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My Understandings and Yours

Starting new.

I'm listening to my music on my iPod the volume all the way up, and my eyes have been glued to my notebook for the last half hour as I doodled. My mother starts tapping my leg furiously. I pull out my ear bud.

"Alan! We're here!" She says excited, but we aren't exactly there yet. I look out the window as we drive down the drive way to our new house. The house I've seen only in pictures. I thought the new house was at least a little closer to human life, but I was wrong. The huge deep blue colored Victorian style house, was set back, down a long driveway surrounded by trees. It feels like I'm going through a tunnel. The sunlight is barely getting through the big trees over-head.
"Here?" I say. "I feel like this driveway isn't going to end." I roll my eyes and close my notebook, I'd been doodling in the whole ride. I place the ear bud back into my ear and sigh. I hope she understands that this is not a happy one. Drew glares at me in the rearview mirror and I roll my eyes looking away. My step dad is the one who is making us move away. It's closer to his job. It's more quiet and secluded so he can focus more. I'm leaving my friends at home, my girlfriend even.
"Alan, you'll make new friends." I hear my mother say, I don't even acknowledge her. "Alan, this is going to be good for us." I still look down at my hands. I have such an urge to play guitar right now, thankfully we're pulling up to the house. Much bigger in person.
A moving truck and a few guys already waited with some things on our wrap around porch. Smoking cigarettes, and laughing at a joke I'll never have the pleasure in hearing. When my mom gets out of the car I'm stuck staring at the huge structure. My new house... my new home. I cringe at the thought.
I've lived in Hamilton my whole life. Moving four hours away, to Sunnyset wasn't what I wanted to do. I liked my one level house. I liked my school and the few friends I had. I liked what I was used too. I didn't like the fact I would probably be stuck with my mom and step-father in the house for a long period of time... I cringe at that too.
It may sound like I hate my mom, or something like that, but I don't. Truth is I love my mom and I'm glad she puts up with me. Sometimes I just miss the old way of things. I miss my dad. Drew can never compare. He's to uptight, to perfectionist. He only bought this huge house, to brag to his friends, I bet. He likes to do that. Show things off, especially my mom. She's beautiful okay? My mom deserves better than Drew. But she seems to happy with everything. Why would I try and ruin that?
I'm pretty short for a guy, at least I think so. I have white skin, and red hair. A ginger I know, but I like it for the most part. Girls seem to like it too. I like playing guitar. I've been playing since I was a kid, and not to brag I'm pretty good at it too. That's my escape from everything, guitar, I can play whatever mood and it will help release those feelings. I couldn't wait to get my amp plugged in, and start playing right now, as a matter of fact.
"Alan go pick out your room." my mom intrudes these thoughts. "Any one you'd like." She's smiling. I shrug and look back up. I see someone looking back at me. The eyes are peering at me from a pale face, but when I look away for a moment, they disappear. I laugh to myself for a minute. It was probably nothing, maybe a worker. I head into the house that leads straight to a foyer.
I open the door to my right, a closet and close it looking around. A grand staircase is right in front of me, but I don't need to look there now. I want to explore a bit more. I head to the opening to my right. A den. Our old furniture has already been moved in, but still in the coverings. Boxes are on the floor as well. I kick one over that says fragile and hope it did some damage. I notice a small bathroom in the corner, the door is open, I never had more than one bathroom in my house. I walk through to the next door, a study, probably where drew will do his work. Next, I walk through to a Kitchen, it's pretty big. It looks very vintage. The floors are tiled black and white, like a checker board. I open up the refrigerator that is our old one, nothing inside I close it and follow through to the next room. A dining room. It's a good size too, my mom is going to love this. She's going to invite the whole family over, I know it. I follow that to a door that leads me to the foyer once again.
I hear my mom talking to everyone outside and they're all laughing and having a great time. I decide to go upstairs but on the way up, I see a door I haven't explored yet. It's a bit hidden behind the staircase. I jiggle the handle and push the door open. It's a library. A small library. I think it's pretty cool, but the lights don't turn on when I try. I follow the bookcases around in a circle. I touch the bookcase carefully, but get dust on my hand anyway. I wipe it off on my pants and keep looking. It has a couch that has to have been here for a while because when I plop down onto it, a cloud of dust leaves me choking. I like this little library. I could use it as an escape or something, I wonder if Drew has seen it yet... Let's hope not. I come out of the room and I hear my mom and friends have moved to the kitchen.
I head for the old staircase and hold onto the old wooden railing and look up to see a bit of darkness. I hear some footsteps walking and I head up them quicker. When I get to the top, I can go down the hallway left or right. When I hear the same footsteps to my right I follow the hallway down. two bedrooms are at the end of this hallway. One is huge, and already is set up with my mom's bed. I look out the window to see the driveway and people still unloading the truck. I turn back to the room and notice a bathroom there too... That makes two, I think to myself.
I decide I've seen enough and I don't even try to look at the next bedroom, I want to be farther away from mom and Drew. I head back the other way, and find a room facing our backyard. I liked this room already. It wasn't huge, a good medium size. With big windows facing a forest, my new backdrop. I open up a closet door, and another door that leads to a small bathroom... 3, I roll my eyes. When I come back out, I didn't notice another door, slightly open in the corner, of my new room.
The door was black and it was different compared to the other wooden doors in this new house. I hesitate, to fully open the door, but when I do, it's just stairs. I hesitantly step up one of them and decide I'm going up. Each stair creeks beneath my feet as I make my way up. When I hear the door slam behind me, I jump my heart speeding up. I laugh looking behind me. Probably just the wind. Before I turn back around it sounds like someone's walking. I run up the stairs more quickly, and come to an attic.
It's dusty, but not to badly, not many cobwebs or anything, but you can tell it hasn't been touched in a while. There's boxes that are closed and some old furniture, I touch lightly, as if it might break beneath my touch. I start examining one of the boxes marked with the name, Elizabeth. I like the name. I grin slowly pulling the tape off the cardboard box. The sound makes me cringe a bit as I sit on the ground to look through it.
The first item in the box is a jar full of glitter and water... I think. I pick it up into my hand. It's cold, just like the attic. I shake it and the glitter spins around in the jar and I watch it all accumulate back to the bottom. I set it beside me. Next is CD, talk about older things, written on it, simply, how to save a life. I want to listen to this, I heard the song by the Fray but is that all that was on the CD. A few other things still laid in the bottom of the box, but something else in the corner caught my attention.
Another box with the name Elizabeth, it was a much larger box. This box for some reason drew my attention. Again the name, Elizabeth, was written across it in black permanent marker. I handle this box with more care than I did the other one and when I get past the tape, I find out why this box had to be calling my name. A red acoustic guitar sat in the box, clearly it hasn't been touched but it's beautiful. I carefully pull it out of the box and strum... it's tuned. That's weird. I sit by this box and start strumming. This is better than I thought I grin standing up.
"Alan! Come grab some of your boxes!" I hear my mothers voice farther away than in my room. I grab the things I had out of the box and the guitar and decide to come back to explore more later.
After an hour of bringing boxes up the stairs and running back up them, my new room is filled with boxes of my old things. I start opening them and placing them around the room where they will now reside. My mom brings in some shades for my two windows and leaves them on my bed. I keep unpacking and placing things until all of my boxes are empty. I'm tired but it's still early. I check my cell phone, it's only 3 o'clock.
A nap sounds good, but when I go to lay down, there are the shades in my way. I sigh grabbing them to put onto my windows. I start putting them up when I notice someone standing in our back yard. A girl.
She's pretty tall, with bright red-orange hair. Her brown eyes are staring up at the house, as if it was on fire or something. Her skin is pale, flawless. She doesn't see me but I am stuck watching her face. She's beautiful. Suddenly her eyes flash to mine, and for a moment the world has stopped. When she blinks she turns and starts to run. I run down the stairs without even thinking, through my back door, and into the woods after her.


This story is different than what I'm used to!
please tell me what you think!


OMG is she dead? Is she a ghost or something?
Any way I'm loving this :) please go on

Mitch Mitch


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love this
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