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The Depths


After I stopped crying, Austin and I talked some more about high school. We talked about how he was bullied and how he sees that it got him to this point. We talked about how I used to be, and how terrible I felt about myself. He listened, he understood, and he cared. It was a great feeling, and the kisses were fun too.

Before long it was 5 a.m. and were just starting to fall asleep, and it was nice to sleep next to someone. We only got about 5 hours asleep when we had to get up and "go to work" we kissed goodbye and went our separate ways.

"Where were you last night?" Alex asks with a look of disapproval.
"I slept at Austin's." I shrug, smiling at the way Austin made me feel. "And NO, nothing like you think." I quickly save myself some time.
"You mean from Of Mice & Men?" Chris asked from behind his laptop screen. I nod.
"Well, you know they're pretty huge, maybe he could come perform a song with us! How cool would that be?"
"I'll talk to him about it." I smile, and shrug. That would be fun.
I quickly clean up and change into a different outfit. The day goes by with interviews and a signing, and of course our show. I didn't talk to Austin all day, but I knew he was probably really busy. I seen more bands, and meet some cool band members.

The next week was spent getting to know Austin more... well between shows, interviews, and signings. We spent a good amount of time together, especially at night. We were already making our way across the county, and in another week, I knew I'd get to see my family and friends in New Jersey.

Today, I didn't have time to see Austin's set and that made me a little upset. I check my cell phone to see if I had any texts but I didn't. I sigh and head back to the bus. I fix my hair and lay down in my bunk and end up napping until someone comes and wakes me up. Austin, lightly moves the hair out of my face, but I liked waking up to his smile.

"Hey sleepy head." He smiles, "Sorry I didn't get to talk all day, I had a lot of interviews today."
"It's okay." I say sliding out of my bunk and jumping into his arms.
"So how was your show?" He asks, carrying me to the front of the bus.
"It went well, more people." I laugh as he and i collapse onto the couch in the front lounge. "And yours?"
"It went good." He nods. "I seen you weren't there." He sticks his bottom lip out, really dramatic. I smile, and kiss his lips.
"I had a signing at the same time." I also make a big frown. He lightly squeezes my cheek. "But I wanted to be there."
"I came here to ask you something." He says, and I move to sit next to him. "Have you heard of the Warped Tour prom?" I nod.
"Yeah..." I trail off and wait for him to finish.
"Well, I would love to go with a pretty lady like you as my date."
"Nope." I say with a serious face, and his face looks sad again. I let my smile peak out finally, and he looks at me a little confused. "I'm kidding, I would love too."
"Good!" He says, "I have a few more interviews to do, but I will come find you later. There's a huge cookout again tonight."
"Well I don't want to see you anyway." I fold my arms, and stick my tongue out.
"You know what missy." He lets out a chuckle. "I'll see you later babe." I stop and stare after him. He just called me babe... I thought that was the weirdest thing. I wondered if we'd go from dating to a relationship, or maybe we should just wait. I hoped this wasn't a thing to get into my pants, I hoped he wasn't just using me, I hoped he really liked me. I had to calm my thoughts, my head was racing like crazy.
I spent the night around Austin who introduced me to his band mates more in-depth. He and I spent the night drinking and dancing. I drank a little to much, I knew I did, when I couldn't walk without his help...


Melody drank a lot. I had to keep her standing straight by tightly, wrapping my arm around her waist. She wasn't making a lot of sense, but I knew I had to get her back to her bus soon.
"Austin.. do you like me?"
"Yeah, I do." I smile to myself.
"But do you like me, like me?" she slurs.
"Yeah, I do." I confess.
"Me too." She smiles, as we climb the stairs to her bus. She falls onto the couch bringing me down with her. She kisses me, and pins me down.
"Melody, you're too drunk." I say, stopping her. "I don't want this to happen, like.. this."
"Oh come on!" she practically yells, and pulls her shirt over her head, revealing a lacy black bra. I quickly sit up, and she looks at me like she was sad. "What's wrong with me?" She asks. "Why don't you want me?"
"Oh, I want you Melody, I just want you to be sober." I explain. "Especially if this isn't what you really want." I lightly touch the side of her face, and she leans her head into me. I feel butterflies, something I hadn't felt in a long, long time. I help her put her shirt back on and help her into bed.
"Austin I have something I need to tell you." She says,
"What's that?" she doesn't say anything, she's already falling asleep, so I tuck her in. I kiss her forehead and quietly shut the curtain to her bunk.
Melody made me incredibly happy, in the two weeks that I've known her, she's made everything really great. I loved talking to her, and just messing around with her. It was nice to have someone to kiss and cuddle with. She wasn't like all of the girls that knew my name, and wanted something from me. She wasn't like someone who would hurt me... at least I had hoped not...


I woke up with a pounding headache and no clue what happened last night, only little flashes of memory... like taking off my shirt, and pouncing on Austin. I want to hide in my blankets. I knew we were in a whole new state, and I hoped Austin still wanted to talk to me. I was nervous. I hope I didn't embarrass him or say anything... I feel like I'm going to vomit.
"Someone partied to hard last night." Tom's voice comes from behind me as I head to the bathroom.
"You have no clue." I say, smiling weakly.
"I seen Austin leave last night." He says, as I begin brushing my teeth. "Melody I don't want you to get caught up in something that's not going to last... I know how you are..."
"What is that supposed to mean?" I ask looking at him in the mirror.
"Come on Melody, he's a big rock star and it's warped tour, are you sure he's not in need of a fuck buddy?"
"Seriously?" I ask angrily. "I'm not in the mood for this." I mumble.
"Well, just think about it okay, before you think it's going somewhere else, when it's not." I don't say anything else, I just turn on our shower and shut the door on him. I didn't think Austin was like that... I could only hope I was right.
After our set and our signing I headed off the warped tour base to the town we were in to shop for an outfit for the "Prom" tonight. I laugh to myself, and I was alone because I needed to have some time alone.
I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket, and I quickly look at it. I smile at the name that popped up on my phone.
Austin: I can't wait to see you tonight. :)
Me: Me either! :) I type back with a sigh of relief knowing I couldn't have messed up too bad last night. I finish up my shopping with a new pair of shoes and a new dress.
I head back to the venue and get dressed and ready for the Warped Tour prom, how exciting. I went to prom in high school and had a really great time, I knew tonight would be no different.
After getting ready the other guys of my band were ready in nice shirts and Carly was also dressed up like I was. We took some pictures together as a band, and then just with each other for fun. When Austin is knocking at the door. I rush to answer it, excited to see him.
"Hey." His face lights up and he looks me up and down. "You look beautiful, Melody." He says bringing me in for what I think is a hug, but he kisses me softly on the lips. I stop for a minute, because I feel like I can't breathe. He bites his lip, and nods for us to get to the Prom. I don't say anything else I just follow, and I hold his hand. We make our way in and take pictures together, and meet up with our friends.

We dance together all night and drink, but not as much as last night. We eat some good food and vote for king and queen. We keep dancing and being close all night, and I'm loving every minute of it. I started falling for Austin, the past two weeks have been amazing with him, he knows how to make me laugh and smile, and he did it with no effort at all.

"Let's get away from here, I have to talk to you." He says in my ear over the loud music.
"Okay," I nod nervously, because I had no clue what to expect. We make our way though the crowd of people dancing and talking and take a nice breath into the cool night breeze. He holds my hand as we walk towards the buses. We can still hear the music but we can also hear ourselves.
"So, what is it?" I ask, "What did you want to talk about?" I'm still nervous.
"Well, a lot." I look down at our hands together. He hasn't let go. "First of all, I really like you Melody."
"I really like you too." I say looking into his brown eyes.
"Well good, I was... I was wondering..." He scratches the back of his head nervously. He bites his lip, and I hope he's going to ask what I want him to ask...
"Will you be my girlfriend... officially? I really like you Melody and I want to take things slow because I'm scared out of my mind, terrified... and I haven't felt this way about any girl in a really long time. I'm just nervous, and I---" I quickly lean up, and pull his head into me quickly, kissing his lips.
"I would love to be your girlfriend." I say, still standing on my tippy toes in my heels. He smiles, and I can tell he's relieved and I am too, and I'm happy. I wrap my arms around his neck, and kiss his cheek. "Anything else?" I ask.
"Nope, that was just enough." He smiles, "It was a lot though." I laugh, and pull him in for a kiss. My first boyfriend in a really long time, and someone as perfect as Austin.
Him and I make our way inside of his bus and head to the back lounge. We sat for a few minutes kissing, but I wanted to figure out what happened last night.
"So, I hope I didn't embarrass you at all last night, or do anything stupid."
"Everyone gets THAT drunk, I mean you pounced on me but that was okay." He laughs, "And I stopped you."
"Well thank you for stopping me." I say, feeling my face flush red.
"I would never take advantage of you." He says quietly, "Never." I smile and kiss his lips. We kiss for a while more, and I climb on top of him slowly.
"Don't worry Austin, I'm not drunk at all." I whisper before kissing his tattooed neck. "And I know this is exactly what I want." I say before letting my lips travel back to his lips.
"Austin, I have something I need to tell you..." I stop letting him kiss me, and he moves his face so it's just in front of me.
"Anything." He says.
"Austin, I... I kind of. I have a kid. And I know that makes things complicated, and you probably don't want to get into it because I can't just go out every night and I can't just do all of this stuff... but I have to tell you because we're official now... and I don't want you to get into it and realize that I have a kid, and then just leave because that's to much for you... I really like you.." He stops me with a kiss on the lips.
"Melody, I'm glad you told me. For a minute I thought you had another boyfriend when I heard you on the phone saying, I love you, to someone and telling them you missed them." he giggles. "But I figured you would tell me what was really up, "I'm cool with it, and I would love to meet...."
"Her, one day soon." He smiles, and I do too. I had to hide that from so many people, but now I was okay with it.
I told Austin all about Emilie and how she came about. I told him about how much of a mistake I thought I'd made at the age of 18, and now she was a blessing. She was only 5 years old, but she was a smart and talented little girl. I showed him pictures and videos, and told him how much I missed her, but I was out on the road for her.
"She's beautiful." He says. "I can't wait to meet her." I couldn't wait either, and I kiss Austin one more time before cuddling into his chest. His heartbeat was one of the best sounds. I shut my eyes, and let the sound of his heartbeat put me to sleep.
A few weeks after Austin and I became officially a couple word spread like wildfire to band members and fans. Everyone knew about us. I was not expecting it to get so crazy, but it did.
Austin agreed to perform with us one day, and that was the most fun I've had in a while. We had so much fun on stage together and the crowd was one of the biggest. It was a huge rush, to see fans react the way they did. It was amazing. At the end of the song, Austin and I jumped into the crowd together and got crowd surfed around. It was one of the best shows so far.
We spent days working hard on stage and the nights we spent in each others arms at cookouts and in bus parties and in our bunks. I was falling for Austin more every single day, and that both excited me and terrified me.

When we hit the one month mark, we were in the East Coast. Our two days off was the day after our New York show and in two days we had our Jersey show. Austin said he had a few surprises planned and I couldn't wait to spend a day with him. A hotel bed, in Austin's arms is going to beat our small bunks to cuddle in.

Tomorrow he was meeting my family. My parents, my sister and brother, and my daughter.
"Get ready now, I know how long it can potentially take you." He says as we get into our hotel room. It's about six. He throws his suitcase and mine on the single bed. I stick my tongue out at him and give him the finger. I do listen to him though, and head to the shower to start getting ready.


"Reservations are made for 7:30." I say to Melody through the bathroom door, she had to be doing her makeup, I heard her makeup-playlist playing behind the door. I was already all cleaned up for tonight, and when I finally hear the door creak open, I spin around to see the beautiful girl I was so happy to be with.
Her hair fell perfectly around her face, curly and dark brown. Her face was beautiful with and without makeup. Her lips curled into a smile. I knew mine would follow. She was wearing a dress that hugged her curves perfectly, and she looked beautiful. I was left speechless, even though I knew she'd ask what I was staring at, I wouldn't say anything. I couldn't.
"What?" She asks, like she could read my mind. She walks towards me anyway, and wraps her arms around my neck, "You look so handsome." She pulls my lips to hers, and kisses me, with a smile. I still can't find the words.
"You look stunning." I say quickly. "And so much more, but you always do." I laugh, a goofy laugh, and kiss her one more time. "Let's get going." I smile, grabbing her hand and pulling her along with me.
At dinner, I hand her the gifts I bought her, a pearl ring and matching bearings. She looked up at me with her mouth wide open.
"Austin, I can't accept these."
"Listen, you're my best friend and my girlfriend, take them." I say, and she sighs and looks at the ring.
"Austin this must have cost so much..." She says, putting her head in her hands.
"Mel, please take them. I want you to make these look beautiful."
"Melody Ann..." She giggles, and smiles at them, and I notice her eyes are starting to tear. "Oh my god!" I start to laugh, but I quickly stand up and rush to hug her.
"It's... It's just these are great. And no one has done anything this nice to me in a long time, then you come along and treat me like a princess." She tries to conceal the tears by laughing. I quickly kiss her lips and she takes a deep breath when I pull away. She takes out the earrings she was wearing and puts in the new ones, and then slides the ring on her pretty little finger.
"Thank you." She says, smiling at me.
"You're welcome." I smile, just as the waiter brings our menus.

Dinner was great, and I had a great time with Melody, always. I felt like I was falling for her, which terrified me. I didn't really like relationships, but she made me want to try. I was both ecstatic and nervous to meet her family, I wondered if they'd like me. I wondered if they would care I was tattooed. And most importantly her daughter. What would she do. I was thinking about this all night up until we got back to the hotel room together.
She pulls me in as soon as I shut the door, she kisses my lips and lets her hands move from my face, down my chest, and back up around my neck. Her small hands gently run their way through my hair. She pulls away and laughs.
"I think your hair is so much better than mine." She doesn't move her arms from around me. I quickly kiss her lips before lifting her up. She lets out a little shriek and starts laughing.
"Well, I think your hair is perfect." I say carrying her over to the bed. I climb right on top of her slowly and she looks up at me, she looks so perfect. She lightly runs her hands over my arms, and i push them above her head. I lace my fingers with hers and lay my lips on her lips. She bites my bottom lip and I can't help but grin.

**** I move my lips to kiss her neck, right below her chin, then down until my lips meet her collar bones. She lets out a sigh, and start to nibble lightly on her neck again. She moans in my ear, and lightly runs her nails down my shoulders and arms. That makes me shiver with excitement. I kiss her lips again, and slide my hands down her body, traveling up her dress. She bites her lip and grabs for the pillow, but that was just a tease...


Austin stopped running his hand up my dress, and kneels above me, taking off his suit jacket, and and then starting to pull of his tie, before he can, I pull him back to me and he giggles lightly. I unbutton his shirt, and he rips it open quickly revealing his tattooed chest. I've seen it a million times, but it was more beautiful than I had ever seen I know I need to get out of this dress, and he reads my mind lifting me towards him, and unzipping the back of it, and sliding it off my body. He smiles a crooked smile, and unbuckles his belt and slides off his pants.
He pins my hands above my head again, and skips kissing my lips to kiss my now completely bare chest. He lightly nibbles leaving me trembling, I moan involuntarily again and I know he loves it. His big, soft hands find their way to my underwear, and as he slides them off he kisses my lips and grinds his hips into mine.
"Austin." I breath, practically begging for him to stop teasing me, he grins in satisfaction.
"I just want to savor the moment." He says. I quickly pull his head into me and kiss his lips hard, and roll onto him. "Oh." He looks surprised, and now it's my turn to tease him. I kiss his neck, running my teeth down too. I kiss his chest and down even farther until I reach his hips, his boxer line. I lightly run my fingers down his thighs and back up, watching as goose bumps rise on his legs. I look straight up at him and he looks at me. I pull down his boxers but climb my way back up to him.
"Ah hah..." I laugh in his face, he shakes his head disapprovingly.
"Not fair." He whispers, but he moves a piece of hair out of my face. He kisses my lips, and climbs back on top of me. Finally, he slides into me, making me moan already. He thrusts a few times softly, but doesn't waste any time picking up the pace. He laces his fingers with mine, and moans softly in my ear. He thrusts harder and faster, making me quiver over and over again. I moan so loudly I surprise myself, but it just feels so good.
"Austin." I moan, as he and I finish and he slowly collapses onto me.

We both try and catch our breath. He puts his forehead to mine and kisses me again, for what feels like the millionth time.
"You're incredible." He smiles, "I mean it." He lays next to me, and I turn into his arms.
"I know.." I say sarcastically, but I laugh and he does too. "You're great too you know." I smile and feel him lightly trace down my spine.
"I don't mean just in bed." He says, gently running his hands through my hair.
"I know, I didn't mean that either." I say tracing his chest tattoos. "Thank you for an amazing night." I say.
"Anytime." He whispers, and we both become quiet.


Please let me know what you think ;)

Melody's date night look: Here


I swear, this story will be the death of me. (in a good way)
shayko_baby shayko_baby
Oh. My. God. That was the absolute cutest thing I've ever read! Keep it up I can't wait till the next chapter!
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Yay! Thanks :D
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