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Stop Wishing For The Sunshine, Start Living In The Rain


Jasey Rae Gaskarth, lead singer of the up-and-coming band Polaris, but unfortunately for her, currently better known for being the younger sister of Alex Gaskarth; All Time Low's lead singer. She's only 22 years old and has been through so much in her life, from her other brother dying at a young age, to being separated from her parents; them moving to America with her older brother, while she stayed living in England with her Aunt because she didn't want to leave her home, and all the memories of her late sibling. While touring with one of her favourite bands Kids In Glass Houses, she meets a certain Austin Carlile at Hit The Deck festival and her world changes. Some changes are better, she becomes the person she's always wanted to be, she eventually makes her dreams and wishes a reality, but some things are compromised, and she has to let some people go along the way.



I am I promise! I'm sorry it's taking so long. The past couple months have been crazy because I did the full paramore uk tour and then the full Bring Me The Horizon uk tour and I've been working like crazy. Things are winding down a bit more, I have no more gigs till February so I'll start this up again. I'll maybe start with editing it a bit and then get new chapters up soon!
Ok, ok, ok. I'll get working on it again ASAP. I promise!
;-; Please tell me you're gonna keep working on this story...
Luna Moon Luna Moon
Not giving u an option u must update lol
Tayler Tayler
i'm working on it now! should be up in the next couple days. hopefully sooner rather than later :)