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Live for the Night

Designated Drivers and Self-Control

August 04, 2013 3:15 am
I drove home with butterflies rioting in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the weed, but I felt like I was walking on clouds. My lips felt full and swollen. The kisses—and more—we shared was sweeter than anything I’ve ever experienced. The smile that stretched across my face couldn’t hide the fact that I was smitten with affection. Swooned. The emotions coursing through my veins were all doused with this feeling that this was just the beginning. Whatever this was supposed to be. I could hear Ella and Val snoring softy in the backseat. Both of them drained from the party. After shot-gunning the amount of beers they did, I too would probably pass out. My mind raced with the night’s events that I didn’t see what was really coming. By then it was too late.


August 03, 2013 4:30 pm
“Sorry Val, but I don’t feel up for a party tonight.” I sighed feeling the bored expression show on my face. I haven’t been a ball of joy lately. Ever since I broke up with Michael two weeks ago—a relationship of 18 months!—I’ve been in an apathetic (pathetic) stupor. Val is my best friend and she wants me to go out and enjoy life, but I could care less about a stupid party filled with people who only want to get belligerently drunk and hook up with questionable characters. Not really my style.

“Please Kit Kat.” I heard Val pleading. “It’ll be fun. And believe it or not sweetie you’re killing the spirit of the summer holiday. It’s technically an after party, so all the lame people shouldn’t be there.” Val was the only person that was allowed to call me Kit Kat. It was something she always said to me, and it stuck. I looked at her with an expression that said no. “Kit, if you’re not gonna accompany me to this goddamn party then so help me God I will purposely get raped by some burly frat guy with a goatee.” She said in an exasperated tone. The scary thing about her sentence was that she would probably do it. She’s the kind of person who will carry out a task no matter the consequence. Val was stupidly, idiotically fearless.

“Fine, but if I’m not having a spectacular time then I’m out.” I agreed throwing my hands in the air. She smiled at me while grabbing the box of fitted tees and headed to the back room of the boutique. Val and I work at this local boutique called Sun Kissed—amongst our bartending and waitressing job.The store sees more revenue during the summer season than any other season, and today we were slammed with eager customers and a new shipment of clothes. It was one of those days where I’d like to end it with a big glass of wine while watching old movies. Unfortunately, I now have plans to attend some party. The amount of my indifference for tonight is literally seeping through every pore in my body.

Val and I were just finishing up our shift when Ella came in. To Val she said while nodding towards me “She’s going tonight, right?”

“I am right here.” I replied the same time Val said “Yeah.”

“Good, because I have a surprise for you.” Ella said smiling at me with her eyebrows raised.

“I don’t like the sound of that.” I replied shaking my head. Every time either of them said the phrase I have a surprise for you, I always end up becoming this fashion guinea pig.

“You won’t be disappointed.” She said in a sing-song voice as we walked to my car. Val looked at me and smirked knowing that I most likely wouldn’t.

“So, here’s the game plan” Val began while I started the engine. “We’re not gonna leave the house until it’s at least 8.” She looked at my expressionless face then added “We don’t want to seem eager. It’ll take us roughly an hour to get there so we definitely need a designative driver.” She said looking at me. I didn’t have to look at Ella to know that she too was looking at me.

“I’ll volunteer as tribute.” I said in a deadpan voice.

“Perfect. And we already established the buddy system for bathroom and drink runs.” Ella chimed in. The buddy system was thought of during our freshmen year of high school. However, it was never really needed until our freshmen year of college. That was when we started to get a little too tipsy.

“Wanna grab something to eat before heading home?” Val asked. I nodded as I took a left off the highway and headed towards Coyote Grill. They have the best burgers in Southern California. Always rich and juicy, but not disgustingly oily. It was like biting into the first burger you ever had except better because it’s not your first burger and you can compare it to the other burgers you’ve tasted. It’s that good.
The rest of the ride was filled with non-stop conversation involving the party tonight. Val wanted to dance while Ella wanted to find a decent hook-up. They both agreed on getting hammered tonight while I remained sober. Fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck.


August 3, 2013 7:26 pm
After engulfing my meal in 3 or 4 swift bites, I went up the stairs to get ready. Val and Ella were already running around with curling irons in their hands and various outfits displayed on their beds. They talked about who will show up and who wouldn’t dare show their face because of last weekend’s events.

“…I heard she slept with Roger and his brother Randy at the same time.” Ella said, her voice emphasizing at the same time.

“Eww, gross.” Val said with a disgruntled face. “That is disgusting.”

“Why aren’t you near ready?” Ella asked looking at me with surprised eyes. “It’s almost 8 Kit. We need to leave soon.”

“All I have to do is take a quick shower and then I’ll be ready.”

“I still have to work my magic on you. It’ll be a tight time frame, but I can make it work.” Ella said checking out her reflection in the mirror. I could see she was debating whether or not she should wear the green sequenced top, or the light blue tank top that hugged he waist and emphasized her bust.

“Shower, now. And I’ll choose your outfit for the night.” Val offered because Ella is a bit of a punctual freak. She takes arriving at a specific time seriously.

I hopped in the shower and let the hot water coax my back. The steam quickly crowded the room, fogging the mirror. The thing about taking showers—at least for me—I tend to spend majority of that time thinking. And for some reason my mind kept wandering to Mike, the guy who broke my heart nearly two weeks ago. I caught him with another girl in the throes of ecstasy. A sight that is now burned into my memory, like a horrible nightmare that you can’t forget. I kept on thinking about how he vowed to love me, and that he would propose to me as soon as he found the right ring and had the right money. The thing about promises and hearts is that they shouldn’t be broken, but for some reason they constantly keep on being broken. As I tucked away my feelings for Mike, I could hear a pounding on the bathroom door.

“Kit, hurry up. We don’t wanna leave too late.” Val yelled. I turned off the shower and wrapped the towel around me. I walked to my room to find two outfits on my bed.

“I personally would use the floral dress with your ankle boots and leather jacket.” Ella said from the doorway. She chose to wear the blue tank top, dark wash bell bottoms, and her purple pumps that gave her 6 extra inches to her 5’2” frame. She looked stunning in a way that only Ella could.

“I agree. You’ll definitely look girly, but have a nice edge to it.” Val chimed in. She was wearing her loose hot pink off the shoulder top, black skin tight jeans with her black pumps. I stared at the outfit they both agreed on, and knew I couldn’t talk them into letting me wear jeans, a shirt, and a hoodie. I sighed as I picked up the floral dress and started to change into it.


August 3, 2013 9:12 pm
We arrived at the party at a timely fashion. The party was just starting, the music blaring from the speakers with a faint smell of alcohol and smoke wafting through the air. Ella and Val did a bee line to the bar while I walked to the nearest table and sat down. They tried to drag me along to the bar, but I really didn’t see the point. I was supposed to remain sober and responsible. And putting temptation in front of me would take the lid off of any self-control I had. I could see a group of girls in tight, short dresses and sky high heels laughing while almost spilling their drinks. They’re tipsyness caught the eyes of a group of guys who were eyeing them out like a lion did to its prey. I was barely stifling a yawn when a strangely tall guy with tattoos that sleeved his right arm sat across of me.

“Not into parties?” He asked with a smirk. He was cute, but my tolerance towards talking to strangers was not high. I nodded my head no, refusing to try and talk over the music. He laughed before adding “Not much of a talker either?”

“I’m not much of a human being.” I replied not realizing what I had just said. My eyes grew wide with embarrassment. I heard him chuckle before saying “My name’s Austin.” He extended his hand towards me. I looked at his hand, observing the tattoos that covered it then up at his eyes.

Before I knew what I was actually doing I shook his hand replying with “My name’s Katherine, but everyone calls me Kit.” The smile on his face grew even wider.

“So why aren’t you into parties?” He asked. I felt weird and it wasn’t because he was still holding my hand, but for the fact that I liked it.

“Well I don’t hate parties in general. Just this one.” I answered feeling a deep blush flood my cheeks. The look he was giving me with those chocolate eyes could make any girl feel flush.

He tilted his head ever so slightly to the side before asking “What’s wrong with this party?”

“I’m the designated driver, so I’m stuck being sober.” I answered holding up my car keys.

“But if I’m correct,” He began, his hand lingering near mines. “The designated driver is entitled to one or two drinks. But no more than three.” He finished. I debated on whether or not I’d actually have a few tonight. I couldn’t help but smile when he said this. Grabbing my hand, he led the way to the bar. It was comforting to feel his warm hand over mines.

“I guess a drink couldn’t hurt.” I giggled while trailing behind his tall figure. I’m tall—just under 5’8”—but Austin made me feel like a little girl.

“Can I get a, uhh what do you want to drink?” He asked turning to me.

“I’ll take two shots of Jameson and some Jack on the rocks.” I answered. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at me. “You said at the most three drinks.” I reminded him while pushing down his eyebrow with one of my fingers.

“So much for a sober driver.” He chuckled before ordering my drinks and him a beer. “So, what do you do?” He asked while handing me my drinks.

I downed the first shot before replying with “I work three jobs. I’m a waitress from Monday through Wednesday, a bartender from Thursday through Saturday, and in-between I work at a boutique called Sun-Kissed.” I sipped on my Jack Daniels. Austin looked at me like I’ve just spoken Mandarin. “What?” I asked getting slightly self-conscious.

“That’s a lot of jobs.” He pointed out. “It’s almost illegal to have to work that much.”

“Well, I’ve got a lot of bills.” I responded truthfully. After graduating from USF, there wasn’t a high demand for journalists. And between paying off student loans and handling rent, I needed the kind of money three jobs paid. “Anyways, what do you do?” I asked breaking the silence.

“I’m in a band called Of Mice & Men.” He replied without thinking. I guess this was the type of question he got asked a lot. He talked about how being a musician changed his life, and that he’s ultimately happy where he is in life.

It was barely a fraction of a second, or it might’ve been an entire minute, but the way he looked at me I felt it. A spark, a connection. He didn’t have to say anything for me to know that he felt it too. His eyes said it all. It was like putting on a jacket on a cold day right after it came out of the dryer. There was something about his beautiful brown eyes that made me feel safe.

Clearing his throat he smiled while adding “You wanna take a walk with me?” He didn’t wait for my answer. Instead, he wrapped his hand around mines a led me out into the warm August night. I could see the stars twinkling above, with the moon shining through the scarce clouds. The night was close to perfect.

“You’re a real charmer, aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question, but more of a statement. Looking at his tall, lean figure beneath the moonlight made me blush fiercely.

“Me? No. I just like talking to you.” He said looking at the ground then back at me. The smile that started to spread on his face made me blush even more. I thanked God that it was dark enough to hide it. “You’re very beautiful when you blush.” He told me tilting my chin up so he could look into my eyes. My breath was caught in my throat. So much for the night covering up my blushing.

“You make me feel…” I began, but couldn’t finish the sentence. I desperately wanted to say you make me feel like a high school girl with a silly crush. But my voice vanished, and I wanted to find the right words. I bit my lip to try and gain the voice I had just lost. At this point I had forgotten all about Mike. Mike who?

“I make you feel?’ He asked urging me to finish my sentence.

“I—You make me feel” Before I could even conjure up the last part of that sentence I felt Austin’s lips crash into mines. They were soft and warm, and had the faintest taste of beer lingering on them. His hands ran up the length of my body, making their way to my neck and hair. The kiss shocked me at first, but he eased me into it. I began to wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me as he picked me up and leaned me against a nearby car. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist while his hands made their way from my lower back to my ass. His tongue traced my bottom lip before mingling with mines. I could feel that electric current buzzing through us. When we finally pulled away he chuckled to himself. I, on the other hand was practically gasping for air.

“You’re a very good kisser.” I said trying to slow down my heart rate. It spiked, nearly causing me to have a heart attack.

“I’m pretty good at a few other things.” He told me with a wink. I could feel my cheeks burning hot. “Katherine Adams, if you keep on blushing then I will disregard what little self-control I have and take you to the tour bus.” He told me cupping my face and looking me straight in the eyes. It was hard to tell whether or not he was serious or not, but I couldn’t help but giggle. In the distance I could see Val and Ella approaching us with huge grins on their faces.


**This was supposed to be a One Shot, but it quickly escalated way past that point.**
I apologize if it's too long or slow, but my writing tends to get get a little lengthy. Please comment and rate! :D


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Thank you so much!! :D
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I'm having slight writers block, but I'l try to have another chapter up by Saturday(:
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