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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Nine:

"Shayley you idiot!"
"But it said push! And if I wasn't pushing it hard enough than I'm sorry!" He yelled.
"Well, the sign said push-"
"But the paper sign taped to it said PULL. P. U. L. L. As in, Shayley you are in idiot for not pulling the door to a Starbucks!" I swat his head.
"Nooooo! This is not over!" He got in front of me and stopped me in my tracks.
"Nope." And with that, he swung me over his shoulder and walked back to the venue. For the past couple hours, me and Shayley have been goofing around Starbucks, which eventually got us banned there.
He really got my mind off things and I wished he was on Warped with me. Or Vic.
I began to squirm."Shayley, put me down." I banged my fists on his back. He gave my butt a real hard slap.
"OW!" I screamed. He laughed and continued to carry me. Then he stopped. There was yelling.
"What's going on?" He asked me. I shrugged me shoulders and kicked my feet some more. He set me down and we walked back into the venue. Everyone was staring at me. Shayley quickly laced our fingers together and pulled me behind him. Some looks were death glares, some were sorry looks, some were shocked.
"Shayley, I'm scared." That's right, you heard me. I'm 24 years old and I'm scared by people in tattoos and piercings.
"It's okay. Where's your bus?" I pointed and we started to make our way. People would not stop staring at me, it was very nerve racking. For me and Shayley. I'm pretty sure he's freaking out and is trying not to have an anxiety attack.
"Boo!" I squeezed Shayley's hand super tight, my nails digging on the back of his hand.
"Go away Austin," I whispered. He looked hurt for a minute before shaking his head.
"Come onnnn!" He dragged the both of us away from the direction my bus was in. He then blind folded us.
"Austin, this is not cool." I snap. He continues to drag us for five more minutes before stopping in his tracks. Shayley bumps into me and falls, taking me down with him. I hear him grunt in pain. Well, at least I know where I landed. Hope he can still have kids.
"You can take off the blind folds." Arms wrap around my waist as I take off my blind fold and take in the scene
"Hi!!!!" Gabe screamed. In front of me were Devin and Kellin, along with everyone who ignored me for the past week.
"Austin what the hell is this?"
"We wanted to apologize. Kellin made us realize we were dicks." I stood up from Shayley's balls and took in my scene. The first person I saw was Oliver.
"For people like you, there is no such thing as an early grave. You wanted to gut my dreams until I was empty, and show everyone my remains." I say. They all look at me weird. Devin tried walking to me but I backed away.
"Let me rephrase." They all nodded. I start to raise my voice.
"And after everything you put me through, I should of FUCKING PISSED ON YOU!!!!" And someone started to play the end of No Need For Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors.
"Really guys!" Oliver yells as I glare at them. "Oliver, Kellin a word." I say
"Okay, here's a little duo by a girl who has been neglected for far to long! Give it up for KAT!!!!" The DJ screamed.
"Hey guys." I say into the mic. I give Kellin the thumbs up. The bands of Warped smile at me. I just gladly roll my eyes. "This song goes out to the bitches in my life. Trust me, you know who you are."

Why the fuck can I not hail a taxi?
Arm out like a Nazi - every cunt's driving past
Where the fuck is everyone?
I can't see anyone. I can't see anything!

The hardest part of today is a hangover!
Empty bottles and empty promises!
The hardest part of today is a hangover!
I got every cunt that I need!
And it's gonna be one hell of a messy night!
I can't remember last night. I can't remember anything
I can't remember last night. I can't remember anything!
[Turn this fucking shit up!]

Party til you pass out, drink til' you're dead.
Dance all night til you can't feel your legs
Party til you pass out, drink til' you're dead.
Dance all fucking night!

Party til you pass out, drink til' you're dead.
Dance all night til you can't feel your legs

Party til you pass out, drink til' you're dead.
Dance all fucking night!

We are done with giving a fuck!
"YEAH WOOOOOO!!!" Oliver yelled after we left the club with everyone's shocked faces implanted in our brains.
"I so drunk! I can't even see anymore!" Matt N. yelled.
"Fuck yeah! Did you see their faces!"
we stumbled onto the BMTH bus. The only people I forgave today was Kellin and his band (shocker) Oliver and his band, and Austin. Everyone else is gonna have to earn my forgiveness. Even my own siblings.
"OLIVERRR!!" I slur while walking to him. "Kiss me." I say as I fall into his arms.
"No prob my love." And his lips crash against mine. The guys were cheering in the background. Oliver's hands wrap around me as he lifts me up. He walks towards the bunks and tosses me down. He tosses of my shirt and I guess you can imagine the rest......





This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))