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Bittersweet Love

Bittersweet Love

Bittersweet Love

Alan was in the Lounge of the Of Mice & Men Bus. He was the only one on the bus at the moment and he was starting to feel a little bored. He took out his pen and began banging on the table and all kinds of objects to see what kind of rhythms he could come up with. He was getting really into it when the door of the bus opened as someone came in and slammed shut again. Austin, Alan’s best friend had came onto the bus in quite a rage.

‘What’s up Ausy?’ Alan asked him curious to know why he was so moody.

Austin looked over at his best friend and stayed silent for a moment. He began making his way over to him and stood in front of him. Austin pushed Alan against the back of the couch and straddled his waist. Alan opened his mouth if so to speak but Austin pressed a finger to his lips beckoning him to shh.

‘Shh Alan don’t say a word’ Austin mumbled as he pressed his lips softly to Alan’s and ran his tongue across his bottom lip.

Alan was startled at first by his best friends actions. This was a new thing for them. He had never been like this with him and he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not, but the sweetness of Austin’s tongue against his lips was driving him crazy and he eventually gave in and kissed him back.

Alan ran his hands through Austin’s long hair and bit his bottom lip gently dragging it out a little smirking as Austin groaned against his touch.

‘Alan.. Please..’ Austin began to whine to him.

Alan could feel Austin growing against him and this only turned him on more than he already was. He had always felt this way about his best friend but never said a word because he wasn’t sure if he felt the same but now he knows he does he was going to take full advantage of the moment.

Austin lifted up Alan’s shirt and began to pull it over his head and throw it to the floor of the bus. He placed his hands on Austin’s chest and trailed his fingers up and down it softly making Austin shiver.

Alan decided to do as Austin had done and removed his shirt. He trailed his fingers down Austin’s hips and smirked. He leaned forward and began to place soft kisses down his neck and tummy. He nipped and sucked at the skin gently causing Austin to moan giving Alan the idea that he liked it a lot.

‘Alannnnn, don’t tease me!’ Austin whined as Alan continued to trail kisses down his neck.

‘Tell me how much you want it then’ Alan smirked down at him curious to know what he wanted even though it was quite obvious.

‘Please. .Alan.. fuck me..’ Austin groaned clearly getting impatient with him.

Alan smirked again and crawled down Austin’s body unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down his legs throwing them to the floor. He stood up and hastily took of his own jeans and placed them on the floor next to Austin’s.

Alan took off both their sets of boxers and smirked down at Austin’s crotch. Alan positioned himself on top of Austin and placed his hands onto Austin’s shoulders.

‘You ready?’ He groaned to Austin and received a quick nod back.

Alan began to thrust hard and fast onto Austin and giggled as Austin moaned louder and louder each time. Austin placed his head in the crook of Alan’s neck and began to bit and suck at the skin gently.

Alan liked this feeling and began to thrust himself harder and harder, giggling and moaning in the process.

Alan’s thrust began to get sloppy and Austin started moaning his name louder and louder. Alan thrust one last time and came hard inside of Austin. Austin quickly followed suit and came hard all over Alan.

‘Wow.. I..’ Austin groaned as he began to come down from his high.

Alan just laughed and smiled at Austin. He was very glad they had done this. He had spent forever dreaming about it and now it had came true.


This is just a one shot so there wont be anymore chapters.


you know, you could do a bunch of different one shots!? <3