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The Depths


"Are you guys ready to party with us!?" I scream to the crowd of people in front of me. This is one of the biggest shows I've ever preformed, and I am so nervous, but once the song comes in, I take control and sing every note with my entire body. I finish off the show and hear the crowd roar like I have never heard before.

"We are White Washed! Thank you for raging with us!" I say before leaving the stage. I feel the rush of excitement so much greater now. I try to catch my breath but my band mates crowd around me and bring me in for a tight hug. We're packed with adrenaline, like never before. I take a seat and grab a monster can filled with cold water, and start chugging. I felt electric. \


"So tell us, when did you first realize you guys were starting to get into the big league?" a petite brunette holds a microphone to my lips.

"Two summers ago no one knew our names, but by the fall our band spread like wildfire. We started playing out a bars and small places. It was me and my friend Tom who started this band." I point as I go along. "We asked our other friends Max and Alex to join soon after and then our last piece of the puzzle, Chris hoped aboard. We had a few practices and found out we really got along very well and made some good music."

"At least that's what our moms told us." Max chimes in making us all laugh.

"Well, After the hard work, it paid off and we won a contest to open for a tour in the US. After we got back from that tour, we were heading to the studio to record our first record and then we started taking off. It all happened so quickly." I finish.

"That's amazing, and now Warped Tour! How excited are you to be on board this summer?"

"Incredibly excited, we all are so thankful that we get to play on that stage today. Especially alongside so many other talented musicians."

"Yeah! and you're one of those talented bands. Do you guys have any advice for upcoming artists?"

"Well for one stick with your gut feeling, work hard, and don't ever say you can't do something. Believe in yourself and always keep going."

"That's great advice. Can you tell us who you are one more time, and what stage you'll be playing this summer?"

"We are White Washed and we will be playing the Monster Energy stage all summer long on The Vans Warped Tour!" The camera is turned off and we finally relax. We weren't used to getting interviewed just yet.

"She totally had a thing for you Max." Alex punches his arm, playfully.

"I have a lady already. You should have went for it." He says, sliding his hands into his pockets. I laugh at the both of them.

Max was tall, but not to tall and thin. He wore glasses over his big green eyes, and had dirty blonde hair. He played guitar in our band. Then Tom was really tall and really thin, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, he had a beard too, but it wasn't to long. Tom played drums. Alex was shorter than the other three guys, and only an inch or two taller than my height of 5'2. He had dark hair and eyes and played guitar too. Chris has short hair, but he usually wears some type of hat to cover it. He had blue eyes and was the most quiet. He played bass. I sang, and together we made White Washed.

"I'm going to catch you guys later, I want to go watch Bring Me The Horizon play, I heard they were really good this year." Chris says, nodding towards the venue. It was hot, and I needed to cool down and change my sweat soaked clothes before I did anything else.

"I'm heading back to the bus." I say.

"I'm heading back with you." Tom says, and everyone else heads off in a different direction.

"So our first show on Warped tour, pretty sick huh?" He asks, as we head back. I nod. Tom was my best friend in the band, and known me longer than anyone else.

"It's exactly what we've always wanted." I say with a huge grin. "Dreamed of." We're all on our own natural high from our first show on tour, and my cheeks hurt from the smiles.

"Yeah, it was pretty exhilarating. Woah! Watch out!" He starts to yell, but it's too late, I collide with the bus door and fall onto the pavement.

"SHIT. FUCK. OW." I sound like a sailor. "Ahhhg." I say, my head immediately pounding, doesn't help.

"I am so sorry!" A tall man, with long arms and legs pulls me off the ground. "Are you alright? I'm so sorry." Tom is holding in laughter I can tell.

"Well go ahead and laugh!" I yell at him, maybe a little aggravated and embarrassed.

"Are you okay?" He asks again.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It was my fault really." I say, Tom is laughing hysterically. I glare at him.

"Are you sure, look at your arm, you're bleeding." I hadn't noticed that I must have scraped my arm when I got knocked back.

"Nothing to fret about, I can go clean it up." I sigh.

"Here, I have a first aide kit inside." He practically pulls me inside, I hear Tom, still laughing but he says,

"I'm going to the bus." between spats of laughter. I roll my eyes.

This bus is huge, much bigger than ours, and ours is a decent size. I see a couch and a mini kitchen, and a huge TV towards the drivers seat. I'm marveling at how nice this bus is, when the guy is rubbing something that stings onto my cut. I flinch and pull away.

"You have to clean it, it'll get infected." He says, with sincerity. I almost laugh, because it is both cute... and a little awkward that someone I've never met is this worried that I'll get an infection from a cut.

"What are you the warped doctor?" I ask, as he places a band aide over the cut.
"No, I'm in a band." He laughs, and shows off his white teeth. His smile is actually gorgeous and I look away when he looks up at me.
"Well, thanks for the help... and knocking me into the pavement." I laugh and he let's out a chuckle.
"No problem." He smiles again, and wow, he's attractive. I try not to let him notice that I'm checking him out. I can't help but notice he's wearing a Slipknot shirt, and I giggle, because I am too. "what?" He questions as he finishes putting the first aide kit away.
"Nice shirt." I point to my Slipknot T-shirt. He smiles and nods.
"Great taste in music." he says, and starts to lead me back outside.
"Uhm thanks again..." I say, before turning to leave, I hoped he'd talk for a bit longer.
"By the way, my name's Austin."
"Melody," I turn to him, "Like a song." I make a cheesy joke, because I get that said to me all the time.

"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you Melody, I hope to see you around." I nod, and bite my lip trying to get the goofy grin off my face.

"Me too." We both smile and turn on our heels, going our separate ways.
I walk into the bus, and Tom is telling the story of what just happened to Max who sits on the bus, drinking a water bottle. He starts laughing too, and I roll my eyes and giggle, but walk past them to change into a different outfit.


Let me know what you think!! :)


I swear, this story will be the death of me. (in a good way)
shayko_baby shayko_baby
Oh. My. God. That was the absolute cutest thing I've ever read! Keep it up I can't wait till the next chapter!
AustinOrDie AustinOrDie
Yay! Thanks :D
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