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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Twenty:

"Dylan he's......Dylan....Dylan? DYLAN!" Now, I bet you're wondering, who the hell is Dylan? Well, my little buddy, Dylan, is Devin and Andy's younger brother. Who, at the moment, won't shut the hell up. I took a few deep breaths and went back to the phone.
"Dylan, he's not being discharged, I am. Devin is seriously hurt and he's slipping in and out of coma. We're trying the best to get a replacement. Danny is doing ISS sets and having a backing drummer and we're working on getting someone to do a couple more of our sets until Devin is better. We're not leaving without him."
"But all over twitter, people are saying Devin's dying." I nearly dropped my phone. Sweet, innocent Dylan already has to deal with this. It's been five days. I'm finally getting discharged and Kellin and Andy are picking me up. Andy got discharged two days ago. I don't know what to say about Kellin and I. He's been acting, weird, but I'm brushing it off. If he wants to talk, he knows where to find me, but I don't need him to add to my list of problems such as, we have no tour bus since the damage to the bus was more than the windows being busted. I See Stars bus is totaled, Devin is still in the hospital, my stomach feels like some one is using it as a punching bag and shit is just getting really hard right now.
"Dylan," I said while walking to Devin's room. "Devin is not going to die." As soon as I stepped in, the life line went flat.

"Katelynne, please, just shut the fuck up." I groan and pull my hair while waiting for the elevator to take me up to Devin's floor
"No, I will not! You can't just go around banging some slutty 24 year girl! She's probably some groupie."
"And that's where you're wrong, that groupie, happens to be Kat from Reckless Brave, the girl who risks her life for anyone and the girl who just got into a tour bus accident, and I happen to like this girl a lot. Now if you would please shut up about it, I would like to know what the divorce lawyer said." The elevator dings and I walk out. I know I look like utter and complete shit. My hair is disheveled, and the pills that kept me from going into shock these past five days make my eyes look like I've been on drugs.
"He said that the divorce will be finalized as soon as you can fly in and sign the papers."
"Tell I'll be there as soon as I can." Katelynne sighs, a genuine sigh.
"Kellin, why do you want a divorce? I haven't cheated on you, I haven't done anything wrong. Why? What about Copeland, the kids finally feel like they have a father and now for what? To throw it all away? Our tattoos, you have the key and I have the lock, for our love and now we throw it all away? Kellin, I love you. And I don't know why we're doing this." I sigh.
"Katelynne I-"
"DEVIN!!!!" I run down the hall and open Devin's door. There's a nurse and a doctor holding Kat back while two other doctors work to revive Devin.
"-gotta go." I finish and hang up the phone. I run over to Kat and break her free of the doctors grip. She slumps in my arms and cries.
"Kat? Kat! What's going on?" A voice speaks. It's her phone and I take it from her hand.
"Who's this?" I ask while Kat still screams.
"Dylan. Devin's younger brother. Who are you and what's wrong with Kat?" My face falls Devin has another brother. And here's his brother, someone he probably looks up to.
"CLEAR!" There goes another shock to his body. Apparently Dylan hear because he starts to yell in the phone.
"DEVIN! THAT'S MY BROTHER! THEY HAVE TO SAVE HIM!!!" The door opens again and this time it's the rest of I See Stars. Andy's face drops and the color drains from his face. Brent and Jeff strain to hold him back. I run over to him and hand him the phone.
"It's Dylan." He snatches the phone from me and starts to talk. I sit on the chair and I feel like I'm going back into shock. I couldn't hear the shouts or the sound of Devin's body hitting the bed with every electric pulse. Everything was going on in slow motion. All I could see was the night the accident happened.
The date.
Kissing her.
Kat's scared face.
The glass shattering.
The bus leaning.
The blood flowing.
The bus crashing.
Devin kissing Kat.
It can't happen again. I can't loose another friend, another lover, another person. I just refuse for it to happen.
A hand appears in front of my face and I look up. A nurse gives me a panicked look and starts talking. But I can't hear her, it's all muffled. Her eyes widen. She takes my hand that is shaking uncontrollably. She takes a needle from her pock and injects it into my arm. It doesn't hurt anymore, sad to say I've grown used to it. As my hearing comes back it's quiet. Everyone watches the doctor put a white blanket over Devin's body and leave. Kat is on full blown tears and Andy just stares.
Five minutes later, we're still staring. Just waiting for him to move or something. But he isn't. They cut off his life line, everything. It's just an empty person.
I can't be dead. I'm nit supposed to die at 21. I can't leave my brothers, my best friend, my band mates. I can't leave them! So why the hell am I dying? I will not die. I refuse. I have a family to support and friends who need me. But how the hell do I get in there? I can see them all just staring at me. I'm growing paler by the minute. I start to cry because I love them all. Kat, my band, hell even Kellin and I can't fucking leave them. I won't.
"Please!" I beg to a random God. "I love them, you can't let me leave them! Please." I cry. All I see is white. Like an empty room. I thought I was out the clearing. I thought I was free. But I'm not.
"Devin! Come back here you turd!" Kat chases me around our backyard with Andy and Dylan sitting on chairs watching.
"Not until you say sorry." I yell while climbing up a tree. with her guitar.
"Devin! That's my baby!!!" She yells, her blonde hair flowing in the stiff heat in California.
We took a one week trip to the beach to get away from the cold and already I've pissed her off.
"Devin!" She whines while climbing up the tree. She sits next to me and snatches the guitar from my hand. "Don't touch my baby or I'll kick you so hard in the fucking balls you'll sound like fucking Justin Beiber." I sat frozen as she takes her guitar. She starts strumming a familiar song and I realize it as Remembering Sunday.
"Come on! Sing it, I know you know Alex's parts." I shake my head.
"I'm 17. I don't sing."
"Yea, Like 17 year old are supposed to scream." I sigh and give in, singing Remembering Sunday with her. Never in my life have I've been glad to have a friend like Kat.
"It's weird." She says after the song. "I'm in a band. You're in a band. I never thought we would be living the dream. Together. You're my brother, you know that right?"

"Right." I say, pulling her into my shoulder while plucking the strings of the guitar.
"Good. Never leave me."
I'm trying Kat. I promise. I'm trying.


Flash back from 2009. Devin's 17, Andy's 21, Kat's 21 and Dylan is 11. And yes, Dylan is actually their brother.



This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))