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Live for the Night

I'm the one to blame!

|*Val Zander POV*|

August 4, 2013 5:36 pm
“Austin?” I asked trying to hold back my tears. I wanted to break down, but I needed to get through this. “It’s Val.” I managed to choke out, composing myself as much as possible.

“Oh, hey.” He said. “Have I been texting the wrong number?”

“No, it’s just—well there was an accident last night...” I began before launching into the story that got me here. I wasn’t sure how it all started, but I woke up to the sound of loud crashing. I felt myself jerk forward, smashing into the passenger seat in front of me. Ella hit her head on the window before slamming against the driver’s seat in front of her. It all happened so fast. I remember tumbling in the car as it flipped over. I remember Ella and me screaming, but the rest was all a blur. Another car hit us and then it all went black. I woke up in the hospital alone.
There was silence on the other line as I explained to Austin that Kit was in the ICU and in critical condition. Ella didn’t make it; she had internal bleeding and didn’t make it to the hospital. As I told him this I could feel my shoulders starting to shake as I sobbed loud and hard. One friend gone, while the other is hanging in there by a thread. I had a few scrapes and bruises, but nothing compared to what happened to Ella and Kit. They took most of the beating. When the nurse came in to tell me the news about them she handed me Kit’s and Ella’s belongings. She gave me an apologetic look, but I told her I wanted to be alone.

“Austin, you still there?” I asked, trying to control my breathing.

“Yeah.” He managed to say after another beat of silence. “Where’s the hospital you’re at?” As I gave him the directions to the hospital, I couldn’t help but feel like this was my fault. Kit didn’t want to come out. She wanted to stay home, but I pushed her insisting that she come along. Ella wanted to leave with a guy she met at the party, but I had to tell her don’t do it. This was my entire fault. I was to blame. If I’d let them do their own thing, without being this overbearing control freak, they’d be alright. After hanging up won Austin, I felt the tears spilling over. By then the nurse had left the room already and I was by myself. I didn’t want to cry in front of her. I didn’t want to explain how I wish it was me who died, that I was the one who deserved to die. I heard a faint knocking at my door as I began to calm down my sobs.

“Well, your vitals all check out fine. You are being discharged today.” Dr. Asher said flipping through some papers he had in front of him.

After swallowing back the urge to cry, I managed to say “I had a friend who was with me. Can—can I see her?”

He looked at me as if he had bad news to report, but then said “She’s not in the best condition, and won’t be awake for a while. We had to heavily sedate her, so she doesn’t have to feel the pain. However, if you want to check in, I’m more than willing to allow you to do so.”

“Thank you.” I whispered while sitting up. I took in a deep breath while rubbing my temples, trying to calm myself down. I could hear Dr. Asher leaving the room as I began to cry again. My tears trailed hot down my scraped face. I took the pillow from my bed and sobbed heavily in it, trying to hush the pain from anyone else. After composing myself, I got up and headed to Kit’s hospital room. Down the hall I could see Austin walking towards the nurses at the desk. When he spotted me, I saw him make a bee line towards me.

“Hey.” He said wrapping me in his arms for a hug. It didn’t feel weird to embrace someone that was practically a stranger to me. Instead, it felt platonic and comforting. After the news I got, a hug is what I desperately needed. “You okay?” He asked as he took a step away from me.

I sniffled before replying with “I’m doing okay, given the circumstances. I was just about to go see Kit.”

“Can I come?” He asked looking like a grade school boy. The look in his eyes seemed devastating. I nodded yes, unable to speak. I may have not known him at all, but I knew that he cared a lot about Kit.

I hope she’s okay, I hope she’s okay, I hope she’s okay.
I repeated to myself while walking to her room. Reaching her room, I could hear the faint beeping of her heart rate monitor. She had a huge bandage wrapping around her forehead, and another against her right jaw. From the corner of my eye I saw Austin stiffen a bit. Just like me, he seemed emotionally distraught by what he was looking at. I’d give anything to trade places with her. Austin sat beside her bed, saying nothing, but thinking deeply. His hand traced small circles in her hand while I tried to busy myself. I left the room quickly to head down to the gift shop and pick up a few flower arrangements to brighten up the room. When I returned I noticed that Kit was stirring in her sleep. She mumbled a bit, but it was movement. She was moving! Me and Austin both looked at each other with utter shock, while simultaneously wearing huge grins.


*Another mini chapter for you to enjoy.*
The story is drawing to an end soon. So, tell me what you think! Please, rate and comment. I'm more than willing to hear some suggestions about the story as well. Hope you're enjoying the read! :D


Batman99 Batman99
Thank you so much!! :D
This is amazing! <3 keep writing :(
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I'm having slight writers block, but I'l try to have another chapter up by Saturday(:
i love this so much wow please do another chapter!
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