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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Twenty-Four:

-Katherine Bruno-Bailey Point of View-
Pissed. The only word I can describe myself right now. This is his fault, it's all Andy's fault. If he would just keep that blonde head of his up his own ass and not mine, telling me how I fell about shit. If he actually cared, he would just leave me the fuck alone and now I'm stuck here.


"Kat, please. I know that you want to vent your feelings out, so just do it."

"Fuck off Oliver!" I yelled and packed more of my clothes.

"You think leaving is going to solve your problems? You can't run away from stuff!" He yelled, unpacking my clothes.

"But I can sure as hell try. So kindly, fuck off!" I had went to my parents house to get some remaining stuff when unwillingly, Andy had followed me after Devin told him what happened.

"You can be made at me all you want, but don't blame Devin because he was only doing what he thought best."

"And what I know best is to leave and tell Kellin to kindly suck his own dick!" I yelled with more tears streaming down my face as I grabbed my clothes from his hands.

"So what?! Leaving your band, your siblings and your parents behind is the answer? Look at the down side Katherine!"

"Just shut up! I know okay!" I fell to my knees and continued to cry. I know I can't do this, but I'm losing my sanity by the minute and it's all Kellin's fault. "I hate you Andy!!" I screamed.

"I know you do and that's okay, but I'm doing this for you."

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" I screamed at him, not once releasing my intense stare at him. I got up from the floor and rushed out to the front door. Andy grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. "LET ME GO!!!! I STILL HATE YOU!!!"

"It's raining and we're no where near your house, you have to come back to my place." I snatch my wrist away and walk out into the pouring rain.

"Screw the rain and screw you!" I started walking down the side walk drenched but I didn't care. I don't want to be anywhere near Andy because it's his fault. His and Devin's. They took my alcohol, they took my sleeping pills and now I have to sleep on my own and deal with memories. A car pulled up next to me and rolled the window down.

"Kat, get in." I flipped him off and continued walking. "Get in or I will get out this car and get you." I still ignore him and began to run when I hear the car door slam. I feel hands pick up around my waist and feel him dragging me backwards. I scream out every profanity that I know and I even bite his arm. Soon, he's buckling me into the passenger seat. The ride was quiet and awkward and I realized, I"m stuck with him.
He handed me a shirt of his and some of Devin's basketball shorts since they fit more and I took the couch, not wanting to be within feet of him.

I start to cry again, terrified of going to sleep. I shifted on the couch and groaned, I need another pillow. I marched up to his room and snatched the pillow off the bed. “Are you crying?” he asked, sounding shocked as I grabbed a pillow off his bed, not caring if it was the one he was using.

“No,” I muttered and kept my head down as I walked past him but he was blocking the door way and he grabbed my arm as I tried to squeeze by, turning me around and pinning me against the wall.

He placed his hand up above my shoulder, next to my head, his other hand still gripping my arm and I refused to look up, instead staring at his chest.. He slowly loosened his grip on my arm and brought it up under my chin, pushing my head up to look at him. My grey eyes became locked in his big blue ones and I couldn’t help but hold back a shiver as I recognized the look in them. I had only seen him look at me like that one time before and we had been in a similar position, him leaning over me, his face inches away from mine and I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if Devin hadn’t popped the lock keeping us trapped in the basement as teenagers

We continued to stare at each other and I wondered if he was thinking the same thing I was, about that night in Connersville, so, so many years ago.

His eyes glanced down, looking at my lips before he looked back up and leaned in slowly, testing to see how I would react. When I didn’t push him away he leaned a little further until finally, his lips touched mine and I closed my eyes. It was just a simple kiss that didn’t last long and when he pulled away after a few seconds I kept my eyes closed, wanting to savor it.

“Katherine,” he whispered and I slowly opened my eyes to once again be lost in his blue ones.

Neither of us said anything and I wasn’t sure how long we stood in the hallway like that but I couldn’t take it anymore. Andy was looking down at me in a way that I had always dreamed anyone, someone I would love would look at me and I didn’t care what was going to happen next, all I knew was that I wanted it to happen. I wanted him, right here, right now, not caring about anything else. Just me and Andy. For once, I was going to do something reckless, not caring about the outcome. So that’s exactly what I did.

The pillow slipped from my hands as I reached up to lock my arms around Andy’s neck, pulling him closer to me and smashing my lips against his. He responded immediately, slamming his body against mine, causing me to hit the wall with a thud and he kissed me back hungrily, both of us knowing exactly where this was going to lead. His hands traveled to my hips and he stayed there for a few seconds, tracing circles on my hipbones with his thumbs before he suddenly swooped down, gripping my thighs and lifting me up, pulling me against him as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slammed me against the wall again and I had to break away from our kiss, gasping. He moved his lips down my jaw and I moaned as he made a trail of kisses down my neck.

He groaned and lifted me off the wall, placing his hands on my ass to hold me up as he made his way into my bedroom with me still in his arms. We reached my bed and he climbed up, still holding me before he placed me down gently, my head hitting the pillow. He hovered over me and pulled at the hem of my shirt and I placed my hand on his chest, pushing him away. He got my hint and tugged the shirt up and over my head as I placed my arms in the air. He tossed the shirt off to the side and he glanced down, staring at me in just my pink bra and cotton panties.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured as he bent down again and began kissing my neck, slowly making his way back up to my lips.

We were kissing when all of the sudden he stopped and pulled his face away a few inches, just enough so that he could look me in the eyes. We were both panting but in that moment, it was like something happened. In that moment, I swear that Andrew Oliver was looking at me like he loved me. He was looking down at me like I was the only girl in the world and I had never felt so loved than in that mere moment when his big blue eyes were staring into mine. In that one moment, I didn’t care what was going to happen in the morning because right now,Andy loved me, someone truly loved me and I loved him and I had never felt a feeling so strong than I did right then.

So I pulled him back down to me, our lips instantly connecting, and let him love me.


Okay, so I'm starting a poll on who Kat should end up with. Do you want her with Andrew or Kellin? Voting ends on March 12th so if you want to vote, vote Here.
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So, here was a drama filled update.



This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))