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Anyone Else But You



I turned towards the source of the screaming across the room at the read through, and I was met by a flying girl throwing themselves at my body and hugging me. I laughed wrapping my arms around the girl, because she was my best friend Jennifer Lawrence.

“Jen! How have you been?” I asked her, smiling at her as we made our way to the table, and I sat down in the seat which had my name on it.

“I’ve been good,” she replied, sitting down in some random person’s chair next to me, “I’m so glad you’re writing for this film! It’ll give us an excuse to see each other more!”

I laughed at her, and we carried on talking about small unimportant things. I’d met Jen at the Cannes Film Festival a couple of years ago, and we’d hit it off pretty quickly, when we realised we were the only two people at a party, who didn’t really care about anything apart from when we were gonna eat next, and we didn’t care for meeting with important executives or putting on a front of being cool or normal. We’d stayed in contact, and after I wrote the soundtrack for a small TV special her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, was starring in, our friendship just took off. I didn’t get to see her nearly as much as I wished I could, but I was so proud of her. She was now an Oscar winner, and the Hunger Games was just incredible. Her career was going from strength to strength.

“How’s Nick?” I asked her cautiously, I knew that recently there had been some strains on their relationship due to long distance, but they always made it through. They were so in love, it was adorable.

“We called an end to it last week,” she said, the smile dropping off her face, “the strains were just becoming too much for the both of us, we need some time apart.”

I pulled her into a hug, Nick had meant so much to her, and it upset me to see her so clearly torn up about it. I didn’t push for details, but just sat there with my arms around her.

“Anyways,” she began, pulling out of my embrace, “have you finally met anyone?”

“Jen, you know I’m too busy to start a relationship with anyone right now. This is completely the wrong time for me, especially with Jonah and all,” I explained, and it was true. When I was working on a new film score I tended to keep myself to myself, I became locked away for weeks on end, barely socialising with anyone, because when I got inspiration I needed to write it down pronto, otherwise I was unbearable waiting for the next moment I could get to go write. Past boyfriends had hated it, and some had called me selfish and work obsessed. I wasn’t, I just needed someone who understood that for the 2 months it takes me to write, I become a different person. On top of that I had my son Jonah, and the idea of introducing a guy to him just scared the shit out of me after the last one had decided we were all too much for his precious ego.

“So that doesn’t explain the reason why a guy called Austin has been texting you for the past 20 minutes we’ve been talking,” she responded with her eyebrow raised.

“He’s this guy I sat beside on the plane over,” I muttered.

“And you’ve got his number?” she looked at me sceptically.

“Yeah, he was nice. But it’s never gonna happen; he’s too good for someone like me.”

“You have this ridiculous idea that you don’t deserve the best Emma. But you do, you really do. I know you’ve been hurt, but it gets better, I promise you. What makes him ‘too good’ for you?” Jen sighed.

“For one, he’s an unbelievably nice person, easy to talk to and just a sweetheart altogether. And for another, he’s kinda famous,” I admitted to her.

“Which Austin are you dating?” she questioned curiously.

“Carlile. And we’re not dating Jen!” I exclaimed, playfully hitting her arm.

“Austin Carlile? The name rings a bell, not gonna lie. And you so are, Em! The way you talk about him, you’re besotted.”

“Yeah, Austin Carlile, the front man for Of Mice & Men. And I like him, as a friend, but we’re not dating!”

“Oh yeah! Isn’t he like the nicest man ever? Or supposed to be anyway? You so want it to happen!” she smirked at me.

“He’s pretty decent, to be honest. And if it happens then great, but it won’t so I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m too high maintenance for someone like him,” I winked at her, and she just rolled her eyes in response.

“Everyone to their seats please,” the director’s voice cut over the casual chatter that filled the room.

Jen got up, saying we’ll talk again later, before making her way to the actor’s side of the table, and I turned to see various executives taking their seats around me. I slumped down in my seat; it was gonna be a long couple of hours.

I pulled my phone from the table and glanced at the screen, noticing I had various messages from Austin and one from my sister. I rolled my eyes, unlocking the screen and clicking on the messages.


“How’re you? Are you busy later? I wannnaa geettt food wid you ;)”

“Are you ignoring me Emma? :P”

“Fine, ignore me. Whatever bitch ;)”

“Enjoy your read through ;) Jonah wants to skype later, what time’s good? – Anna x”

I rolled my eyes at his drama-queeness. I typed back a quick apology for not replying, explaining why and what I was doing, before agreeing to meet him later, giving him the directions to an Italian place just round the corner from my hotel, so we could meet up there at 7. I sent the message and one to my sister telling her I’d be done by 4, before turning my phone off and sitting up, ready to start the read through along with everyone else, smiling at the thought of seeing Austin again later that day.


So this is kinda a filler chapter, but I'm gonna try and update as often as possible, I've got a few chapters written ahead of time so it should be easier to keep it quick :)

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and recommended :)

Thanks guys :)


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