've been dreaming of, and if we climb this high I swear we'll never die." I sang for a quick warm up.
. . . .

"Our next contestant, Siren Wilson!" Jerry, the announcer, spoke into the mic as I walked up the steps. "Siren what will you be singing today?" His annoying high pitched voice sounded in my ears. "The Ocean by Tonight Alive." I'm gonna admit I'm really nervous. " When you're ready!" he spoke again.

I feel heavy, I feel waited.
And I feel hungry, I feel wasted.
Oh, I can't put my finger on my feelings.
Put my ear to the ceiling, where is that coming from?
Where are you coming from?
I'm just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean, I've been praying for the day that my spirit is finally free.
Some days it feels like the ocean lies inside of me.
Lies inside of me.
And I feel paralyzed, been cut down to size.
I hardly have the strength, to open my eyes.
Cause I am swollen, and this has stolen my sanity.
Well it's hard to see beyond this when its fighting against me.
Yeah! I'm just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean.
I've been praying for the day that my Spirit is finally free.
Some days it feels like the ocean lies inside of me.
Lies inside of me.
The waves crash in, the tide rolls out.
I stand before my weakness now.
You took my faith and cut me down.
The ocean it lies, it lies inside me now!
The ocean! The ocean!
I'm just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean.
I've been praying for the day that my spirit.
I'm just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean.
I've been praying for the day that my spirit is finally free.
Some days it feels like the ocean lies inside of me.
Lies inside of me.
I let out a shaky breath. It's over, I did it. " Thank you, siren, that was beautiful!" I smiled and said you're welcome before I walked off stage. "Siren?" A kid my age, maybe a little bit older, stopped me. "The one and only!" I replied with a bright smile on my face. "I have a question, I sing for this band, love at first flight, and I was wondering if you would do a cover with me?" He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. "I'll do it but only if I get to pick the song!" " Sure, um I scream too soo." " That's great info, but I already know which song." I stated matter of factly. There was a awkward silence between us as his friends came over. "Well come on, spit it out." He nudged me with his arm. "The Great Hendowski by Of Mice & Men." I proudly answered. "That sounds amazing, we're going to the studio next Tuesday why don't you come with us?" He said gesturing to the 4 guys behind him. "Sure that sounds great." My eyes skimmed over the group. Your average post-hardcore group. I gave him my number and told him to text the details. I awkwardly hugged them all and waved good-bye as I walked away.

* time lapse : two months later *

"Ladies and gents, that was the amazing Siren!" Kameron spoke softly into the mic as I walk off stage. Our small crowd still roared on. Chance, our manager, walked up to me. "Always a great performance from you Siren, but now you have an interview to do!" He spoke to me with the overly cheery voice he donned. "Interview? With who!?" I squeaked. "Oh you know just Bryan Stars!" At that moment I really started to fangirl. Chance sent me to the room where he was at. "Hi I'm Bryan Stars! You must be Siren?" He spoke calmly. "Y-yeah, I'm Siren Wilson." I extended my hand to him and instead of shaking it, he pulls me into a hug. "Hugs are better and you sound nervous?"
He says with a little chuckle. "Of course I'm nervous! You're Bryan Stars! I'm actually pretty star struck right now." I nervously answer him. "Don't be nervous!" he said as he lightly punched my arm. He motioned for me to stand next to him. "Ready on three?" I nodded my head.
"3, 2, 1 .. Hello there I'm Bryan Stars with yet another interview, Please introduce yourself!" He said into the camera. "Uhh, Hai, I'm Siren Wilson, and I sing in a cover with Love At First Flight!" I said smiling into the camera. "Well, we'll start this off with the famous question... If you were a porn star, what would be your name?" Bryan asked with a chuckle. "Well, its supposed to be your middle name and the street you grew up on, so mine would by Rae Spruce Ridge.." There was an awkward silence... "Well that's lame!" I broke the silence with a little laugh.
"Who is your idol in the music industry?" Bryan asked. "well, my idol would have to be Austin Carlile, Him, and Of Mice & Men, Have helped me through a lot of things and his inspiring tweets, and just his words in general." I said smiling brightly. "If you don't mind, how did they help you?" Bryan asked warily. "No its okay, I'm an open book." I took a short breath. "3 months ago, I was going though a rough patch, I battled with self harm and depression. But everything's better now!" I said with a weak smile. "Wow, you're really strong." He pulled me into a hug. "On a lighter note, Do you have any tattoos?" he asked. I slid off my hoodie and pulled my tank down. My TWLOHA tank had ridden up a little. "Well, I have the starting of a sleeve of things that are helping me through my teenage years." I said showing him my left arm. "I have Pierce The Veil's Collide With The Sky girl here." I said pointing to my inner forearm. "I got the lyrics 'Darling You'll Be Okay' because my best friend made it a thing of hers to message me those lyrics everyday and it covers my scars." I pointed to the tattoo on my hand between my pointer finger and my thumb. "I have the Of Mice & Men ampersand with a tiny lady bug for my aunt that has passed." I turned my arm around. "And I have the Sempiternal logo on my inner elbow." "do you have anymore?" He asked running his fingers over my PTV tat. I pulled the top of my tank down to reveal my chest piece. "My best friend and I have the same chest piece, It says Tides Will Bring Me Back To You and I have this." I said raising my tank up to show my rib cage. "It says "You Have Many Options In Life, Never Make Giving Up One Of Them." I haven't had the chance to meet Austin yet but when I do I'm getting his signature!" I said with a huge smile on my face.
** An Hour Later **

'Thanks for doing the interview with me!" he asked giving me a hug. "No problem love!" I hugged him back. "Give me your phone!" he asked holding his hand out. "Whaaaat? Okaay!" I said giggling a little and handed him my phone. "Here's my number, If you ever need to talk give me call!" He said handing me my phone back. "Aweee thanks Bryan and I defiantly will!" I said shoving my phone into my back pocket. "And because you're special, your interview is going up tonight!" I had with a goofy grin on his face. "Alright, I'll be looking for it!" And with that we said our good-bye and we went our separate ways.


Please update ;)x

oh my god this is soooo good! :))


Yeesssss :3
maybeabbey maybeabbey

I'm in the process of writing it should be up with in the next 2 weeks(:
OfMiceAndMaddi_ OfMiceAndMaddi_
Hope you update soon, I'll be looking forward to it! (: