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The Depths


The next morning we both wake up early. We order some breakfast as we both get ready. I can tell Austin is nervous, but he keeps a smile spread across his lips. We dance and sing through our morning and get in a car to drive to my house in New Jersey. Austin's leg moves quickly up and down, and he holds my hand so tightly I think it might fall off. I smile at him, trying to assure him everything would be alright.

I was excited, I missed my family, and my daughter, I knew I'd probably cry when I got to see her again. It was nice to have some time away from my band, I knew they'd be stopping by later, and I even invited the guys from Austin's band. I knew my family would be having a huge cookout and sure enough they were when we pulled into the driveway.

"Ready?" I ask. He nods quickly, and we slide out of the car. We walk up the front walk way, I hear my family members in the backyard but we walk through the front doors. I hear my mother in the kitchen talking loudly, and I hear my grandmother reply just as loud. I feel a bit embarrassed but I don't hesitate to rush to the Kitchen. My mom and grandma yell excitedly, and run to hug me. My mom is crying, I knew she would. I feel my eyes tearing up too.
They finally let go and look at Austin.

"Great job!" my mother yells, and grabs Austin into a hug. At first he looks surprised but happily hugs back, her and my grandmother, who are already asking him if he's hungry. Typical Italian mothers. I laugh to myself, I look around for Emilie, and I spot her outside on her swing set, my dad is pushing her so she's swinging high.

My mother and grandmother are loading Austin with questions about his life, and I slip away and head out back. I rush over to Emilie who stops the swing and runs over to me, yelling "Mommy!" loudly. I bring my little daughter into the biggest hug. Now I'm really crying.

"How are you sweetie?" I ask.
"I'm good, I miss you mommy, I made you a picture for the show tomorrow." I smile, and she's already running into the house, just as Austin and my mother are walking out.
"Hey dad!" I say grabbing him into a hug.
"Hows touring going?"
"Great! you're going to have to come next time." I laugh, "I need you to meet someone." I bring him over to Austin, who's looking more comfortable with my mom, he looks a little nervous when my dad is standing in front of him.
"This is Austin." I say, they shake hands real manly and start talking just as Emilie, calls me to her again. I rush to her, and she brings me to her room in my parents house. She shows me pictures she's drawn of me on a stage and I kiss her forehead. She shows me the sign she made for our band too. I kiss her over and over again, and bring her into my arms.
"I miss you mommy, when are you coming home."
"In a few more weeks." I smile, and I move the hair out of her eyes. "But it will go by really fast! I promise."
"Okay mom." She says, "Who is that man with you? Is he my new daddy?" she asks.
"No sweetie, he's my boyfriend. I want you to come meet him." I smile.
"Is he nice to you? My boyfriend is nice to me."
"You have a boyfriend??" I ask, trying to hide my laugh.
"Yes, his name is Michael he's so nice to me. He let me ride his new bike and that was nice of him right?"
"Right." I laugh and stand up, "C'mon." I say taking her small hand into mine and walking her down the stairs. I see Austin laughing with my family, as if he knew them for years. I get on one knee so I'm about Emilie's height.
"So his name is Austin."
"Austin? Like Texas!!" She said, I remember when she learned about states just last December, and their capitals. I nod and smile.
"Yes, just like Texas." I giggle, now do you want to meet him. She smiles, and runs towards him, without warning. I follow behind and she reaches her little hand out to him. I hear her talking to him.
"I'm Emilie. Are you the man that's friends with my mom?"
"Why yes I am." He smiles, and gets all the way down so they're at the same level. "I'm--"
"I know you're Austin, like Texas! My mom already told me." She cuts him off, and he laughs. "You're really tall." She comments, can i get on your shoulders so I can be really tall?" She asks.
"Em." I say, "You don't need to do that Austin." I try not to laugh.
"How about later?" he says.
"Pinky promise." He sticks out his pinky finger and lets her wrap her tiny one around his. "Okay, later Austin. Now would you want to play something else?"
"Em..." I know Austin is probably overwhelmed...
"Why of course I would love to play something with you." He says. "Anything you want."
"Melody!" My mother's calling me from the kitchen again. "More of your friends are here!" I know Emilie and Austin will be occupied for a little while, so I quickly rush to the Kitchen, and through the house. Austin's band and my band are already here, so I let them in.

After introducing everyone to my family and a few friends from home, I just wanted to sit down and eat some food. Dinner was cookout food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, chicken, and a variety of other foods. Everyone was talking to everyone and it was great to see. It was like they all knew each other ahead of time.

I watch as Austin and Emilie play together a whole bunch of games. He's lifting her up high and spinning her around and they're running around together. She even holds his hand in line for food. I feel my heart skip a beat watching them all day.

Even Alan, Tino, Phil and Aaron end up playing games with her. The guys in my band join in too. She's having a blast. I know by 9 she's tired, but doesn't want to go to bed.

"Come on Em, you have a long day tomorrow. You have to go to sleep now okay?"
"But mom, I want to play with Austin some more." she whines.
"Emilie I think you should listen to mom this time." He says. She looks at him and sighs loudly.
"Austin can you read me a story to sleep tonight? Pop Pop always reads me a story before bed, but tonight I want you to read me a story!"
"It's up to your mom." She looks at me with her big brown eyes, I can't say no to those.
"Alright." I sigh, "If Austin wants to read you a story, he can, but make sure you are in bed okay?" I say.
"YES!!!!!" She shrieks loudly and hugs me. I kiss her before she drags Austin into the house with her.

"She really likes him." I hear my mom behind me. "I know you do too." She hands me a cold drink. "We all do too, we like all of them." I listen as she talks, and I look around. They're all engaged in conversations with family members of mine, and drinking beers or making s'mores I can't help but grin. Everyone is so happy, and that makes me happy.

"I know mom." I turn and hug her, before heading into the house to see how Austin and Emilie are doing.

I quietly make my way up to her bedroom. I hear Austin's voice softly telling a story. "And Princess Emilie was the prettiest in all the land." I giggle quietly. knowing that he's making it up, but when I peak in, I know she's loving it. I hear Emilie yawn, I know it's only minutes before she falls asleep.
"Austin, do you like my mommy?" She asks quietly, when he goes to turn the page.
"I do." He says, "Is that okay with you?"
"Yes. I like you Austin, you'd be a fun daddy." I feel my heart sink a little. Emilie's father, wasn't in her life at all.. He was to busy doing nothing with his life.
"Well thank you Emilie, maybe one day we can all be a family together." He says softly.
"Really? I think it would be so fun." She says and she laughs, "Finish the story please." She asks, and he continues, but only a few minutes later, he stops, I know she's already asleep. Austin turns out her light, and all that glows is her pony night light. He tip toes out and jumps when he sees me.
"You scared me." He laughs quietly, and kisses me. "Your family is great." He says.
"Thank you. "
"How do you feel about flying out to meet my family and friends at the end of the month? Our two month." He says.
"Yeah... I could bring Emilie." I say. "Sounds good." I like how he's planning ahead, like he knows we'll still be together. I really, really liked Austin, and I hoped he was right.


Melody's cookout look: Here.

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I swear, this story will be the death of me. (in a good way)
shayko_baby shayko_baby
Oh. My. God. That was the absolute cutest thing I've ever read! Keep it up I can't wait till the next chapter!
AustinOrDie AustinOrDie
Yay! Thanks :D
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