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The Cashbybook.

Chapter 5

Present Day.

‘Oh I’m so glad to see Alan starting to like Austin!’ Alan smiled up at me as I flicked the page. I sat the book down for a moment and looked over at him. For the first time in years he looked content, happy.

‘It is nice isn’t it, but I have a feeling it wont last long.. You can see how stubborn Alan is.’ I sighed quietly and picked the book back up.

‘Mr Ashby and Mr Carlile, it’s time for your medication’ The nurse interrupted just as I was about to start reading again. We made our way to the medication room and took our pills for the day.

Alan and I returned to his room and made our self comfortable on the chairs before I picked up the book and began reading again.

‘July 13th 1965, Austin and Alan had decided to take a nice walk by the lake. Austin had something he wanted show Alan..’ I began as my imagination took me back to that wonderful time.

July 13th 1965

Today I had decided to take Alan to one of my favourite places in the whole of town. We were walking carefully along the river, watching the sun rise. We had snuck out early this morning to give us a much longer day to do everything I had planned to get done.

‘Be careful not to fall in the water’ I laughed as I pushed Alan slightly causing him to lose his balance and almost fall in.

‘Austin that’s not funny’ He whined as he grabbed my hand to stop him from falling. I laced our fingers together and kept walking to our destination. Straight up ahead in an abandoned field was an old house which was crying out for some desperate repairs. It just so happened to be my favourite place and one day I was going to buy it and transform it into a wonderful house.

‘is this the place?’ Alan asked looking at the house and then at me.

‘Yes, this is it’ I smiled and pulled him along to the front door opening it carefully. It made a creaking noise because it was old.

Alan looked around and smiled. He wandered off somewhere as I looked for the little light I had previously left in here.

‘Alan?’ I called out to him. No answer. The sound of beautiful music filled my ears. Alan had found the old piano. I had no idea he even played or that he played so gracefully and beautifully.

I wandered into the room he was in and stood behind him watching his fingers glide across the keys with such ease. He stopped playing when he noticed me and looked up at me.

‘Oh, sorry..’ He mumbled quietly. ‘I took lessons when I was younger. I’ve always really had a thing for how beautiful the piano can be played.’ He smiled at me.

‘I’ve never heard it played so beautifully before.. You’re very talented’ I mumbled quietly to him. Alan grabbed me and pulled me down onto his lap attatching his lips to mine softly and wrapping his arms around my neck. I smiled against his lips and felt my heart melt as he giggled softly.

I took his hand and led him into what was supposed to be the living room and sat him down on a blanket on top of the floor. We lay there and talked for what seemed to be forever, stealing occasional kisses. I placed my hands on either side of him using my elbows to prop me up and pressed my lips softly to his. Alan kissed back with such passion and ease making soft noises. I lifted his shirt over his head and trailed my fingers down his tummy. It didn’t take long before we were both naked. I wanted this to be special for him, special for me. But the moment was rudely interrupted by a friend of mine. I quickly flung the blankets over us as the door to the house swung open.

‘Austin you are in big trouble! Alan’s dad is looking for him and has called the police and everything!’ Jack yelled over to us. Shit. I panicked and got up tossing Alan his clothes and dressing myself quickly. I grabbed Alan’s hand and ran out of the house heading straight for the path by the river which was the quickest way to Alan’s. We got their in no time to find Alan’s dad sat on the porch in his dressing gown a sour look on his features.

‘And just where do you think you have been Mr?’ He asked sternly glaring at Alan and completely ignorning my presence.

‘I was with Austin dad..’ Alan replied quietly as if scared of his fathers tone and expression.

‘I was worried about you! I sent for the police and everything Alan! I thought you had gone missing and I found out you were with that Austin boy! I knew he was trouble’ He spat harshly drawing his eyes of Alan and glaring at me disgustedly.

‘Dad.. He’s not trouble once you get to know him. I really care about him.’ Alan mumbled quietly and gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

‘Alan I do not care what so ever. I forbid you to see that boy. And I’m sending you home to California right away. Don’t forget you have college and your future ahead of you.’ Alan’s dad complained and rubbed his temples.

‘Dad.. I want to stay here. I don’t want to go, not yet.’ Alan sighed and looked down.

I turned to face Alan a hurt expression dawning my face. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving for college..?’ I mumbled and bit my lip.

‘Austin I was going to.. but I just wanted to spend the summer not having to worry about my life, my future, I just wanted to spend the summer happy with you. I wanted to forget everything and just be happy with us.’ Alan replied offering me a small smile.

‘Austin I’d like for you to leave please.’ Mr Ashby spat grinding his teeth together.

I looked at Alan. I can’t believe he kept that from me. I was hurt. No. Hurt wasn’t the word. I was devastated. I wish he had just told me sooner.

‘I’ll be seeing you around Alan’ I muttered and turned, beginning to walk back the way we had just came.

‘AUSTIN WAIT!’ Alan yelled running after me. I turned to face him and frowned, tears rolling down my cheeks.

‘No Alan.. goodbye..’ I muttered and kept walking home. I couldn’t stand to be around their just now. I needed some alone time. Time to think. I headed back to the house and sat on the blanket, curling up into a ball and sobbing like there was gonna be no tomorrow.


This was posted forever ago but it's so good please update!!!

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