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The Cashbybook.

Chapter 6

July 15th 1966

It has been a Year since Alan left. I have written him a letter everyday since he left me. 365 letters. And I have yet to hear anything back from him. Today I was painting the finishing touches to the old house. I had started decorating it and refurbishing it a couple of months ago and I was almost finished. It looked beautiful. I just wished Alan was here to see it and perhaps help me to paint it. After all I did decorate the way he had described he would have liked it to look. I had painted the outside a bright white to make it look more presentable and clean for passers by, even though hardly anyone came by here since the house was in an area a little bit away from everything else in town. I sat down on the porch of the house and looked out onto the lake. It really was beautiful this time of the year. I headed inside to make myself a quick snack as all the work I had done today had made me hungry.

I sat back outside with the food I had made and admired the lake again. ‘I wish Alan could be here to see this..’ I mumbled. ‘It is exactly what he wanted..’

Alan’s P.O.V

College was going great. I was passing all of my classes and my parents were proud of me for all I was achieving. I couldn’t think of anything better than this right now and even better I was engaged to a wonderfull man named Justin Trotta. We hadn’t set a date for our wedding yet but a fall wedding sounded perfect to both of us. It has been a year since I left the country and came out here to the city. I never forgot that one summer though. The memories, the people, the places. Austin. I never forgot Austin. He’s been in the back of my mind since then. I wonder what he’s doing or how he is. I hope he’s found someone and is doing okay.

‘Alan are you okay..?’ Justin asked waving a hand infront of my face snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

‘oh um yeah I’m good I’m just thinking about my next class..’ I mumbled and nodded, smiling up at him brightly.

Justin’s parents where as rich as mine. He had a lot of money and a very good job. He worked for his dad who owned a very large investment company. Justin had to go back to the country this weekend to seal a big money deal with a big investment firm and had asked me to go with him. Of course I had agreed as I thought a weekend away from my studies would do me the world of good and secretly I had hoped I would run into Austin and we could catch up. I began packing my things into my suitcase making sure not to forget important items like boxers and my toothbrush. Once I was ready I put my things into the car and waited for Justin to come out to the car. I was starting to feel nervous and I had no idea why. I fastened my seatbelt and bit my lip. Austin. That’s why I was nervous. The thought of seeing his face again after so long was making me nervous. What if he didn’t want to see me? What if he hates me for leaving him that summer? I hoped he didn’t..


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