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The Depths


When night began to fall, my band and I got our drinks pouring, besides Max who wasn't a drinker but he was still on a full adrenaline rush and ready to party. His girlfriend Carly was joining us on tour, and she was here too. She had medium length blonde hair and blue eyes. She greeted Max with a big kiss and a hug and turned to me.
"I am SO happy for you guys, your first Warped Tour!" She quickly hugs me and says hi to everyone else.
"Hey guys! They're having a barbeque!" Tom says to us, coming inside the bus. "It's for all of us! Drinks too." He says, and I walk over to him, and then follow him out the door. We head towards a whole bunch of commotion and music.
There are all kinds of band members, and musicians and crew members. People are dancing, talking, eating and just having a good time. I look around and try to find people in the crowd. Tom taps my shoulder and points me in the direction of Burt from The Used.
"Should I go talk to him?" He asks, nervously. Tom has been a huge fan of The Used and he always wanted to meet the band.
"Yes! Why not? You're nothing less than him, he's a human." I shrug, and he nods.
"I'll be back!" He says after a moment of thinking. I laugh and pat him on the back as he walks away. I make my way over to the tent with alcohol under it, grab a red cup, and use one of the kegs to fill my cup. I start drinking, when I feel someone behind me.
"Hey!" I hear someone say, I jump and turn to see who it is. The guy I ran into earlier. I forgot his name...
"Uhm, hey." I say smiling.
"Having fun?" He asks.
"I just got here." I sip some of my drink.
"Ah, me too." He says getting some beer for himself. "So what are you doing on Warped? Are you a techie? No wait... selling band merch?" I look at him and purse my lips shaking my hand. "No?"
"Nope." I laugh a little. "I'm in a band." I turn to him facing him completely. I notice how much taller than me he is. His eyes widen and that grin spreads across his face.
"A band!?" I nod.
"What instrument do you play?" He asks.
"Uh, vocals." I shrug.
"Wow. I'm going to have to hear this." He says. I feel myself smiling, and I bite my lip. This guy is so attractive. I follow his tattoos down his arm, and down to his jeans and see his name on the tag. Austin Carlile. I grin and look up at him.
"Come see me play tomorrow." I say. "White Washed." I add.
"Wow a beautiful girl that can sing, can you marry me?" He smiles, and I feel my heart skip a beat. That was nice of him.
I try to keep my smile from growing, and I look down at my shoes. I can tell that I must be blushing bright red.
"Maybe." I look up and he laughs and I do too.
Austin and I laugh and talk for a few hours and everyone around us is drunk. We decide to stray away from the loud crazy drunken fun that was beginning to unfold. We walk quietly for a few minutes, it's nice out. The wind is blowing slightly and it feels good. It beats the 100 degree weather from earlier today, and I look at our shadows walking in front of us.
"So where are you from?" He asks.
"New Jersey."
"Boo! East coast sucks."
"What are you a California girl?" I fold my arms, and stand against my bus.
"Yep!" He smiles big. "You'll get to be there for the next two days. I'll show you around." He smiles. and I nod in agreement.
"You better." I smile too, and it's quiet. I yawn, feeling tired. I had a long day today.
"Tired?" He asks, and yawns just like I did. I nod.
"Yes Austin, it was nice talking with you. I'll talk to you tomorrow?" I ask. He nods and hands me his phone.
"Put your number in there." He says, and I do, still grinning. He nods, and puts his phone back into his back pocket. Without hesitation, he quickly hugs me, as if he's known me for a while. He smells amazing, and his hug is strong. When he pulls away, he smiles at me one last time.
"Good night Austin." I wave and turn to head inside.
"Good night Melody." He says, and keeps walking. I get inside and jump up and down. He's adorable and hilarious and a gentleman. I have a little crush, starting to develop on him.
I climb into my bunk and grab my phone out of my pocket. A number I don't recognize, texted me
Austin: Hey! It's Austin. :)
I text back: This is Melody.
Austin: So you didn't give me the wrong number, that's actually pretty exciting! :)
Me: Well, you don't seem to be a creepy guy. For once. :p lol.
Austin: Good. Now go to sleep. It's past your bedtime.
Me: Well, maybe you should stop texting me so I can..
Austin: I will Melly, if you do one thing.
Me: Melly!? WTF does that mean? and what is that Mr. Carlile.
Austin: I like it! It's a nickname for you. :)) And I want you to come see my set tomorrow.
Me: Well maybe I don't wanna...
Austin: Well you're seeing me and I'm seeing you, THAT'S FINAL MELODY.
Austin: FINE MELLY. Okay, I'm going to bed, so I will see you tomorrow.
Me: BYE AUSTIN. I finish texting him, and he also texts me a bye, too. I can't wipe the grin off of my face, and I turn over and close my eyes to sleep.

I wake up the next morning, and I know we're in another city, I slept like a rock last night, but I woke up well rested. I threw on an outfit and found Tom passed out on the floor in the Front of our bus. I laugh hysterically, and snap a picture. He slowly opens one eye, and moans.

"What the fuck happened last night?" He asks rubbing his eyes and starting to sit up slowly. I look over at the white board on the little refrigerator. Our set time is already written on it, 4:15. I can like that time, but I have to go out and find what time Austin's set is. I take a picture of the whiteboard on my bus, and send it to him, and within the next 5 minutes Austin sends back a picture of his, 8:15.

The whole day, I stay inside and try to keep cool. By the time it's our set I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm warming up with guys, when I see Austin walking up to the stage, I pretend I don't see him and get in a huddle with the boys.
"Let's do this!" I say, as we all put our fists together. We hear our intro start playing and one by one make our appearance onstage and again I walk right past Austin again, but the whole show I can't ignore the fact he's there.
After, the show another adrenaline rush was in full swing. Austin greets me coming off stage.
"So??" I ask out of breath.
"Amazing. Really, I loved it. You were phenomenal." He has this huge smile on his face again.
"Thank you. I'm glad you got to see us."
"So now it's time for me to impress you." He says, jokingly.
"Yeah, I don't know, I'm pretty hard to impress Austin." I say with no sincerity, and I laugh. "I can't wait." I say.
"Mel! We got to go to our signing, let's go!" I hear Alex calling me.
"I'll be there in a minute!" I yell to him. I turn back to Austin.
"I'm being summoned." I say, "But I'll see you at 8:15."
"Can't wait." He says, and I run after my band.
"Mel has a boyfriend!" Alex says in a childish tone.
"No." I say pursing my lips, trying not to smile. "He's just... a friend." I shrug.
"Yeah, that's definitely why your face is bright red." Max chimes in.
"Shut up!" I say, as we get to our tent and start the signing.
So maybe I had a crush on Austin, but who cares right? A crush nothing else, and I doubt we'll even be friends long. He probably talks to me the way he talks to every girl, hell he probably has one right now. I tried to focus on the signing and met a lot of cool fans, it was awesome. I even got pictures taken of me! That was new.

After doing the signing we all went our separate ways, and soon I was waiting side-stage to see Austin and his band. I thought my crowd was huge, but this band's crowd was bigger. And I could bet that everyone that came out to Warped Tour, was here to see them. I watched as everything got set up and more people joined the stage next to me. I turn around and see Austin, walking around stretching and drinking water out of the monster can. He sees me and his face lights up, and he waves. I do too, and his bands mates crowd around him, I guess the show is about to begin.

The crew heads off stage and an intro starts playing, the crowd goes insane already. A guy with long hair and a huge smile goes on stage first, to the drums. And a guy with long hair follows suit with his guitar, and a guy with dirty blonde hair follows. Then a red head.
"Get ready." Austin whispers in my ear before joining the rest of the band on stage. The crowd is even louder now. I clap as the song starts, I watch the kids at the barricade scream every lyric with Austin. I watch kids begin crowd surfing to get closer to him, and mosh pits begin to open. No one stands still, including me.
The rest of the show is nothing less than exciting, and there wasn't a moment when the crowd wasn't moving with the music. The last song Austin jumped into the crowd, and let his band finish off without him. I watched him crowd surf all the way to the white tent, and then he was gone.
I followed every one else, leaving, signed a few more autographs that missed our signing, and head backstage. People are backstage getting drunk already, and I head to my bus. Alex and a girl with blonde hair, are sitting down having talking and he doesn't even say hi to me.
I check my phone, and see a text from Austin.
Austin: Be ready in 30 minutes?
Me: okay?
Austin: Party! at my bus!
Me: Sounds good.
Austin: I'll come get you! :)
Me: I'll be ready!! I type back and throw my phone into my bunk. I grab a dress to throw on and even some heels. I quickly fix my hair for what feels like the millionth time today. I check my makeup and fix the smears until I look like I haven't been out in the sun all day. Then, I'm ready. I check my phone again, impatiently, only 15 minutes have passed.

I head out to the front of the bus and take out a bottle of jack, I pour myself a shot... or four and then I'm ready. I hear a knock on the door of the bus, I'm excited, and I rush to greet him.
"Wow." He says, his eyes widening. I feel my heart race nervously.
"I-I can change?" I say.
"No... That was a good wow." He says finally, letting that smile, spread across his lips. He grabs me into a hug. When I last seen him, he was sweaty and his hair was a mess, but now he looked cleaned up. He smelled great too, and I liked this hug, a lot.
"Let's go." He says, and nods for me to follow him. We're walking together quietly, while people pass us, some are screaming and yelling happily, and others are just as quiet as we are.
"You're show, was great Austin.." I say breaking the silence. "I mean, wow. I can't even begin to explain how great it really was... I have to find a better word than great. Tremendous!" I laugh, "Yeah."
"Well, thank you. Only the best for my fans." He shrugs.
"They love you guys. Like, it's incredible to watch. You guys must feel loved."
"Extremely." He nods, "We're grateful to have the fans we do. Without them, we would have nothing." He explains. "The stories and the people I meet every day they are just incredible." he sighs. "It's a great life experience for me. I feel like it took so much to get here, but it was well worth it." He says, as we stop in front of his bus. I wonder what he means by that. I wonder what things happened to him. He seemed so happy, but maybe there was more than that hidden behind those brown eyes.

He opens the door, and let's me walk before him. I see a good amount of people, but if this was in my bus, it would have been too crowded. I see all of the guys that shared the stage with Austin earlier.

"The ginger is Alan." He giggles, "He thinks he's a cat in disguise." He turns us to face another band mate of his. "Phil with the long hair, Valentino with the huge smile... everyone calls him Tino." He then get's to the dirty blonde, "That's Aaron, he's our newest edition to the band." I nod, repeating their names over in my head.
"I'm terrible with names." I confess turning to him, and he hands me a drink.
"Well that's okay, maybe you'll be around us long enough to remember." He quickly grins and takes a swig of his drink.
The night went on with more drinks and I started talking to more band members. They were all funny, and down to Earth it was nice. Austin and I dance to the music and laugh at each other's silly dance moves. After a while, Austin pulls me to the side, and whispers in my ear over the loud music.
"Want to see the rest of the bus." I hesitate, because this could mean two things... He wants to sleep with me or he wants to talk... At this point of the night, I could go for either, so I nod and follow him.
"These," he starts, "Are our bunks, were we sleep. Here is our bathroom." He walks towards the back of the bus more. They have a great bathroom that I wish I had. Then he slides open a door, that leads to a small yet spacious room. "Back lounge." He sighs and sits on the couch.
"Your bus is great!" I say, just looking around the back lounge. "Wow, I can't wait to get to this point in my career." I take a seat decently close to him. I look at his face, that looks down and then up and me. He's so attractive, I think to myself.
"So tell me about your boyfriend." He says, grinning. I let out a short chuckle, and shake my head.
"I'm single." I shrug. "I... I'm not the type to have a boyfriend I guess."
"And how does a pretty lady like you, not have a boyfriend!?" He bursts out.
"I've just had some bad experiences I guess... How about you? Where's the girlfriend." He laughs.
"I've had some bad experiences too." He looks down. "I was married." I feel my eyes and mouth open wide and I quickly cover my mouth.
"Yeah." He laughs a little, "I was married. I got cheated on though..." He trails off.
"Oh, I'm so sorry Austin." I say placing my hand on his, without thinking about it.
"It's alright. I learned a lot. I have over the years." He nods. "So how about you, what's your bad experience?"
"Well, I was cheated on too. I mean we weren't married or anything, but we dated for a long time." I look down at my hands, all of the bad memories flood back. "I mean, it's okay though because that really helped me open my eyes, I was blind. I thought he loved me but I was wrong. He treated me horribly, and it took me catching him with another girl, to get up and leave." I couldn't believe that I was starting to open up to him already. It felt so effortless.
"Well I'm glad you got to realize it." He smiles.
"I thought I'd be with her forever, I remember when I was getting married I was so happy and excited, I've never felt that happy before." He looks at me, "It was all a lie." He says, and I hadn't yet seen him so serious. "Anyway," he quickly changes his face, to a happier tone. "How about your family?"
"They're still in New Jersey right now." I nod happily. "They support us. Probably our biggest supporters are our families." I smile, "How about yours."
"Well, I have my dad, and my mom passed away when I was a teenager."
"Austin, I'm so sorry. Is that who that song was about?" I ask, remembering the song at the end. It started making sense. I watch as he nods.
"It's okay." He smiles at me reassuring. "I know she's still with me you know." He runs his hand over a specific tattoo of a realistic heart that said, mom. "I just want to make her proud." He says.
"I've only known you for an entire day, and I know that you've made her proud already." I gently squeeze his hand and he smiles, the most sincere smile I've ever seen on him.
"Thank you." He says, and he grabs my hand. "Enough of the sad stuff." He says quietly. "So I know you like good music, you make good music, what else is there to know?" He asks. I laugh and realize how much closer we were.
"Well..." I say just as quiet, and our lips start to meet, but the door is thrown open and we hop apart.
"Austin, I didn't know where you were. It's time for bus call!" The ginger comes through the back, and I hop up quickly.
"I better go." I turn to Austin.
"I'll text you." He says, quickly jumping up to hug me. I nod and smile at him before heading off the bus quickly walking to my own bus. I had a great time with Austin, and I couldn't wait to get to know him a lot more. He was funny, and sweet. I hoped he would text me like he said he would. I would just have to wait and see. I take off my heels and climb into my middle bunk, not changing out of my outfit. I feel my phone vibrating already.
Austin: I had a great time tonight.
Me: Me too. Thank you for everything. :)
Austin: Can I take you out on Thursday? We have off.
Me: Yeah... Where too?
Austin: Well that will be a surprise, but I will show you a good time.
Me: You better.
Austin: I will. Don't you worry about a thing. :)
Me: I'm tired, I'll text you in the morning?
Austin: Well, you don't really need beauty sleep, but I'll let you sleep if you really want to..
Me: I think I do. Good night.
Austin: Good night beautiful. I can't wipe the huge smile off my face, I feel like a little kid, and I want to scream with excitement, but I roll over and bury my face into the pillow. Austin was a great guy, and a date!? I hadn't been on a date in a while I was more than excited. I knew what I'd be looking forward too the rest of the week.


let me know what you think!


I swear, this story will be the death of me. (in a good way)
shayko_baby shayko_baby
Oh. My. God. That was the absolute cutest thing I've ever read! Keep it up I can't wait till the next chapter!
AustinOrDie AustinOrDie
Yay! Thanks :D
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