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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Seventeen:

Pain. That’s all I could feel and see. Smoke invaded my lungs, water soaked my clothes. Everything we’ve worked so hard for. Our fourth album, our equipment, gone. And it pisses me off to the max. my best friend is missing, my brother is missing and the dim witted Kellin Quinn is somewhere on our bus.
Come on Devin, get a hold on yourself.
I unbuckle myself and crawl from behind seat. It seems the seatbelt strapped itself around seat. There was a fire starting from where the driver seat as ad I hurry out. Pushing myself off the ground, I get up and began to scour myself to the lounge. All I see is water seeping into the bus. I look up to see the floor of the bus on the ceiling and stuck to it is our demo of New Demons.
Grabbing a chair, I stand on it to grab the cd. At least I still have this.
“Uhhh.” I listen to where the sound came from. “
Shhitt.” I look back to where the bunks are to see a pale arm sticking out. I quickly rush back there in hopes of it being my brother. Instead, I find Kellin. One of the bunks have caved in on him.
“Kellin?” his eyes open and they see me.
“Devin,” I don’t see how I can lift a bunk up. It’s fallen right on his legs.
“How do I get you out man?” he shrugs his shoulders then grunt in pain. I walk around him to see if I can lift up the mattress. Seeing a space between the bunk and bed, I use my fingers to lift up the mattress. Lifting it up, I push it to the side and look down. Kellin’s legs are being squished. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was paralyzed.
“Kellin, I’m going to lift this. And it’s gonna hurt like shit. So, if you like, I dunno, make conversation, it’ll hurt less.”
“Okay.” I began to lift the bunk. Which wasn’t a lot since I was a stick compared to the heavy shit.
“Why’d you kiss Kat?” I almost dropped the bunk. Almost. I let out a sharp breath and proceeded to lift the bunk again.
“When we were little,” I say in between breaths. “We always asked what it would be like to kiss the other.” I take another breath and keep lifting up the bunk. “So, we said in any life or death situation, we had the permission to kiss one another. To feel what it would be like.” I put my back against the wall and push it up.
“What it felt like?” If he asks one more question about the already awkward situation I just may drop this bunk on him.
“Like kissing my brother.” Is all I say. I lift the bunk high enough, which is like, two feet, and yell. “Kellin, slide from underneath the bunk now!” he does as he told, grunting in pain the whole time as he slides himself from under the bunk. After a few seconds my arms give out and the bunk falls back with a crunch.
“Right here.” I look to see him trying to get up. I rush over to him and help him up.
“Thanks.” He utters out.
“Go find my brother.” I tell him. He nods and hops out of the bunk area. I walk back into the lounge when I hear the creek of the bus. The bus starts to slide and BOOM!!! The fire from the driver seat rages. The heats basically singes off my hair line and eyebrows. Water seeps in through the windows and the bus begins to sink.
Oh god, we just landed in the creek. I begin to look around for Kat anywhere. But it’s hard when the water is rising three feet a minute. I look under equipment, behind chairs, in the kitchen nothing. By the time I make it back in the lounge, it’s a swimming pool. I see bubbles forming where the couch is. Taking a breath a dip my head down under the water and look. I squint my eyes and I see hair under the couch.
It’s Kat. The couch fell on her waist and she’s pinned under. Lifting my head back up, I call out. “Kellin! I’ve found Kat!” it was quite for a moment.
“I’ve found Andy! We’re outside on the bank of the river, hurry-” his sound was muffled by the bus sinking further under the river. I take another deep breath and dive underwater. I swim to where Kat is and try lifting the couch off of her. It lifts up with ease and Kat floats up. I grab her body and stick my arms under her shoulders and swim back to the surface.
“Kat, I know you can hear me. It’s Devin.” She nods. “I’m going to let you climb out the window, and you jump to the river bank. On the river bank it Andy and Kellin. Can you do that for me?” she nods. I swim towards the window and push her towards it. She climbs out, getting glass in her hands and she looks back at me.
“I love you Devin.” I smile towards her.
“Love you too Kat.” She jumps out and Andrew catches her by the hands pulling her out.
“Devin! You’re next!” I swim towards the window, but the only thing I see air. Air as in, there’s a fucking dam behind this river.
“Devin! Devin!” I tried to swim out but I’m blocked in. the bus sinks in faster and I try to find a way out. But I can’t everything is blocked. Then, I feel myself falling. Like free falling in the sky. The last thing I see is the sky when the bus crashes to the bottom.


Should I kill off Devin? Or make it as somehow he survives? Cause I was crying while writing this.



This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))