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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Three:

"Austin!" I squealed, jumping into the beast's arms. I just finished my first set performance on Main stage and it was fucking epic. The crowd was amazing and I even got to crowd surf. I could just feel the positive vibe flowing along with the crowd. I think the fans really love our change in style. While keeping our Post-Harcore scene, we changed it up a little to Metalcore. I was just anxious to take this ear piece out, hand the tech my guitar and run into my friends giant fluffy arms.
"Kat!" He spun me around a couple times.
"Tell me this isn't the best tour ever!" I am so pumped for Warped! It's one thing for fans to think your talented, but for bands to say your talented, man, that's like giving a poor person one thousand dollars. It's effing amazing!
"It so is! The crowd is amazing! And Kellin boo wouldn't stop staring at you." He nudge my side.
"Wait, Kellin was here?" So much for keeping my heart rate at bay. I find my eyes scanning the crowd for any evidence that he is or was here.
"Yup. Face red, pissed as hell." He smirked. I opened my mouth to as why when a speaker fell right in front of me and Austin. I looked at Austin then the speaker. I open my mouth to say 'what the hell' when it started to spark. Austin and I made eye contact before he lifts me up and throws me over his shoulder. The crowd gasps when the speaker sparks again. Some sound tech people rush past us to the side stage to fix the problem.
"Whoa. Just imagine if you were any closer to me, you could be a human pancake." My stomach turned at the thought.
"Gee, thanks." I mumble.
"KAT!" I look up and see Iris running my way. "He's back! He's coming that way!" And the blood stops flowing to my brain. I'm numb.
"Who's back?" Austin asks.
"John." I told Austin about John. Even though they haven't met, John does not want to be near Austin.
"Hey man!" Kellin walks from the opposite way as Austin pushes me behind his back. He slides off his beanie and hands it to me. I put it on, stuffing all my hair in it. John probably wouldn't notice me because my hair is a different color than he last saw.
Speak of the Devil.
John walks towards us. Black hair disheveled and eyes full of anger.
"What's going on?" Kellin asks.
"Not now....." I hiss. John looks to me and he smirks.
"Oh, who is this? Your new boyfriend?" He motions to Kellin. Austin shoves him backwards as Kellin grabs my hand and rush past him. Once were far from the stage, our pacing slows. "You got some real balls to do that." I say while trying to breathe and not die at the fact that he's holding my hand.
"And I guess you got a real vagina to not do anything at all." I look at him.
Then we bust out laughing. Kellin loses his balance, making him fall to the ground, dragging me with him. I fall on top of him and l look into his eyes.
I stare into her gray eyes. They're so beautiful. Her lips look so kissable what if I just lean in and.....
"Ahem." I hear someone clear their throat and Kat gets off me almost immediately. I'm glaring at the asshole who ruined the moment.
Beau Bokan.
"BEAU!!!" She runs and jumps in his arms. Gee, does she does this to everyone she knows?
"How's my little kitty kat?" He tickles her side. She slaps him upside the head. "Couldn't say I didn't have that coming."
"Only Val calls me that." He giggles and he looks at me.
"Oh hey Kellin." He sticks a hand for me. Grunting, I let him help me up.
"Hey Beau." I mumble while in reality I'm thinking asshole, asshole, asshole.
"Well, I got a meet and greet I should be going to." She turns to me. "Thanks Kellin, maybe Ill see you tonight at the bonfire?" Every year at Warped, we have a bonfire party to kick off the tour.
"Yea, sure." She claps her hands and squeals.
"Yay!" she kisses me on the cheek and does the same to Beau before disappearing.
"Dude, you totally like her." Beau says. I turn to glare at him. "Anyone with ears to see and eyes to hear can tell." He smirks. I sigh in defeat.
"I feel like the situation with Katelynne is holding me back." I say.
"It shouldn't. technically, you're single. And it's fucking Warped. Go with her tonight, get to know her, ask her out. Whadya got to loose?"
He's right. What do I got to loose?


Kat's Warped Outfit Here



This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))