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The Cashbybook.

Chapter 4

We had been walking and chatting for ages when eventually we arrived at the little café I was taking him too.

‘We’re here Alan!’ I grinned and pointed to the place stood before us. Alan smiled slightly and began wandering to the door. I ran in front of him and held open the door.

‘After you my Ginger Princess’ I laughed as he wandered through the door. Alan smiled weakly and walked to the nearest window table and sat down.

I sat across from him and picked up a menu and began to look at all the choice. Since I eat here a lot and know how good the food is I opted on getting some pizza with my favorite toppings. I looked over to Alan who was still scanning the menu.

‘Too much choice huh?’ I laughed quietly and put my menu down.

‘Well yeah.. I can’t decide weather I want pizza or sushi..’ He smiled at me and sat down the menu. ‘I think I’ll go with the pizza.. pepperoni is my favorite’ he laughed.

‘Oh mine too..’ I smiled and sipped at my lemonade I had ordered earlier.

It began to get silent. It was a little awkward but if anything I was just glad he was here with me to enjoy this lovely pizza.

‘Hold my hand come on Alan!’ I laughed and held my hand out to him. We had decided to have a drink and well got a little bit drunk.

‘Nooo..’ He laughed and hit my hand away. He looked at me with alcohol filled eyes and grabbed my hand. ‘Fine. But just once’ he giggled.

I took hold of Alan's hand tight and started running to my favorite place. The train tracks. We ran and ran and eventually arrived. I kept hold of Alan’s hand and laid down on the tracks, pulling him down with me.

Alan looked over at me and laughed. ‘Austin are you crazy?’ He asked quietly.

‘Yes and you must be too if you’re here with me..’ I laughed at him. ‘Now the trick is to stay here until the train comes and then we have to run okay.’ I explained to him. We stayed their for ages and talked about everything. The train eventually came down the tracks and I grabbed Alan pulling him up with me and off of the track and practically diving onto the grass next to the track in a fit of laughter.

‘Austin.. As much as it pains me to say it I had a nice time with you today..’ Alan mumbled quietly as I walked him to the door of his house.

‘Me too.. Alan..’ I smiled brightly at him. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek. ‘I’ll see you again at some point..’ I whispered quietly and walked off heading for my house.


This was posted forever ago but it's so good please update!!!

Update please u.u

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loved this!
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