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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Thirteen:

"Iris, let me go!" She continued to drag me as I twist and turn in her grip. "If you love me, let me go!" I sing. She rolls her eyes and jerks me up.
"Kat what is you problem?" I open my mouth to say Well how about Kellin just asked me out and you drag me away before I can say anything! But I remember, what good will telling them that do to me? Annah hates Kellin for what happened last time and his band already thinks that I'm bringing their star singer down by worrying him. I sigh and look down.
"Nothing." She rolls her eyes and drags me to Mainstage. I'm handed my guitar, the ear piece is being shoved into my ear, their putting the battery pack thing in my shirt and checking all microphones. Next thing I know, I'm being shoved on stage in front of thousand of fans. I can only pray that Kellin will be out there.
"Okay, we're going to slow things down for our last song. This one goes out for a very special someone." I scan the crowd for those green eyes I adore. I spot them, but they're anything but green. They're blue. I smile. He actually came. "He knows who he is." His yes widen. Here's In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411, but who would love to hear Kellin come up hear and sing it with me?" The crowd cheers an my band looks at me weird. Kellin's hoisted up in the air and is crowd surfing his way to the stage. Once he hits the stage, he rolls until he lands at my feet. He looks up at me and I hand him a microphone.
I can save you
if you ask me, just ask me to.
There's hope for you tonight.
I can save you
if you ask me, just ask me to.
I can save your life.
I saw you move from across the room,
I knew who you were.
You act like you are afraid of who you are,
I'm afraid for you.
Try, trust and believe in me.
I can show you that there's so much more.
There's still hope for you.
Let me show you I can save you.
I can save you
if you ask me, just ask me to.
There's hope for you tonight.
I can save you
if you ask me, just ask me to.
I can save your life.

I know Kellin hasn't screamed in a while. I can tell by the way he looks at me and the crowd. He focuses his eyes on me, takes a deep breath, and literally screams his heart out.
One day you'll open your eyes, take a look inside
I just saved your life.
Just take a look inside,
I hope you know what it's like for you to be alright.
I am for you.

I smile and take over the song, my eyes never once leaving Kellin's.
Don't give up just believe I will be right there,
when your hopes and your dreams are on the line.
Don't give up just believe I'll be right by your side,
when your hopes and your dreams are on the line.

Kellin joins me for the last part and I am mentally thanking Gabe for teaching me some of their songs.
I can save you
if you ask me, just ask me to.
There's hope for you tonight.
I can save you
if you ask me, just ask me to.
I can save your life.

The crowd screams and some are yelling "KELLIN HAVE MY BABIES!" Which I find very ironic since he already has a baby. Kellin walks up to me.
"I'm surprise you knew that song." I shrug, trying to keep the blush at bay.
"Gabe taught me a few.' He walks closer, does he know were still on stage. He cups my face with his hands and now is when I start to panic. "Uh....." An he does the unpredictable. He kisses me, on stage, in front of my band, his band, my fans, and hundreds of video cameras. "Wow," I breath as he pulls away. Then I pass out, well, more like slump in his arms. The blackness consumes me.
*A few hours later*
"Nice going dickhead!" Gabe slaps me upside the head.
"Hey! I am not a dick head."
"Do you have a dick?" Gabe asks. I look at him questioningly before nodding. "Do you have a head?" I nod again. "There you go, dick head. You made the girl pass out!"
"It was from heat exposure and over working an lack of water." I defend myself.
"Yeah, that's what they all say. Dude, she's no good for you." I look at Jesse.
"What do you mean?" I squint my eyes at him.
"Well, A. She;s 24 and your 27."
"Three years, big woop."
"Copeland." I roll my eyes while flopping on the couch.
"Dude, we're not even dating, why bring a baby in the equation?"
"The fact that she's distracting you!" All eyes shoot to Jesse.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Yeah!" I look at Gabe and he sits back down.
"She's got you all distracted, you too Gabe. If your not with us, you're with her."
"Were friends, I can't help that. Her best friend isn't her best friend anymore and everyone needs a best friend." Gabe retorts.
"She has Shayley."
"Who's not on Warped Tour."
"So, why should it matter, she's not distracting me!" I yell.
"Yes she is! What happened two days ago that made you all spacy?" I say nothing. "So something did happen. What Kellin and where were you earlier today?" I say nothing again, I just divert my attention to the floor.
"Kellin we're a band, we're supposed to tell each other everything!"
"KELLIN QUINN BOSTWICK WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Jesse steps closer, inches from my face.
"Dude, what the hell?!" He yells. "You didn't even ask her to be your girlfriend!"
"I did and her sister dragged her awy before she could answer! Do you know how great it feels to find a girl who you think something can actually work between the two of you! The divorce with Katelynne is tiring and being with guys 24/7 isn't always helpful!"
"You barely know the girl for a full two months!!"
"Doesn't mean I can't feel anything! Stop acting like my father!" And then all hell broke loose. Jesse punched me in my eye. The impact knocks me off my feet as I stare up at the fuming man before me. I get up and tackle him to the ground. Arms lift my tiny frame up and hold me back while someone else grabs Jesse.
"Get the hell of this bus Kellin!" He yells.
"Why! I'm the lead singer!"
"GET OFF! TAKE GABE AND YOUR SHIT WITH YOU TWO! DON'T COME BACK!" The arms release me, the arms who belong to Jack and I go to the bunk area to grab my bag. Gabe follows behind me and grabs his stuff. We walk to the front where jack has a sad look on his face and Justin is lost as ever. We walk off the bus and the door slams shut behind us and we can hear the lock.
"Come one Gabe." I mutter. He follows me as we walk towars the venue entrance. We stop at a bus and knock on the door.
"Hey pizza's-oh, it's you. What do you want?" He snaps. I push aside him and walk into the bus, Gabe trailing behind me.
"Hey what did you-Kellin! Hi."
"Hey, uh, we got kicked out our bus, can we crash here for a while?" She looks over my shoulder and smiles at Gabe.
"Sure, we only have one extra bunk though."
"I CALL DIBS ON THE BUNK!" And Gabe runs towards the bunk area. Kat smiles at me.
"It's okay, I can sleep on the couch."
"No! No! I'll take the couch, you sleep in my bunk." I smile and give her a nod.
I turn over once again. Sleeping on the couch, not one of my best ideas. I get up and walk towards the bunk. I pull back my curtain and see it empty. I shrug it off and climb in, feeling better at once. About five minutes later, the curtain is ripped back and bunk deeps a bit. A body climbs in next to me and I scream while shoving the figure on the ground.
"Kat!" Someone whisper-yells. I look down on the floor and see Kellin lying there. Ryan shushes me from the bunk above and Annah kicks from the bunk below.
"Sorry. I couldn't sleep." He nods and gets up to proceed to the 'living room'. "Wait!" I whisper yell. He looks back at me. I scoot over and pat the empty space next to me. He doesn't hesitate to climb in and wrap his arms around my waist.
"Goodnight Katherine." He whispers against my neck. His breathe hot and warm.
"Night Kellin." But I don't sleep. Too many thoughts are running through my mind. Has he completely forgot her asked me to be is girlfriend? Why did he get kicked off the bus? And most importantly, what's going on between him and his ex wife?




This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))