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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Seven:

"Excuse me! Coming through!" I ran and ducked in-between the crowd at Warped.
"OH MY GOD THAT'S KATHERINE FROM THE RECKLESS BRAVE!" I ran from the fans and bumped into someone.
"Shit." I mumbled as I got up. I took one look at the figure.
"Sorry Jenna I got to-"
"KAT!" Kellin's voice rang. I took off running again and ran behind the bus. I ran straight from the bus into another person.
"Bloody Hell." The voice cursed.
"Sorry-" I looked up. "Vegan." I got up and ran.
"KAT PLEASE!" Kellin yelled again. He's pretty close.
I fell to the ground.
"Mother fucker!" I yelled. I took off running again.
"Not now Chris!" I took off again and bumped into someone else. "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. That screaming soon turned into crying as the person bent down and wrapped an arm around me.
"It's okay sweetie." I pulled back to see Juliet Simms looking at me with weary eyes.
"No it's not. I-"
"KATHERINE!" I got up and took off running again. I made a mental note to check back on Juliet once I'm sure Kellin isn't following me. I bumped into another person, but instead of falling on my ass, which is now bruised by the way, I fell into the person's arm.
"Man! These chicks are falling for me!" I looked up.
"Hey Andy." It was Andy Glass from WCAR.
"KAT!" We were right by their tour bus. i took the chance and yanked Andy with me. I slammed the bus door shut and locked it while grabbing Eric who stood nearby and shoved him against the door. Minutes after weird stares from Kyle, Andy, and Eric, the banging began.
"Kat! I know you're in there. Let me explain." I shrunk back into a ball by Eric's feet.
"Go away Kellin! She's not talking to you!" Eric called.
I banged on the door again. "Kat! I know you're in there. Let me explain."
"Go away Kellin! She's not talking to you!" The voice replied from the other side. I glared at the bus door.
"Until Kat says it I'm not leaving." It was quiet for a while so I continued to bang on the WCAR door.
"Kellin." The voice whispered. I stop because it was Kat's voice. "I'm not talking to you. Please go a-a-away." It sounded like she was crying. I put my head against the door.
"Kat please."
"No Kellin. Go. Go to your wife and kid. Leave me alone. I mean it." I gasp. She saw me with Katelynne and Copeland.
"Kat, it was a mistake! Katelynne was drunk when she kissed me." I heard a gasp and something like. 'Oh her name is Katelynne. Beautiful name, beautiful girl figures.'
"But you have a wedding ring on and a child."
"Technically she's still my wife. But we're divorcing. What's wrong with having a child?"
""Nothing Kellin! Just leave!" She yells. Another voice is cooing her. It sounds like Andy.
"Kat....." Nothing. I walk away from the bus with my head down and my hands stuffed in my pockets. Why should I even care, I was only trying to see what was going on between her and the guys.
Maybe because you actually like her and you just sort of broke her heart.

I saw a tear fall on the ground and I recognized it as my own. I walked on my bus and slammed the door shut. The others didn't qestioned me as I walked to my bunk.
That's all it was. Pure bullshit.
I fell for a guy in over two days. I really liked him and I was just strung along.
I stayed in Andy's bunk and just ordered me a guitar online and to have it shipped to the next venue. I'm stuck in for corners and two sides and there's no escape. I put my headphones in as The Pretty Reckless, Under The Water started to play.
Lay my head, under the water
Lay my head, under the sea
Excuse me sir, am I your daughter?
Won't you take me back, take me back and see?
I shifted over so I was facing the top of the bunk.
There's not a time, for being younger
And all my friends, are enemies
And if I cried unto my mother
No she wasn't there, she wasn't there for me

Don't let the water drag you down (Don't let the water drag you down)
Don't let the water drag you down

Broken lines, across my mirror
Show my face, all red and bruised
And though I screamed and I screamed, well, no one came running
No I wasn't saved, I wasn't safe from you

"He isn't worth it." Andy was laying next to me. I nuzzled my head in his shoulder. He wrap an arm around me and pulled me closer. He took an earbud out of my ear."Whacha listening to?" He put the bud in his ears as Taylor's voice filled in.
Saved, saved, saved

[Musical Break]

Lay my head, under the water
Aloud I pray, for calmer seas
And when I wake from this dream, with chains all around me
No, I've never been, I've never been free

I turned to Andy and our noses collided. Soon, our lips collided.

No, I've never been, I've never been free
No, I've never been, I've never been free


Double update!
Yeah, way to go Kellin.
But what's going on with Kat and Andy? Next chap will explain. But for now, all I can say is that Andy has a little secret. I know this is a SWS fanfic, but for a while Kellin and Kat won't be together. Just getting to know each other. For those who forgot, Kat knows everyone, including Andy. So it's not really weird for them to kiss. It's not like they don't know each other.
Loving this song be The Pretty Reckless though! Check the song out! It's amazing.
Under The Water



This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))