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Don't You, Forget About Me.

Lucky Charms and Hairspray.

Alan’s P.O.V

I’m locked in Walmart. Yes that is correct I repeat, I am locked in Walmart with a kid named Austin who likes to mosh and eat lucky charms. Lucky me. He seems cool though so it wont be all bad.

‘I wonder what time it is..’ I say to Austin as he turns off the music.

‘It’s about 10:30 pm on my watch’ he smiles at me. ‘You wanna go to bed or?’

‘That would be good yeah. Then tomorrow we can do some exploring’ I giggle quietly and kick off my jeans climbing into the bed.

Austin takes off his jeans and climbs into the other side of the bed and smiles over at me, getting comfy.

‘Well goodnight Alan’ He whispers quietly as he closes his eyes.

‘Goodnight Austin’ I mumble back and close my own eyes. This bed is surprisingly quiet comfy.

I open my eyes to see the sun streaming through the window at the other side of the room. I move my leg slightly and try to get up but cant. I look over to see Austin cuddled into my side with his legs tangled in mine and his hand draped over my tummy. He looks so peaceful and it would be a shame to wake him but I’m hungry. I move his arm and sit up slightly.

‘Hey Austin.. wakey wakey’ I whispered quietly to him and watched as his body stirred a little. He opened his eyes slightly and rolled over to face me.

‘Alan.. Uh.. morning’ He grumbled quietly. His raspy morning voice was kinda cute.

‘Uh morning.. Sorry I woke you but I’m kinda hungry and well you were cuddled into my side’ I blush and mumble quietly, hiding my face a little.

‘Well okay lets go eat then..’ Austin mumbles sharing the same embarrassment I was feeling. ‘Then we can head to the hair product isle. There's no way I’m going any length of time with hair like this’ He laughs at me before climbing out of bed and fetching his jeans from the day before.

I took a seat at the table and opened the box of Lucky charms I had in my basket and poured some into my mouth and opened the carton of milk pouring some in. A trip to the utensils isle is definetly required at some point today. Austin sat across from me and did the exact same thing I did and laughed slightly causing him to dribble milk down his chin and shirt. I couldnt help but laugh at how cute/silly it looked.

We finished up our breakfast and headed for the hair products isle. Austin picked up some hairspray and a brush, as did I and headed for the isle with the mirrors.

‘Do you think we are going to have to pay for all of this if we ever get out?’ I ask Austin as I comb my hair some more and applying some hairspray.

‘Oh.. I never really thought of that. Most probably’ He replied fixing his own hair. It looked a lot better than it did this morning.

We headed down lots of different isles and collected lots of different items we decided we would need for our little fort kind of area. We set the stuff on the table and sat down on the bed chatting about various different things. Perhaps being stuck in here wont be that bad.


I hope you update soon mate! I really like this! :)
What i would give to be stuck in walmart with a band member :3
lostinthelight lostinthelight
oh goodness please update :)
VengeanceX VengeanceX
please update!!!!
blue-like-april blue-like-april
Can't wait for the next update!
Nora Nora