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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Four:

The meet and greet was amazing. So many fans with letters, amazing gifts, stories, and personal items. But my mind was on other people, Kellin. I couldn’t get his green eyes out of my head. Or the fact that I’m seeing him tonight.
Oh god.
I’m seeing the Kellin Quinn tonight.
Fuck vocal rest, I need to find something to wear!
Jumping up from the couch, I rush to the top bunk and grab my bag.
“Whacha doin?” I yelp and fall from the top bunk and fell on my back to the ground. My bag fell a few seconds later and landed with a *SLAP* to my face. I growl in frustration and look up.
“Annah!” I yell. I grab my bag and hoist it on a bottom bunk.
“Whacha doin’?” she asked again not phased.
“Looking for something to wear to the bonfire. I sort of have a date?” I questioned. All I did say was see you there.
“Wear a skirt.” She said.
“No.” I reply. I would rather die than wear a skirt.
“No I- ” she put a finger to my lip.
“You are wearing a skirt.”
“But,” she pressed her finger harder against my lip.
“Shhh. You are wearing a skirt.” I sighed.
“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!” Annah and I exchanged looks before rushing into the front lounge to see what was happening. The first thing that hit me was the stench of weed, the second thing to hit me was Vince and I’s guitars.
“WHAT THE HELL?” I yell. Our strings we’re cut. Someone cut our guitar strings. I picked up the guitar that was a gift from Vic last year. It was black, glossy, shiny, and signed with a neon purple sharpie by not only my friends from bands, but Austin got Slipknot. Slip-fucking-Knot to sign it. I picked up my Baby. My precious baby. “Who did this?” I spat. Great, here’s the Murder Scene.
“Matt says he doesn’t know. He set the guitars down to get the cases. When he came back the strings were cut.” I clenched my fists. So much for going to the bonfire. I can’t go now because I have to order two new guitars.I groan and go to my bunk and take a well-deserved nap. I stripped down to shorts and a bra. The only thing that I dreamt of was black. My black guitar and Kellin’s black hair.
I woke up and saw it was midnight.
Shit. I’m supposed to be ordering those guitars. I groaned and walked to the front lounge to retrieve my laptop.
I screamed.
He screamed.
We screamed.
“What are you doing on my bus?” I yell.
“Ryan told me to come here since my bus is filled with drunk people! What are you doing here?!” he yelled.
“This is my tour bus! Ryan is my brother!” I yell.
“Well, I didn’t know you would be here! Let alone in a bra!” I looked down and blushed.
“COVER YOUR EYES!” I yelled. He took off his sweater and tossed to me, covering his eyes. I clumsily slipped the shirt on. “Erm. You can open your eyes now.” He blinked one eye open and they twinkled. Soon, both green orbs were looking at me. he gave me a toothy smile. I returned it, with less enthusiasm and sat on the couch. I begin to search through countless websites looking for anyone who can deliver or at least drop off. But it became very hard with Kellin’s eyes burning into my head. I sighed in defeat and slammed my laptop shut.
“Why are you staring at me?” I asked very awkwardly.
“I, erm, whacha doing?” I laughed. Gosh, he’s so cute!
“Trying to buy guitars online.”
“Well, there’s cheap ones we can get in Las Vegas, I mean, not we, I mean, you, unless you want me to come, and, then I , I’ll shut up now.” I giggled at his goofiness.
“Let me get dress and we can head out to what remains of the bonfire.” He nodded and smiled. Once in my bunk, I panicked and searched for my jean skirt. I threw clothes over my shoulder and letting them hit the floor with a thud. Oh god, I’m blushing.I grabbed my toothbrush and frantically began brushing my teeth with toothpaste dry while searching for the damn skirt. Finally, hitting the bottom of the bag, I grabbed the jean skirt and blonde flannel shirt. I rushed to the window to spit out the toothpaste and washed my mouth out with a bottle of water.
“Make up.” I searched for my Toms. Cheering in success I slipped them on and used the mirror in the room to add sparkly purple eyes shadow and some color to my lips. Smacking them in defeat I rushed out to Kellin and handed him his sweater. His eyes scanned over my body before a smile broke out on his face.
“Shall we?” he held his arm out for me. I was nervous again. A boy I met only today and I already was falling for him. I looped my arm around his.
“We shall.”
The night started off good. After sharing two bottles of Jack Daniel’s, Kellin and I took the time to know each other and we talked to the few sober people who remained, minus Vic who was sucking faces with some chick. She looked familiar but I couldn’t lay my finger on it. When she flipped her brown hair to straddled on Vic’s lap I lost it.
“CARA!!!” Alex frowned slightly, and looked at them while Vic sat there awkwardly rubbing his hands together. “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD GO BACK TO HER AFTER ALL THE BULLSHIT SHE PUT YOU THROUGH!!” my voice could no longer remained calm as I studied the girl who ruined my friend’s life.
“He looks like a girl!” Kellin added in, mainly for Cara. It pissed me off because he’s now calling my friend a girl. Thank you alcohol for starting something with someone I want to know.
“WELL YOU SING LIKE ONE!” I shouted back, and Kellin’s voice rose even higher.
“Well, you sing like a man!” He growled back, while Vic began giggling, at my antics.
“At least one of us does!” I shouted back to him. Kellin let out a high pitched scream before storming out of the ground and to his bus, slamming the door on the way in.
“Well that went over well.” I mumbled, turning my attention to Cara. Vic looked over at me with a soft laugh. He then went back to sucking faces with her.
She nodded, a soft moan escaping her lips as he rolled her over before the door from SWS’s bus blew open. “Oh no you don’t!” Kellin shrieked, grabbing Vic’s arm, and began dragging him through the house. “I’M GONNA KILL YOU.” He shrieked again.
“Wait, Kellin. No, stop it!” I scrambled off the log chasing Kellin. “PUT MY FRIEND DOWN!!” I knew they wouldn’t really hurt each other, it’s just the effect of alcohol and the fact that no one, absolutely no one, likes Cara.
“NOT UNTIL HE STOPS TRY TO STICK HIS PENIS INSIDE OF CARA!” Kellin screamed back. The way he was screaming made us sound like an old couple. I blushed at the thought.
“WE’RE HAVING A BABY! GET OVER IT!” Cara howled, tripping after running down them, and stopping in front of Kellin.
He threw his hand up. “GET OUTTA MY FACE, BITCH.” He continued his high pitched screaming, dragging Vic through the bus door.
“OHMYGOD KELLIN YOU’RE LIKE A GIRL ON HER PERIOD!” I shouted hoarsely after them.
“WELL THEN THIS BITCH HAS CRAMPS.” He shouted back, and I collapsed on the ground groaning, but couldn’t help exploding into laughter. Then it hit me. it must have hit Kellin and Vic too because suddenly all eyes were on Cara. She took off the oversized sweater to reveal a four month bump sticking out from her stomach.
And then, I lost my temper.
“WHAT?!” we all screamed. I tackled Cara to the ground and began to claw her face out.
“STOP BEING A BITCH AND RUINING EVERYONE’S LIVES!!! YOU BROKE HIS HEART ONCE! WHY TWICE! I BETCHA THAT BABY AIN’T EVEN HIS!!” my nails dug into her cheeks as someone lifted me off her. “I WILL KILL YOU CARA! NOT ONLY HAVE YOU RUINED VIC’S RELATIONSHIP, BUT YOU SURE DID ENJOY IT WHEN YOU HOMEWRECKED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH Josh!!!” everyone gasped as I was being dragged away. “LET ME AT HER!! LET ME AT HER!!!” I screamed while my arms flailed for the girl on the ground. Someone put a hat over my face and my vision was now blinded.
“Shhh.” Someone cooed in my ear. I was now dragged onto a bus and was tossed on the back lounge bed. I began to cry and struggle against the arms holding me down. Through the holes in the hat, the tattoos on the arms made me realize it was Austin. I stop struggling as the hat was removed from my face.
“So that’s who ruined your relationship.” He muttered. I nodded.
Day one of Warped, dramatically completed.
Day one as the start of many breakdowns to come, sadly, completed.


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This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))