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The Depths


The next month with Austin felt like it flew by. Warped tour was ending and I was unsure of what would happen to Austin and I. Every night I went to sleep in his arms, wokeup to his kisses. I was falling for Austin every single day. I wished it could stay this way forever, but of course my daughter was with us. She liked him a lot too.
"What are you thinking about?" Austin's voice breaks through my thoughts. I jump as if he was reading my mind, and I just stare at his beautiful face and features. We sat in the backlounge of his bus, with a movie playing. He lightly moves some hair from my face and kisses my forehead. "Are you going to tell me?" He lightly brushes his fingers to my chin and gently lifts my head to look at him. I felt tears sting my eyes, and I quickly looked away. He takes his arm already around my body, and moves me close to him. "Sweetheart."
"I. I just don't want this to end." I finally confess, but I don't look him in the eyes, because I knew I'd cry more. "It's been a great two months with you and I just don't know what's going to happen after this tour is over."
"Well, I told you I was serious about us." He says softly. "I want us to stay together."
"Me too." I nod, looking up at him now. "It's just, we live so far apart, I couldn't imagine spending nights alone in my bed." I laugh a little despite the tears rolling down my cheek. He smiles, and kisses my forehead.
"We will figure this out." He cups my face in his hands. "Don't you worry your pretty little head."
"You just really mean a lot to me." I say, when he pulls me into a hug.
"You mean a lot to me to Melody." he says, and slowly pulls away, but doesn't leave without a kiss. "Let us enjoy the next two full days together." I nod and let him wrap his arms around me again.
"How about if Emilie and I came to California for a few weeks." I suggest.
"Really!?" He asks excited. "You would want to do that?"
"Yeah. That would be cool, we could get a hotel room and--
"Hell no, you'd be staying with me." He laughs, "What about Emilie's school?"
"I didn't even think of that." I sigh.
"Well what if you enrolled her in California. You could always switch her back."
"I just wouldn't want her to be behind."
"Then come live with me." He says. Surprising me. Did he just invite my daughter and I to come live with him?"We can just try it for... a year." He says. "If you don't like it we could try the East coast."
"I don't know if completely moving in with you two months into our relationship is a good idea..."
"Then I'll come to the East coast in a week. I'll go home, relax visit my family and friends, and then come to the East coast, maybe I'll end up liking it there instead."
"You would do that?" I ask.
"For you. For Emilie. Yes." He says. "I'll try it for a month." He says. "And then you can come to the West coast with Emilie when she's on winter break. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe she'll like it."
"Okay." I say smiling, "Sounds like a plan." Again Austin was thinking long term and I loved that.
"Okay?" He smiles really big. I nod. and he kisses my lips. I was more than excited for Austin to see how the East coast was, and I didn't have to be without him for to long. I was hoping for the best, that everything will turn out how I always hoped it would. Austin's kisses felt like they meant so much more after we talked, and I was loving every kiss I got.
The shows the next day were incredible, but sad. It was the last full night of warped tour. Tomorrow after the show wrapped up everyone was off to their own lives, that Warped Tour was only a chapter of. I seen a lot of shows that day with Austin, he didn't have so much press because the tour was just about over. Fans recognized us and said some nice things that made us both smile.
When night fell the party was bigger than usual with an electric feel just like night number one. This time, it was a little more exhausted. Everyone was exhausted but we all wanted to go out wit a bang. Including me.
I was falling for Melody like a waterfall. I crashed down with every word she said, everytime she laughed, everytime she kissed my lips. I knew that I had to do what I could to stay with her. She was becoming a big part of my life, and I was never good with relationships. This one I wanted to work so bad, that I was willing to try new things out.
I waited for her in the front of her bus, she was getting ready for the big blowout party. She hadn't been to long, but I was already craving her kisses, and craving her touch.
"Mel, can you hurry please?" I ask. "I want to go get this party started." I laugh.
"Give me a second babe." She says behind the curtain. "Okay." she says right after.
She slides the curtain to the side, and reveals the outfit she's wearing, and she is to die for. I am speechless. She looked stunning, beautiful. She had her hair curled out around her gorgeous face, down to her chest. Her lightly tanned skin showed off. Her perfect legs. I was already dying to rip the dress off.
"Do I look okay?" She asks turning around to fix herself in the mirror, though nothing was wrong.
"Not a hair out of place." I say softly, behind her. I look at the two of us in the mirror, she smiles, and tilts her head to the side so I can kiss her neck. She bites her lip and closes her eyes. "You're so beautiful." I breath. "So incredibly beautiful." She blushed like she always did, and hid her face in her hands. I grabbed them away, and turned her around.
"I'll never get used to a handsome man like you, complimenting a girl like me." She says. "Never."
I was second guessing if I wanted to go to the big party of if I wanted to stay here and just spend the night with Austin, but I quickly grab his hand and we head to the party, before I change my mind.
After a few drinks, Austin and I can't keep our hands off of each other. We talked to friends, and drank some more, but we know it's heading out. I pull him to me, and wrap my hands around his neck.
"Let's get out of here." He whispers in my ear, and holds onto my waist. I nod and take his hand as he pulls me along with him. The alcohol was really starting to kick in, I felt like I could feel the Earth spinning, and I had to hold onto Austin to keep my balance. He and I made our way through the sea of busses and people, stopping to kiss against a bus we didn't know every so often until we got back to his.
I smile, knowing we probably won't sleep, and Austin pulls me in for another kiss. He bites my lip and I feel my whole body quiver. He lifts me into his arms, and lets me wrap my legs around his waist. He opens the door and carries me up the stairs. We head past the bunks to the backlounge, and he pushes himself ontop of me.
"I'm going to miss this." I breath as he kisses my neck, and down my chest. "At least for that week you're gone." he looks up at me, and smiles.
"It will go by." He smiles. "Besides you'll have Emilie until I fly over."
"It's just so weird." I say, "Two months and I'm already crazy about you."
"And I'm insane about you." He says laying kisses all over my face.
"Let's watch a movie." I suggest. "something scary."
"Okay," He smiles and kisses me quickly one last time before hoping up and grabbing a DVD and putting it in. I sit up until he joins me, and he folds me back into him. The rest of the night we watched a movie until I fell asleep in his arms.
Spending the night with Austin for the last night was bittersweet. I didn't mind spending it inside with him, instead of partying and beside that I was tired. Exhausted. Warped tour was incredible fun but it was time for me to go home with my daughter. I couldn't wait for Austin to come spend some time on the East coast so i could give him a taste of how it could be.
Our last shows of warped tour were exciting. They were also bittersweet because this tour was the first big tour for our band and we knew that after this many more oppourtunities would be opening up.
That night at the airport I hugged Austin so tightly, trying to avoid crying, but I knew the tears would come. He wouldn't let me go until I absolutely had to get on the plane.
"I love you Melody." He said for the first time. "I love you and I want you to call me as soon as you land."
"I-I love you too." I smile. "I will." i quickly run after my band boarding the flight and blow him a kiss goodbye, but only for now.


sorry I haven't updated! i've been really busy with work lately. anyway here's a quick chapter 7, I will try to get 8 posted as soon as possible.
(yes it's started.)
thank you for reading, subscribing, commenting, rating etc. it means a lot. <3


I swear, this story will be the death of me. (in a good way)
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Oh. My. God. That was the absolute cutest thing I've ever read! Keep it up I can't wait till the next chapter!
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Yay! Thanks :D
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