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When You Can't Sleep At Night [Austin Carlile]

Their Stories

You want to hear my story....well here it is. You might think I have a perfect life. With being the daughter of Kevin Lyman, the person the made Warped Tour happen. But you thought wrong. I have social anxiety, and depression. I've had it since I was 16. It happened after a big incident in school. the popular girls were calling me emo, slut, whore, and anything name you could think of in the book. They even told me to kill myself. It got so bad that my friends quit talking to me completely. I felt so alone, that I didn't talk to anyone at all not even my family. I would always lock myself in my bedroom. I would cut my wrists, my stomach, and my thighs. There was this one point where I tried to commit suicide.....by jumping off a bridge in my hometown. But thankfully, Zander was driving by and saw me. He knew how I felt. With everyone calling him the emo kid and kill himself. We hit it off and now we are best friends. Since then I've tried to commit suicide twice. Now I know that when I have suicide thoughts, I listen to music or better yet now I play music. It always calms me down. So does playing the guitar.

~Seth Hunter~
My story is kind of like Lilah's. Except my was worse. All the popular girls would have the football players basically beat the shit out of me. There was this one time where the beating got so bad, I was on my death bed. They kept hitting my head against a locker and on the floor. Thank god that someone found me fast enough so I could get to the hospital.

~Ryder Dawson~
You may think that being the celebrity's twin sister would make life a lot easier. But it's not. It makes like harder. Being the twin sister of All Time Low's drummer, Rian Dawson, comes with his ups and down. Ups: we got lots of ATL fan in our fan family, we got good advertisement from everyone in All Time Low (not trying to sound rude but Selfless Shipwreck is my life). Downs: I get hate, people tell me I was adopted for being nothing like Rian.
After All Time Low became famous hate started coming my way. Every fan that hated Rian, hated me too. So the only thing I went to is cutting. I've been clean now for about 6 months. Delilah always checks on me, and makes sure I'm always okay.

~Zander O'Niell~
You might think I'm weird....from having a teal mohawk and all the piercings. I may be different on the outside but the same on the inside. I have a feelings, I go through what everyone goes through. Heartbreaks, deaths in the family, bad grades, fights. People back in high school called me the emo kid. I had black hair, piercings, and tattoos. I didn't have any friends because of how I looked. People were afraid of me and I was alone. At home, my dad always was drunk. My mom dies when I was 15, which made my father drink all his problems away. There would be times I would walk through the front door and my dad would hurl beer bottles, whiskey bottle, or anything alcohol related at me. I have a bunch of scars all of my arms and one of my collarbone from a beer bottle shattering. I was all alone until I found Delilah, who was trying to commit suicide from jumping off a bridge. We've been best friends ever since. I basically lived at her house, since I was afraid to face my dad at home....

~Ryan Lockart~
You may be wondering why I have a gnarly scar going from my upper lip to the bottom of my nose. Well my father was abusive.....to my mother and me. When I was 16, he through a broken piece of glass at me and it tore my lip open, making me have to go to the hospital. I also have a huge scar on my chest from when he tried to stab me with a steak knife. He missed but sliced my chest deep enough to where I need to be rushed to the emergency room. The worst thing about that one, is my mother had to watch the whole thing. I'm happy it happened to me instead of her. If she would've tried to stop him, he could have hurt her like he did me or worse successfully kill her, like he was trying to do me. When I was 18, I got a house far away from my father and basically forced my mom to move in with me. And then my father got locked up.

Zander knew Ryan and Seth. But I knew Ryder from Warped Tour. I've been going to Warped every year since I could remember. We all introduced them (Ryder, Seth, and Ryan) to each other. After hanging out for a couple years, we decided to form a band. I came up with the name Selfless Shipwreck. Don't ask me how. And I know it's a stupid name but all of us liked it. Now that we've all told you our stories, I hope you don't think of us any differently from before.


I kind of had tears in my eyes when I wrote this. :/


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It's never too soon for smut! c; loll jk but seriously, ur fine just keep doin what your doin it's good
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