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The Depths


The week was spent performing, and hanging out with Austin. Getting to know him was fun. He was funny and sweet and was a lot of fun to be around. We were becoming really good friends, and of course I was secretly excited and nervous about our date.


I was so excited to take Melody out and spoil her. I had the biggest crush on her from the moment I... well knocked her on the ground. I loved being around her, hearing her laugh. Her hair always smelled good, and her skin was always soft when I got to hug her. She wasn't like anyone else I've met before, and something about her had me drawn to her. I thought it was awesome that she was a talented musician too.

The night the date was set was on our off day, and I picked Lily up from her bus and got a rental car to drive around in. I felt a little nervous, because maybe soon we could get into an actual relationship... something I haven't had in a while. I even picked up some sun flowers for her.
When I got to her bus to pick her up, she came out ready, and she looked beautiful as always.

"What?" She asked with a little giggle.
"Nothing." I lie, and I bring her in for a hug. Her long brown hair was curled and her brown eyes were all I could see and that was enough for me. "Let's go." I say nodding towards the car.


Austin looked really handsome tonight, and he even got me my favorite flowers, sunflowers. I hoped I looked okay in the outfit I picked... I was excited for him to take me out, it was going to be a nice night to relax since tour started. We listened to the radio that played softly, until we pulled into a parking lot for a restaurant.
"Uhm, do you like sushi?" He asks, scratching the back of his head. "I guess I should have asked you that before taking you here."
"Austin, yes I like sushi, let's go." I say, I could sense that he was a bit nervous.
"Wait here." he says, flashing a smile and getting out. I quickly look into the mirror to check my makeup, when he opens my door for me. I want to laugh but I hold back, because that was sweet of him. He leads the way to the restaurant.

It was nice, it had fun music playing, and a great atmosphere and Austin had reservations so I knew it had to be a good place to eat. I sat down next to him, at the little corner booth and took the menu to look at.

"What can I get you to drink?!" The waitress asked us.
"I'll start off with a diet coke." I said, before Austin could order.
"I'll have a beer." He smiles, and she nods and heads off.
"So do you come here often?" I ask. I take a look around at all of the Japanese decor around the restaurant and all of the people that sat and had their own conversations and lives going on.
"Not a lot, but this is one of my favorite places to get sushi." He smiles. "They have a great selection and its all really fresh. I nod and skim down the options.
"I already know I want a California roll."
"Oh, but the East coast is better?" He rolls his eyes, and laughs.
"I love my East Coast." I stick out my tongue like a little kid. "Besides it's way cooler than Cali." I say, jokingly.
"Well maybe tonight I can change your mind." he shrugs.
"Well, we'll have to see huh?" I say, grabbing his beer and taking a swig.

After eating all the delicious California rolls I could and a long talk about different things. We're headed out. My cheeks already hurt from laughing so much, but the night was young, I wondered if Austin had anything else planned.

"I had fun." I say smiling. "Thank you for dinner."
"I'm not done yet!" He says, pretending to be offended. I laugh some more. Then we're at the next location, the beach. He comes around to open the door again. He and I walk towards the waves, the sun is just starting to set and it's beautiful. I've never seen a sunset like it. I guess that's because the sun sets on the west...

"It's beautiful." I say smiling. I'm mesmerized and Austin wraps his arm around me slowly. I bite my lip and lean into him, letting him know it's okay. We stand here for a while, and then start heading towards a pier all lit up with rides, games, and food.

We play some games on the boardwalk and buy cotton candy. I was having the best time with Austin. I didn't have that much of fun in a really long time. I felt at ease with Austin, like everything was okay. We walk back onto the beach were a bunch of other people now sat and we sat too.

"Fireworks." He smiles. Just before the first one flies into the air. I always loved fireworks, since I was younger, I loved how loud they were, and I loved how colorful they were. This time was a lot better because I got to be seeing them with Austin. I look over at him, he's looking up at the fireworks, and I see them flashing colors in his eyes. He notices I'm looking at him and looks at me and smiles. I do too, and he gently touches the side of my face with his hand, and slowly leans in. I can't do anything more, than smile more, before his lips finally touch mine. I feel his lips curl into a smile too, as I return the kiss. We part lips and I kept my eyes closed for just a minute, this was entirely too perfect. He and I turn our attention back to the fireworks, he pulls me really close as we watch the end of them.

We spend some more time on the beach after they end. We talk and kiss... and kiss some more. I love the feeling of his lips on mine, and after a while, I'm climbing on top of him and his hands are roaming around my body.

"Tonight was amazing." I whisper, "Thank you."
"You made it that way." He says quietly. "We should probably get back though." He says sadly.
"You're right." I sigh, "Let's go." I stand up and put my hand up to help him up. We hold hands to the car and even in the car and when we get back to the venue everyone is doing their usually nightly things.
"Do you want to come in?" I ask.
"Yeah!" He nods and I show him the inside of our small bus.
"We don't have a back lounge but we do have a bathroom with a shower." I shrug.
"Trust me, that's probably more important!" He laughs. "Everyone starts out small. We used to tour in a small white van."
"I know." I say. He leans in and kissed me again. I let my hands travel up his chest, and through his hair. He pulls me in closer until there's not even room for air in between. "We should have a PG 13 sleepover." I say after slowly pulling my head a bit away from his, but our lips are still close.
"Does that mean no more kissing?" He says with a frown. I shake my head.
"No.." I giggle. "It means we kiss, cuddle, and watch Disney movies."
"That sounds like a fun idea." He smiles, kisses me one more time, and grabs my hand. We make our way to Austin's bus, it's empty when we get inside, and we make our way to the back lounge.

We watch some Beauty and the Beast and kiss some more. Then we start talking. I lay my head on his shoulder and lightly trace his tattoo's.

"How'd you get this scar?" I ask quietly, tracing the long line down his chest. I knew it told a story, it was a battle scar. "If you don't mind me asking.." I add.
"I have a disease called Marfan Syndrome. It has to do with my heart, and it got incredibly bad to the point I needed open heart surgery." I cringe.
"Wow." I sigh "That's insane... I mean a lot to take in."
"Yeah." he giggles. "At the time I wasn't in this band... I got.. kicked out I guess you could say. It was a big mess, but that doesn't matter anymore because I'm back and feeling good." I smile at that, because that really showed how strong of a guy he is.
"You've been through a lot." I say, "Yet you're still standing. Incredible." I say, looking up at him.
"We all go through things, we just have to get through them." I nod.

I trace the scars that were left on my own arms, now only a few are visible, and then the ones on my thighs. "And those are your battle scars?" he hints towards them, and I feel my face turn hot. This was embarrassing, they made me feel so weak.

"No, just... I was just weak." I mumble. "These aren't anything like yours."
"Now who are you to say that?" He asks sitting up and looking at me. "Everyone has scars of some sort, why do you think these make you weak?" He asks, I look down at them, I cringe remembering all the times, I turned to a blade for comfort.

"It was a way of dealing with my problems, no matter what they were, and all it did was make me uglier and made everyone turn their backs on me." I say, frustrated.

"You listen to me Melody." He says, making me look him in the eyes. "You are beautiful, and fun and perfect just the way you are. These scars are beautiful, and you know what they tell me? They tell me that you are a survivor." I feel tears glazing my eyes, and I don't want to cry in front of him.. I start to put my head down, but his big soft hands cup my face, and have me look him in the eyes some more.. "Melody, you are beautiful and strong and those scars don't mean anything less than that."

I don't know what to say, all I could do is let Austin wrap his arms around me and hug me. This hug felt amazing, so loving. I didn't want it to end. I silently let out the tears in his arms, and it feels good. That was something I definitely needed to hear.


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-You guys are so beautiful and no matter what you go through, nothing can change that.
Always remember that.



I swear, this story will be the death of me. (in a good way)
shayko_baby shayko_baby
Oh. My. God. That was the absolute cutest thing I've ever read! Keep it up I can't wait till the next chapter!
AustinOrDie AustinOrDie
Yay! Thanks :D
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