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The Cashbybook.

Chapter 1

'Mr Ashby? Goodmorning. Mr Carlile is here to read to you' The familiar sound of my nurse called to me. I was looking out of the window at the soft green grass and the pale sun that shone high.

'He can come in..' I bumbled quietly under my breathe as I turned to face them both. The nurse excited the room and left Mr Carlile standing in the doorway. He stepped inside and made himself comfortable.

'Come here Alan.' He called softly to me as he patted the chair beside him. I made my way over and carefully sat down.

Austin Carlile. Mr Carlile. My reader. He was tall with long hair that had gone slightly grey with age. He was covered in tons of what looked to be meaningful tattoos and as usual wore a set of sweatpants and a vest that hung slightly low. For being older he didn't look half bad.

'Now where to begin? a yes lets start from the beginning' He hummed quietly, breaking me away from my thoughts.

July 10th 1965

*The story will pretty much be told in Austin's P.O.V unless I state otherwise*

The venue was packed. The bar was full, the lights were bright and the music was blasting. This was my kind of Saturday night. I had ventured a little across town to see a friend of mines band Asking Alexandria play. I was good friends with their front man Danny and I promised him i'd come see his show.

'Hey Austin man what are you doing sat here all by yourself?' My bestfreind Justin grinned at me from the chair next to me but it was as if he was ages away.

'waiting for the show to start!' I laughed and took a sip from my beer. Just then the door opened and inside walked a familiar group of teenagers but something was different about them today. Standing next to my friend Alex was a small kid with bright ginger hair and a lot of tattoos. He had an Asking Alexandria vest and some skinny jeans on.

'Justin who's that?!' I asked elbowing him to quickly catch his attention.

'the ginger? oh that's Alan Ashby. His dad is like a major record producer so he's here for the summer on vacation with him. why do you ask?' Justin cooed, a small smirk forming on his lips. He knew that I was gay and often liked to tease me for it. I had to come up with an excuse.

'I've never seen him around here before that's all! I mean you know me, and I know everyone here' I smiled, sighing with relief as the look of panic drained from my face.

'Well then, if you know everyone, why not go introduce yourself?' Justin grinned. I could kill him right now.

'Fine then I will'' I protested as I got up from the bar and made my way over to were Alex Gaskarth and friends were standing. As soon as I wandered over I found myself being pulled into a hug by Alex's long-term boyfriend Jack.

'Hey Austin, this is Alan!' Jack smiled and shoved me into Alan's direction almost knocking us both over. I looked up at the ginger haired boy and grinned, extending my hand to him.

'Nice to meet you Alan! i'm Austin.' I smiled as he shook my hand carefully and nodded.

'I've heard a lot about you. Town troublemaker eh?' He smirked at me before swiping back his hand and shoving it just into the pocket of his jeans.

'That may or may not be true.' I winked at him, causing him show a face of utter disgust.

'Well I should do my best to stay away from you. Trouble isn't my sorta thing and my dad would kill me for associating with trouble like you.' he smiled before turning around on his heels.

'perhaps I will see you around Austin.' he mumbled as he disappeared into the busy crowd.

I was left standing glued to the spot in complete shock. No one had ever spoken to me in such a manner before. And as ashamed as I was to think it, it kind of turned me and only intrigued me more.

I wandered back over the bar and picked up my beer downing half the bottle. Justin raised an eyebrow and had an interested expression on him.

'Well?! how'd it go?' He practically screamed in my ear causing me to move back a little.

'He said I was trouble, he wanted nothing to do with me and wandered off' I nodded in acceptance of what I had just said. That was it I wasn't going to give up. My first mission was to make him want to be friends with me.

Couple of hours later and the AA set was in full swing. The entire crowd was moshing and screaming and having a good time. i'd had far too much to drink and was wandering around the crowd looking for someone to dance with. That's when I saw Alan again and wandered up to him. He looked at me and instantly could tell I was drunk.

'D-danceee with me A-alannn!' I slurred over the music and started moving my hips to the music.


This a new fanfiction I am writing. It's about Cashby and It's based around the notebook :)


This was posted forever ago but it's so good please update!!!

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