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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Twelve:

"Come on, take a break." I shake my head.
"I have to finish packing up this equipment."
"We have a set in thirty minutes, take a break. Half the Sirens guys aren't even here." I shake my head again. "Please Kat,"
"No way Annah." She groans and walks away. It's been two days since me and Kellin, uh, did it. And he's avoided me since ever since he told me he likes me. My band is starting to notice and his band are constant finding some time during the day to interrogate me. Sighing, I wipe sweat from my forehead as I put up the last of the equipment and rush to my bus. Slamming the door, I slid down it and cried.
He toyed with my emotions. For all I know, he could be fucking everyone, or, his ex.
A knock at the door stopped my crying. I wiped my tears.
"I know, set in thirty minuets, geesh." Another knock. "GO AWAY!" Another knock. I got up and open the door. "What fucking part of-" A pair of lips crashed against mine.
What did I do?! Why?! I began to pace back and forth. For two days, I couldn't bring myself to talk to Kat, or anyone. I was just too ashamed. I mean, not about the fact I did what I did, but the fact that I couldn't muster up enough courage to ask the damn girl out.
"Aye Kells, have you seen Kat?"
"No why? How am I supposed to know what happened two days ago?!" Justin looked at me weird.
"Riiight. I'm just going to go to her bus,"
"NO!" I jumped at his hand.
"Kellin, what the hell is your problem?" He asked while grabbing a beer.
"Nothing! You're not the boss of me!" I pout.
"Riiiight. Well, I'm going to find Gabe," He walked out the bus. "Weirdo." He muttered. I jumped at this opportunity. I slipped on an Anthem Made shirt and threw my Toms on before running off the bus and across the venue.
"YEA GET SOME KELLIN!" I hear Alan shout. I flip him off as I scan for the giant black tour bus labeled The Reckless Brave. Seeing it in sight, only twenty feet away, I ran. I ran for my dear life. I got to the bus and knocked. I heard someone shuffling from behind the door and some sniffles.
"I know, set in thirty minutes geesh." It was Kat. I smiled as I knocked again. "GO AWAY!" It sounded as if she was crying. I knocked again. There was more shuffling as the door flew open. "What fucking part of-" I pulled her close to me and crashed my lips against hers. After a minute of pure shock, she starts to kiss back her hands knotting in my hair. I began to back her up against the bus until we were inside and I kicked the door shut. I pulled away for a moment.
"So, set in thirty minutes. I know how to keep you preoccupied." She smirked. "I have something to ask you." I say, not once moving my position.
"What?" She breathed. Do it, do it, do it.
"Are you sure?" What the hell Kellin?!
"Yes." And with that, the blissful day continued.
*15 minutes later*
I fell next to Kellin, out of breath, and completely utterly shocked at what just happened, again. I grabbed my phone from under the pillow and cheked the time.
"SHIT, Kellin, I gotta go." I rolled from beside him o the floor. Grabbing a housecoat to wrap around my body, I ran to the bathroom to get dressed. After doing my hair and grabbing my guitar, I ran back the the bunks. Kellin as already dressed, sitting on the edge of the bunk.
"Katherine, I have to ask you something." I looked at him. "Will you be my girlfriend?" My hear fluttered. The blush crept on my cheeks and I swear my eyes are now sparkling.
"Kellin" The door busted open and our attention turned to the front on the bus. Iris walked back to where we were, pissed as ever.
"KATHERINE-oh, hey Kellin." She glared at me. "Lets go." She grabbed my hand and dragged me from Kellin.
"Iris, wait-NO!" She dragged me even faster and all I could do was look at Kellin's disapointed face.





This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))