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When You Can't Sleep At Night [Austin Carlile]


~Delilah's POV~

Austin started to lean in.
Should I kiss him? Or no? After what happened with my last boyfriend. I don't want to get hurt again. Ah, what the hell.
I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck. Then I pulled him closer to me. In two seconds, his lips were pressed against mine. His arms found their way around my waist. His lips were soft and gentle.
"Thanks again," I said, smiling slightly as I pulled away. He grinned.
"Did I earn a second date?" He asked me. I nodded.
"Definitely," I told him.

~2 Weeks Later~
"Lilah, babe, wake up," I heard someone say. I opened my eyes to come face to face with Austin. I groaned and rolled over.
"One more hour," I mumbled and cuddled into my pillow. I heard him chuckle.
"Come on, gorgeous" he said any picked me up out of my bunk. "Get dressed and I'll take you to go get breakfast."
"and Starbucks?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded. "and Starbucks." He added. I climbed out of his arms and grabbed a set of clothes out of my suitcase. Then I went into the bathroom.
I quickly changed into a pair shorts, a thin white blouse, and some black converse. After, I ran a brush though my hair and braided my bangs back.
"Ready," I said with a yawn, as I walked into the bunch area. Austin was sitting in my bunk, looking through a notebook. I went and took it from him. "That's mine!"
"You write your own music?" He asked. I nodded. "It's really good."


Sorry I haven't updated in forever. I've been going through a lot. But here's a filler. Tell me what you think should happen between them. Or send me some ideas I should put in the story, since I'm having writers block.


Update please
It's never too soon for smut! c; loll jk but seriously, ur fine just keep doin what your doin it's good
Ishipolin Ishipolin
Please update again!!
Lexithe_dreamer Lexithe_dreamer
More more mo mo mooorrreeee