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When You Can't Sleep At Night [Austin Carlile]

Those In Glass Houses

~Delilah's POV~
Tonight is bus call, so that means no partying. Which really pissed off Seth, because he absolutely loves the parties other bands have. And it's a bonus that he gets to meet girls.

I was sitting in my bunk, reading a email from my little sister Sierra, when Ryan popped his head in.
"Whatcha doing?" he asked and looked at my computer. "Tell her I said hi and that she needs to come and visit."
"Okay," I said and clicked on reply. "Anything else you want me to tell her?"
"That I miss her and she better not be going out with boys while I'm not there," he told me. Sierra was like a little sister to him. He makes fun of her, and messes with her, but with brotherly lover.
I covered his face with my hand and pushed him out of my bunk.
"That wasn't very nice," he said from the other side of the curtain. Then I heard him walk away. I turned my attention back to replying to Sierra's email.

Warped Tour is great. I've met great people. Like the guys from Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice & Men. Austin Carlile (lead vocalist for OM&M) and I are writing a song together. We're almost done with it. After we record it, you can be the first to hear it :) Me and Austin text all the time. You're the first to know this, but I think he's really attractive.
If you haven't seen any videos on youtube yet, then you'll find out now. For the past few days I've been singing The Sadness Will Never End onstage at the BMTH sets with Oli! It's like a dream come true. We are pretty close now, even though I met the like 3 days ago.
I miss you, mom, and Reagan like hell. Tell them that...well not the hell part. But tell them that I love them and miss them.
Ryan says hi and that he misses you. He told me that you need to come and visit. And that you better not be going out with any boys while he's away.
I hope I see you soon!
<3 Lilah

I hit send and closed my laptop. Just then my phone rang, telling me I had a text message. I picked it up to see it was Austin. I unlocked the screen and it popped up.

From: Austin :)
Hey, stuck on the bus for roll call. Bored. R u busy??

From: Delilah <3
No. Just hanging out in my bunk. What r u up 2?

From: Austin :)
Listening to Alan talk about how hot Zooey Deschanel is...... :(

From: Delilah <3
Haha poor you.

From: Austin :)
I know right! Even watching (500) Days of summer won't work! And it has her in it!

~Next Day~
Last night, I texted Austin until I fell asleep. Turns out we have a lot in common. We both surf and love the ocean. Music has saved both of our lives.
I also learned a lot about him. He lost his mother when he was only 17. He is the only child. He has Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder of the connective tissue. And it caused him to have open heart surgery about a year and a half ago. He is in love with Star Wars. He's 26. And his favorite color is red.

Today we are in Mountain View, California. It's our fourth day performing in California. And boy was it hot. Good thing we each have a little fan in our bunk.
I slid out of my bunk. My feet hit the floor with a soft thud. I could hear the TV in the front lounge on. I decided to get changed before I did anything else. So I grabbed a pair of denim shorts, a crochet top with a white tank top to put under it, and a pair of tan lace up heeled boots. Then quickly wen into the bathroom to changed. While I was in there, I put my hair into a messy, side fishtail braid. When I came back out, Ryder was just getting out of her bunk.
"Morning," I said with a smiled. I grabbed my iPhone and put in into the back pocket of my shorts. Then I walked off the bus. The sun was already shining and people were already up and about. Even though it was 10 in the morning.
I was walking around, when I ran right into someone or something. Which made me fall down on my butt.
"Sorry," A familiar voice said and then chuckled. I looked up to see Austin, grinning. I smiled and stood up. "You okay?"
"Yeah," I answered. "Sorry. It was my fault. I wasn't looking."
He chuckled. "Nope it was mine," he told me. "I was too busy typing you a text." He held up his phone.
"So where are you headed?" I asked him. He looked around then back at me.
"I was just walking around, getting some fresh air," he answered. "You?"
"I was going to go set up the merch table," I told him.
"Mind if I come help?" He asked.
"If you want to," I said. "I can't stop you."
He smiled and followed me over to the Selfless Shipwreck tent.
Today we set up next to Of Mice & Men and I See Stars.
"Hey," Austin said. "We get to see you more often today."

~Austin's POV~
Delilah is gorgeous. Is it bad that I like her with in 3 days? I hope not. She's just everything that I've wanted in a girl. Beautiful, funny, talented, sweet, and has a great personality. Heck, she even had the body to be a model if she wanted to. I'm glad that I get to hang out with her and for us to write a song together.
I hope she doesn't have a boyfriend, if she doesn't then I think I'll ask her out for dinner tonight. She probably has guys all over her. Or some of the guys in her band. You never know.
I was glad when I found out her merch tent was next to ours. Then I can see her beautiful self.
She picked up some of the boxes filled with merch and set them on the fold-up table. I grabbed the keys out of my pocket and used my car keys to cut the tape.
Then we started to unpack all the items.

Within 20 minutes, we had everything put where it was supposed to be.
"Thanks," Delilah said, and pushed a lose strand of hair out of her face. "It would've taken longer with just me." I smiled.
"No problem," I told her. "I was wondering if you wanted to go get dinner with me tonight."
She smiled. "I would love to," she answered. My lips curled up into a grin.
"Really?" I asked, shocked. She nodded. "Is 8:00 okay?'
"That's perfect," she told me. "Pick me up at my bus?"
I nodded. "See you then," She kissed my cheek then walked off.
I had a date with the most gorgeous girl ever.


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