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Live for the Night


|*Kit Adams POV*|

August 4, 2013 6:28 pm
My eyes began to flutter open as I felt the numbing pain throb in my skull. My mouth felt like they had huge cotton balls in them as my eyes tried to focus on something rather than the back of my eyelids. As I started to come to, I realized I had no idea where I was or how I got here. I felt someone squeeze my hand as I tried to remember anything. When I looked at the hand holding mines, it nearly scared me to death. Unfamiliar tattooed hands caressed mines.

“Who the fuck are you?!” I yelled, yanking my hands away from the strange guy next to me.


|*Austin’s POV*|

August 4, 2013 6:32 pm
I didn’t know what I did wrong, but clearly things weren’t going great. Kit nearly jumped off the bed when she seen me. Val rushed to her side trying to calm her down while giving me a confused look.

“Who is he?!” Kit yelled pointing at me. Her eyes narrowed at me while her face twisted in confusion.

“That’s Austin.” Val tried to explain, but Kit was hysterical. “You met him last night, remember?”

“I never met him. I don’t even know who he is!” Kit yelled. I could feel the breath leave my lungs instantly. My heart felt like it just dropped into the pit of my empty stomach. The connection from last night—the one I thought we had—vanished in an instant. With all the hysteria happening Dr. Asher and a few other nurses rushed into the room.

“What’s going on in here?” Dr. Asher asked looking from me to Val. When he seen Kit awake and sitting up he walked over checking her vitals. He thumbed through the papers that were on the clipboard in his hand and sighed. “May I speak with you two privately?” He told us while stepping out into the hallway. Kit sat up straighter with a worried look.

“I’ll be back.” Val told her squeezing her shoulder to assure her. My feet were planted in the ground. I looked at Kit, hoping she’d remember what we had, then followed Val out to the hallway.

The look on Dr. Asher’s face was uneasy. “Katherine has suffered a great amount of head trauma.” He began then took a deep breath and said “With that being said, she may have lost some of her memory.”

I looked to Val. She began to tear up, but managed to say “So, what are you trying to tell us?”

“Your friend in there may not remember how she got here. The extent of her head trauma could have taken a chunk of her memory. She clearly remembers you,” He nodded in Val’s direction.
“So you can ease her back into the life she had presently.”

As Dr. Asher explained further about Kit’s condition, I could feel myself go numb. Everything we shared last night, gone. The connection, the spark, the conversations, her kisses, all vanished before my eyes.

I started to pace back and forth in the hallway, trying to make sense of what I just heard. I know the explanation is clear cut—Kit doesn’t remember me, at all—but I didn’t want to believe it. Val stood to the side, digesting what she’d just heard. I could see her tear up, but like Kit she brushed off the tear.

“What should we do?” I asked. I wanted to be here, to help out with Kit, but in a few weeks I’ll be in New York recording our next album. I didn’t wanna leave, but I had to stick to the schedule.

“I guess I’ll just take care of things from here.” She replied, clearing her throat.

“That’s a lot to take on.” I told her. “Maybe I could help you out a little.”

“Austin, I know you care about her, but she doesn’t remember you. If anything you might freak her out.” Val said with apologetic eyes. I think she seen my face crumble because she quickly added “But if you really want to, then you can help me.” She gave me a small smile before going back to Kit.

I was uncertain about so much, if I left now she would never remember me. She would be able to carry on with her life not knowing what happened that night. It’d be better that way, because then there wouldn’t be an awkward goodbye when I would leave for New York. As much as I tried to force myself to believe that it’d be a good thing to just leave, I couldn’t help but feel selfish. She could carry on not know what we shared, but I would remember. I would be the one stuck with the way she tilts her head back when she laughs. Or the way she blushes when I compliment her. I would remember everything, and I didn’t want to forget. And I don’t want her to forget. I mulled over the idea of staying a little while longer. Best case scenario: she’d remember and would still the same. Worst case scenario: she won’t remember, and I’d be nothing but a vague memory. I could feel myself overthinking every possible scenario that could go down once I enter that room. I took a deep breath before going back into the room. Here I go.


|*Kit Adams POV*|

August 4, 2013 7:01 pm
The strange man—whose name is Austin—walked in with his hands in his pocket. Val looked nervous as he approached my bed. He looked down and flashed me a warm smile. I looked from Val to him before saying “She told me your name is Austin.” He nodded yes. I guess from my not-so-pleasant exchange of words he decided to remain quiet. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Anything.” He replied, the corners of his mouth turning up into a smile. By now Val decided to grab herself coffee and left the room.

“How did we meet?” I asked. It was one of those questions where I wanted to know the truth, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be prepared for the answer.

“There was a party last night.” He began. “And you were sitting by yourself and—” He stopped mid-sentence. I could see him contemplating how he’d finish the sentence. All the while, I could feel my stomach tighten. Between the medication flowing through my system and the piss poor food this hospital offers, I began to feel nauseous. “I sat down across of you and we talked.” He finished.

I nodded knowing that he made his story concise and brief. “We just talked?” I asked wanting to know why it was him who sat beside my bed and not Mike.

“Well…” He started, but decided against saying anything else.

“It must’ve been some conversation because you’re here with me.” I urged hoping he’d take the hint to tell me why he was here.

“We covered a lot of topics.” He said holding back a smile. As frustrated as I was, I smiled too. That surprised the hell outta me. “That smile…” He began, but let the words trail off.

I could feel my heart rate spike when he looked me in my eyes. It was like he could see into the deepest part of my mind. My hands trembled beneath the blanket. I took a deep breath before saying “Do you like me?” I wasn’t sure why I asked it, but I wanted to know. The way he held my gaze made me wonder if I liked him too.

“I do.” He replied without hesitating. “Kit, you may not remember this, but last night we shared something. And it wasn’t just swapping stories.” He told me before adding “If by any chance you feel this current, this electric current between us don’t ignore it.” His eyes were pleading. I felt confused, and it wasn’t about the fact that some stranger is saying we’re sharing something special, but it was for the fact that I did feel something. His eyes stayed on me as I contemplated what I’d say to him.

“I feel weird.” I replied. That was the best I could come up with? “I mean, it’s just I don’t know what to think.” I quickly added. But truth is I could feel this current. Even through the morphine pumping through my system I felt it. It was a deep current trying to make its way back to the surface.

When Val came back in, I could tell she noticed a shift in the atmosphere. It wasn’t tense or anxious, but rather easy going and anticipated. Austin stood beside me looking at me with his chocolate eyes, and smiled. Val looked happy, but I could see there was still sadness there. It wasn’t her genuinely easy smile she’d put on, but rather a forced smile that told me the worst of my bad news is yet to come.


*Not my best chapter, I apologize.*
I'm tinkering with the story a bit, so I may not update as quickly as I'd like. Hope you're enjoying the story so far! Please comment and rate :D
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