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Live for the Night

Beer Pong and the Apocalypse

August 3, 2013 10:48 pm
“Hey Kit Kat.” Val said as me and Austin stepped away from each other. Val’s face lit up when she seen how close we were standing next to each other. “Me and Ella here were worried. We thought you left.”

“I’m fine.” I said avoiding looking her in the eyes.

“Who’s this?” Ella asked in a cheery voice nodding in Austin’s direction.

“My names’ Austin.” He said before I could speak. My tongue was practically in knots. Ella gave him a once over then looked at me with a huge smile on her face.

“Yeah, Austin these are my two best friends Valarie and Eleanor, but you can call them Val and Ella.” I said while clearing my throat.

“So what were you two doing all the way out here, in the dark, by yourselves?” Val asked mischievously.

“Hopefully nothing I wouldn’t do?” Ella chimed in with the same playful tone in her voice. In the corner of my eye I could see Austin faintly blush.
Rolling my eyes I replied with “We were talking.” Val stared at me with disbelief. “What do you guys want?” I asked trying my best to not smile at my best friends.

We were gonna play an intense round of beer pong and thought you wanted to join in.” Ella said.

“Beer pong?!” Austin yelled. He quickly covered his smiling mouth with both hands when he realized the volume of his voice. “I love that game.” He added.

“Great! You can be Kit Kat’s partner.” Val said enthusiastically.


August 4, 2013 12:03 am
Three games later, Austin and I were dominating the beer pong table as undefeated champs. We only had to drink four times since our first round with Val and Ella. From there we played some of Austin’s band mates, Alan, Phil and Tino. Alan eyed the 5 cups remaining, trying to perfect his beer pong form and took his shot. However, considering that they were tipsy when they started playing, by now he was obliterated. His attempts at aiming didn’t help one bit, and the ball landed nowhere on the table. Tino stood beside Alan shaking his head as Alan tried to balance on his feet. Every now and then Austin’s hand would wrap around mines and give it a little squeeze. I wasn’t sure how he did it, but he’d make butterflies riot in my stomach.
It didn’t take long for someone to beat us. During our fifth round as reigning champions, Tino paired up with Ella and began dominating the table. He sank five in a row, breaking my three-drinks-only limit. I looked up at Austin and he smiled like a child at Disneyland. We were doing okay until Ella got three in a row. After that, we were nearly plastered. I could hear Austin’s words slightly slur together as he spoke into my ear. I had no idea what he said, but I laughed anyway. His arms slid around my waist, pulling me closer. This time I heard every syllable he uttered in my ear.

“Wanna get out of here? Maybe go sit in the sand.” He said nodding towards the beach down the road. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol making me feel brave and daring, but I grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss. I could hear hoots and hollers from his friends. It was deep and sensual, and nothing I’ve ever felt before.

“What the fuck is this?!” A familiar voice yelled from across the room. I pulled away from Austin to see Mike standing there with a disgusted look on his face. “Who the fuck is this, Kit?” He yelled walking towards where me and Austin stood. I could see Austin’s jaw line tense as Mike got closer.

“Mike,” Val said, her features resembling an annoyed mother. “Leave Kit alone. You guys broke up long before she met him.” She finished practically dismissing him.

“Fuck you Val. I wasn’t talking to you!” He shouted this time grabbing a hold of my upper arm and pulling me away from Austin. I could feel his fingers digging into my skin.

“Ow! Mike, cut it out! You’re hurting me!” I yelled. In an instant I could see Austin take a step forward, punching Mike square in his nose. It was a loud crack and Mike stumbled back, letting go of my arm. After he steadied himself, he rushed into Austin trying to punch him in the gut. It didn’t take long for a few guys to step in and break up the fight.

“You fucking little bitch!” Mike yelled, looking me in the eyes. “Not even a month goes by, and you’re fucking someone else.” He finished shaking his head.

“You did this!” I yelled back. “This would have never happened if you knew how stay faithful. But you can’t, can you?” I could feel tear pricking at the edge of my eyes, but I refused to cry over him. I blinked back my tears while running into the darkness of the night. I could hear faint footsteps keeping pace with me. I stopped when I reached the shoreline.

“Kit, you okay?” Austin asked pulling me into a hug. His longs arms wrapped around me making me feel safe. We didn’t say anything, but listened to the waves crawling up the shoreline and receding back to sea. His hands made small circles on my back, slowly calming down my urge to break down.

“I’m sorry.” I said after composing myself.

“What for? It wasn’t your fault that your ex was here.” Austin told me tilting my face up to his. The sincerity in his eyes made me smile. “That smile could end all wars.” He said while his thumb grazed against my cheek. I blushed something fiercely as he laughed at my reaction.

“You didn’t have to stand up for me, you know.” I told him nudging him on his arm. By now we were walking up and down the bay that stretched before us.

“He was hurting you. Any gentlemen would have stepped in.” He told grabbing my hand again. “I like you, Kit.” He told me not able to look at me.

I smiled and replied with “I like you too.” As strange as it was, I did. I was never the type to openly express my feelings—not even with Mike, but with Austin I couldn’t help but share my feelings. He gave me a big, toothy grin as we continued to walk alongside the water.

“If the apocalypse were to happen right here and now, where would you want to be?” He asked changing the subject.

“I’d probably love to be back at my hometown with my family.” I answered truthfully. They were so far away, and the holidays never lasted long enough.

“That’s sweet. Where you from?” He asked.

“You didn’t answer the apocalypse question yet.” I pointed out.

“I will, but just answer this question.” He replied jumping over a rock that was jutting out from the sand.

“Fine.” I said rolling my eyes. “I’m originally from Hawai’i.” I told him and he stopped dead in his tracks. This is the kind of reaction I usually get from people. “What?”

“You’re from Hawaii?” He asked pronouncing Hawai’i like a typical mainlander.
It’s supposed to be pronounced like Ha-veye-ee, but he pronounced it like Ha-why-ee. There is a slight difference. I giggled keeping all of this to myself before nodding a yes.

“That’s gotta be cool. Living in paradise.” He exclaimed.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love that place, but paradise is only paradise when you eventually have to leave.” I could see him pondering on what I just said. “So, now you have to answer the apocalypse question.” I reminded him.

“Right, would it be cheesy if I said here with you.” He said scooping me up in his arms, wiggling his eye brows at me. I giggled as he wrapped me up and brought me to his lips. It was easy to feel like a high school girl with him.

“Only if you truly mean it.” I told him in between my laughing. His eyes were serious, and I could feel something change between us as he held me in his arms.

It was like the moment lava turned into stone. What used to be this ever changing liquid form of fire, started to solidify into something unbreakable. The silence that lingered between us wasn’t awkward at all, but comforting. His lips crashed into mines, jolting every nerve in my body. It was cavernous and intimate. I could feel his hands slowly taking off my jacket as I reached under his shirt. Everything was in slow motion. No rush, just two people enjoying the moment. His hands leisurely made their way under my dress while placing me on a nearby picnic table. He slipped his finger under my panties while exploring. He stood between my legs as I attempted to unbuttoned his pants. By now we were fumbling with each other’s clothes. He stopped for a second to check if I was okay with this. It may have been the beer or just the thickness of the passion that flowed between us, but I knew that I was ready. His lips trailed heated kisses from my neck to my jaw. I wrapped my legs around him as he slowly rocked in and out of me. Soft moans escaped my lips as he nipped at the base of my neck. My arms wrapped around his shoulders, and our pace quickened. I could feel the pressure building up in my stomach. I cried out as he hit my most sensitive spot, but we were far from being finished. His hands twisted in my hair as he called out my name. My nails dug into his back as the first wave of ecstasy washed over me, nearly tipping me over the edge.

“Not yet.” He told me while thrusting deeper and deeper. I threw my head back and cried out his name. His hands squeezed my ass, bringing me closer to his hips. I could feel the pressure building higher and higher, filling me up. His lips nipped and trailed from my neck to my collarbone. This time I felt him stiffened as we climaxed together. Gasping for air, I held onto him. My legs went limp as they were still wrapped around his waist. My heart was beating a million miles per minute as he kissed my lips. Pressing his forehead against mines, he beamed at me. We slowly started to get dressed and made our way back to the shoreline.


August 4, 2013 2:29 am
We sat in the sand looking out into the ocean. What was once the feel of the warm August air, slowly drifted into the brisk early morning breeze. He draped his arm over my shoulder as I snuggled closer to him.

“That was amazing.” He told me, kissing my cheek. I nodded in agreement, burying my face in his chest. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a thick joint and lighter. “Want a hit?”

I smiled broadly replying with “Sure.”

He lit it, took a drag, and handed it off to me. “So,” he began, letting the smoke fill his lungs before puffing it out. “Does this mean I can take you out on a real date?” He asked.

I took in a lungful before replying with “Depends. What’d you have in mind?” I said playing coy.

He was about to say something when in the distance I could see Alan them walking towards us. They were laughing and stumbling over themselves, that I too was laughing.

“This is where you kids wandered off to.” Tino said, plopping himself next to Austin. I could hear Val and Ella giggling as they sat down next to me.

“Got any more of that?” Alan asked nodding towards the joint in my fingers.

“Kit, we need to leave soon.” Ella said, her words slurring together. It sounded more like Kit, weneedta leaves—soon.

“Yeah, sure.” I replied my mind buzzing way beyond a normal high. I handed Alan the joint while trying to get up. I could see both Val and Ella supporting each other. Due to them both being drunk off their asses, their support was futile.

“You’re leaving?” Austin asked with a hurt look in his eyes.

I nodded a yes then added “About that date, Carlile, we can do dinner sometime.”
He smiled at me "Tomorrow." He told me before grabbing my hand. He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear “I’ll walk you to your car.”

As we approached the car, he put his number into my phone then called his phone so he could have my number. I didn’t want to leave yet, but my friends weren’t in the best condition. After promising to call, he gave me one last kiss. It was perfection wrapped in zeal as it grew deeper and longer. I could hear Val clear her throat, clearly she was ready to go. One last hug and I hopped in my car, watching Austin grow smaller and smaller in my review mirror.


August 04, 2013 3:15 am
I drove home with butterflies rioting in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the weed, but I felt like I was walking on clouds. My lips felt full and swollen. The kisses—and more—we shared was sweeter than anything I’ve ever experienced. The smile that stretched across my face couldn’t hide the fact that I was smitten with affection. Swooned. The emotions coursing through my veins were all doused with this feeling that this was just the beginning. Whatever this was supposed to be. I could hear Ella and Val snoring softy in the backseat. Both of them drained from the party. After shot-gunning the amount of beers they did, I too would probably pass out. My mind raced with the night’s events that I didn’t see what was really coming. By then it was too late.

The oncoming car swerved into my lane. I could feel myself trying to break, my feet scrambling to find the pedal and press it with all my might. I prayed that once I pushed down the car would skid to a stop, and it would just be a close call to an almost terrible accident. But the velocity of the collision accompanied by the sudden change to stop caused my car to flip. It made me toss and spin within my metal casket. A blur of shattered glass and tumbling metal obscured my sight. The sounds of metal scraping the pavement impaired my hearing. I could hear a slight shriek trying to escape my lips, but the sudden shock overwhelmed my voice, and my throat was shut tight. I could hear Ella and Val screaming as they jolted awake. We were turned upside down, pinned to the concrete. I could see another car coming at us full speed. By then everything went black.


I'm debating whether or not I will add another chapter for closure, or leave it like this. Hope you're enjoying the story. Tell me what you think! Comment and rate, please :D


Batman99 Batman99
Thank you so much!! :D
This is amazing! <3 keep writing :(
fuckintony fuckintony
I'm having slight writers block, but I'l try to have another chapter up by Saturday(:
i love this so much wow please do another chapter!
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