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When You Can't Sleep At Night [Austin Carlile]


~Delilah's POV~
I woke up to my phone blasting A Match Into Water by Pierce The Veil. I groaned and turned over to the bright screen. It was a text. I slid my finger across to the screen to unlock it.

From: Austin
Hey, just so you know my set is at 11:30. So
if you want to we can meet at the stage around 12:15.

From: Delilah
Sounds great. See you then!

The time on my phone said 11:00 am. Knowing I probably won't be able to fall back asleep, I didn't try. I slid out of my bunk to be greeted by Zander.
"Good morning, sleeping beauty" he said and kissed my forehead. "Sleep well?" I just nodded and opened up my suitcase. I pulled out a pair of ripped leggings, my Mitch Lucker tank, and black TOMS. Then went into the bathroom to changed. The only thing I did to my hair was ran a brush through it. [hair] And for my makeup I just put foundation and eyeliner on.
Before I left the bus, I switched my iPhone case for a different one that matched my outfit. [case] And grabbed my bag. Then I put a notebook, pens, and my wallet into it. [bag]
I love Mitch Lucker. He was my inspiration, and he still is. I've met him every time he was at Warped Tour. I've been to at least five Suicide Silence concerts.
"I'm going to go walk around," I said as I walked off the bus.
"I'm coming with you," Zander said and followed me. I put my phone into the waist band of my leggings.
"What do you want to do?" I asked him as we started walking past other tour buses. "Go watch bands or look at merch?"
"Merch," he answered. "I need a new Woe, Is Me shirt."
"Okay," I said.
"Where have you been lately?" he asked me.
"Like I told you guys yesterday," I said. "I've been performing with the guys of Bring Me The Horizon and hanging out with them."
"Well you've been becoming distant from the band," he said. "Are you sure your not cutting or anything like that?"
I looked at him. "I promise, I'm not" I told him. He grabbed my wrists. All there was was pink scar lines. They were all from the past. I snatched my wrists away. "What do you not trust me?"
He sighed. "I trust you," he said. "I just care. I don't want you to go back to what you did in the past."
"I'm not doing that," I said. "But I can't promise you about the future."
We had made it to the Woe, Is Me merch table within 5 minutes. I got a sweatshirt. While Zander got a t-shirt and a wristband.

We ended up going to the Bring Me The Horizon, We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, and I See Stars merch tables.
What I got: BMTH crop top, WCAR sweatshirt, August Burns Red tee, and a I See Stars shirt.
"It's 11:30," I told Zander as I looked down at my phone. "I'm going to go see Of Mice & Men perform."
"Can I come?" he asked.
"I don't care," I told him. He stopped in front of me and leaned forward. I smiled and jumped onto his back.
"Which way is the stage?" He asked me as he started walking.
"That way," I said and pointed to the left of us. "I think they are performing on the main stage."
After about 10 minutes, we finally found where OM&M were performing at. When we got there, they were playing the first song.
Zander carried me up the stairs and backstage. I got down, and leaned against a nearby amp. I watched Austin in amazement. He was jumping around, getting the crowd involved with everything. At one point in their set, he jumped into the crowd and crowd-surfed.

When their set was done, they thanked the fans and ran backstage. Austin smiled when he saw me.
"What did you think?" He asked and took a bug gulp of water.
"That was awesome," I said with a smile. "You really know how to get the crowd going."
He just smiled. Then the rest of his band walked up. "I'd like you to meet the rest of the band," Austin said. "This is Alan, Phil, Aaron, and Tino." As he said their name, he pointed to them.
"Nice to meet you," I said to them. Alan grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it.
"Ya know, Austin has not stopped talking about you since he saw you sing yesterday," he told me, grinning.
"No I haven't!" Austin said.
"Yeah you do, bro" Tino said and chuckled. I chuckled and turned towards Zander.
"This is Zander," I told them. "He plays guitar in the band."
They all came forward and shook hands with them. "Love your music," Zander told them.
"Thanks," Phil said. "We love yours too."
"Want to go by your bus so you can change?" I asked Austin. He nodded and followed me down the stairs.
When we got to the Of Mice & Men our bus, Austin went and changed will I wait.
He came back out, he was dressed in different clothes and carrying a guitar.
"Where do you want to go?" he asked me.
"Can we go to that shady spot near the All Time Low tour bus?" I said. He nodded.
We got there in about 5 minutes. Then we sat down.
"So I came up with some lyrics last night and this morning," Austin told me and pulled out a piece of paper from his jeans pocket. Then he handed it to me. I unfolded it.
"I'll be your Romeo, you play the Juliet. The sun won't set, until you appear. Cause I know you're the one my love, my love," I read to myself. Then looked up at Austin and smiled. "I like it."
"Great," He said grinning. I pulled the notebook and pen from out of my backpack.
"Do you mind?" I asked as I motioned towards the guitar.
"No, go ahead." He said and sat the guitar in my lap.

Me and Austin are more then halfway done with the song. But now I had to go get ready for the Selfless Shipwreck set.
"Same time tomorrow?" I asked him as I packed up my things. He nodded as he picked up his guitar.
"See you tomorrow," he said and hugged me. I smiled and hugged him back. Then I pulled away and started walking to the SS tout bus. The second I walked onto the bus, I was bombarded with questions.
"Did he try anything on you?"
"What's the song about?"
"Did you guys finish it?"
I laughed. "No he didn't try anything on me," I answered. "We haven't finished it yet. And I'm not telling you anything about the song!"
"Why not?" Ryder asked, pouting.
"You'll find out once it's all done," I told her. "Now come on. We've got to get ready."


I've got a question...What do you think of the bands name (Selfless Shipwreck)? If you don't like it what would be a better name?


Update please
It's never too soon for smut! c; loll jk but seriously, ur fine just keep doin what your doin it's good
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Please update again!!
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