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If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

:Scene Ten:

Before:"YEAH WOOOOOO!!!" Oliver yelled after we left the club with everyone's shocked faces implanted in our brains.
"I so drunk! I can't even see anymore!" Matt N. yelled.
"Fuck yeah! Did you see their faces!"
we stumbled onto the BMTH bus. The only people I forgave today was Kellin and his band (shocker) Oliver(BMTH) and his band, and Austin. Everyone else is gonna have to earn my forgiveness. Even my own siblings.
"OLIVERRR!!" I slur while walking to him. "Kiss me." I say as I fall into his arms.
"No prob my love." And his lips crash against mine. The guys were cheering in the background. Oliver's hands wrap around me as he lifts me up. He walks towards the bunks and tosses me down. He tosses of my shirt and I guess you can imagine the rest......
The music pounded through my veins. Warped tour never disappointing me when it comes to the parties. I should be enjoying it with Kat, but, she's in a tough spot.
"WOO! GET IT ALAN!" Alan had stripped off his pants and was now grinding on the wasted Tino. Justin ran up to me, beer in hand, and basically cried in front of me.
"Justin? What's wrong?" I asked. He wiped his eyes and stared at me.
"Man, I love you." He sniffled.
"Me too?"
"No mannnn. I fucking love you from here," He pointed at his heart. "To here," He pointed in nowhere in particular. He is hammered.
"Okay Just," He kissed my forehead.
"HEY JESSE! I WANNA GET MARRIED!" Jesse came over, laughing.
"To who man?" He asked while taking a shot.
"To my Kellin. I told him I love him." He kissed my cheek. My face just redden. "WEDDING'S ON BITCHES!" And then he vomited on the ground.
"Gross." Jack said as he walked by.
"Hey, have you seen Kat?" I asked.
"Uhhh, yeah actually. She stumbled out her with the Bring Me guys." I started to the door when Jack grabbed my shoulder. "Chill man. She's alright. She has Matt." I relaxed my shoulders a little before nodding. I grabbed three shots and downed them quickly. After my sixth, I was wasted. I took out my phone and dialed a number.
"Hello?" The voice rang.
"Hey! I fucking hate you man! You bitch!" I slurred while laughing.
"Kellin...." The voice warned.
"Nooooo. You tell that whore Katelynne to go piss herself and you my friend can burn in hell!" I hung up the phone and slipped it into my back pocket.
---Next Morning---
I woke up with a pounding headache. No. Wait, someone is pounding at the door.
I untangled myself from the arms around my...........
Wait, what?!
I looked back and saw the tattooed arm.
I looked closely at the arm.
Oh shit.
I fell out the bunk and grabbed the closes sheet to wrap myself with.
No, no, no, no.
Why am I naked? Please.......
I balled myself up and began to rock as the pounding at the door got louder.
"Hey man." A voice said.
Footsteps, approaching.
The door opened and those green eyes met mine as he took in the scene.
"YOU!" He pointed at me.
"Mate, shush." Oliver mumbled. Kellin turned and faced him. "YOU!" He repeated, but for Oliver. Oli slowly woke up and looked at me then Kellin.
"Oh shit mate. We were drunk, we," *PUNCH*
"OH MY GOD!" I screamed with tears pouring out. Kellin just punched Oliver. I began to rock again as the two started to fight.
Not again, not again, not again.
Attention seeker.
Arms wrapped around me as I was being dragged out the room.
"Shhh." Did I mention I have pretty bad anxiety. Well, yup.
"Kat, you're paler than a ghost."
"YOU BET I FUCKING DID! IT WAS AMAZING! SHE SCREAMED MY NAME, OLIVER! OLIVER!" Oli said in a girl voice, mimicking my screams from last night that I hardly remember.
"DO YOU WANNA SEE THE LIPSTICK ON MY DICK FOR PROOF?!?!" I hear another noise and a grunt. I covered my ears as Kellin bashed through the back lounge, his eyes in slit, staring right through me. Everything didn't mattered. The noise from the guys arguing with Oli didn't matter. All I could hear is Kellin.
"Kellin...." I whispered.
"Kat, just, don't." Tucking the sheet tighter around me, I got up and reached out to Kellin. "Don't." He spat.
"Kellin, just," I put a hand on his shoulder as I stood up.
"I SAID DON"T!" He yelled. He shoved, lightly, my hand away.
"WHY NOT!" I yelled.
"IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER!" I wasn't used to Kellin yelling. But I sure as hell was.
"It doesn't. And it never will." He said so calm, I didn't think it was him. And with that, he left the bus and I stood here. In a sheet, tears pouring, face flushed, and most of all, heart broken.




This might sound bleh for me to say, but either way she should end up with Kellin, and Kellin should change. That's what I think :o This is probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read~

oh my god the drama. i love it!!! :))