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This One's For Us

Bury the Past


I met Adam, six months after Austin and I split up. I didn't give him the time of day. I was in a deep slump for six long months. I stayed at Felicity's house, ducking around Austin. Trying my hardest to ignore flowers, letters, and phone calls. I cried myself to sleep every night. Until I met Adam.
I was sitting at the bar that Felicity dragged me to when his eyes met mine across the bar. He came up to me offering to buy me a drink, and I told him 'no'. Then he asked if he could take me to dinner, and I said 'no'. Then he asked for my number, and again I shot him down with a 'no'. A week later he sees me at Starbucks, and again asks me for my number.
"Why not?" He asks. "Do you have a boyfriend."
"No." I say.
"Then why not?"
"I. I don't know." I say honestly. and I really didn't know. I still loved Austin, but I wanted to move on. Adam was a clean-cut good looking guy. He was wearing a perfect-fitting black suit that brought out his green eyes. He had brown clean cut hair that was combed over. He had tattoos on his wrists from what I could see.
"Then give me a chance." He says. His smile is gorgeous, heart-melting, butterflies spark up in my stomach for the first time in months. I feel a smile graze my lips and I nod.
"Alright." I say, giving in and writing my number on a piece of paper.
"What do you say to tomorrow night, around 7 I pick you up?" He asks taking my number.
"Sounds... good." I was smiling big for the first time in a while. And that was when I met Adam.
I really surprised myself. I hadn't been on a date in a while, and I enjoyed it. I laughed at how funny he was, along with him being charming. I was loving the treatment he was giving me. I told him about my family, and I learned about his. He told me about his ex-girlfriend and how she left him for another guy. I told him about Austin and I and everything that happened. We talked about our favorite movies, and songs, and everything that you could think of. It was nice, and he was great.
We kept in touch, going on dates and hanging out and somewhere along the way, I fell in love. We moved in together by the next summer. After being together for two years, he asked me to marry him. I said yes right away. I loved Adam, even though I missed Austin. He was my best friend, for years and not having him around, made me miss that friendship.
The night Adam leaves I'm standing in a club at the bar drinking while I watch Felicity dance around. This is the usual for me, I'm just happy to be out of the house. When I look back for Felicity, I see not one familiar face but four. Felicity's pointing at me and sending them over, and I feel my heart fall straight out of my chest. Was this another one of Felicity's great ideas? I feel like I'm going to puke.
Alan, Phil, Tino, and Aaron are heading my way, and instead of running for the door, I'm frozen. I haven't seen them in 3 years, and even though I wasn't broken up with them, I always figured they'd hate me after Austin and my split up. I'm surprised by the huge hug I'm instantly receiving from Tino, then Alan, followed by Phil and finally Aaron.
"Lily, where on Earth have you been!?" Tino asks.
"Yeah! You're like our long-lost sister, we've really missed you." Alan adds. I shrug nervously, but confess to them how I thought they felt about me. They looked at me as if I had two heads.
"Lily you were our friend too, and it really hurt when you blocked us all out." Tino says.
"Never again." I say giving out my new number to them. "Guy's... I'm getting married." I announce. I want you all to be there." All of their faces hold different expressions but they all nod.
"Two weeks... But I can call my wedding planner and add a whole new table and you can bring your girlfriends, and..."
"Lily, we'd love to." Tino stops me. It wouldn't feel complete without them. I smile and hug everyone again. They start ordering drinks and drifting off to do their own things, except for Tino who takes a seat beside me at the bar.
"Tino you look great. I'm glad you're all still together." I say. I had to be second closest to Tino. He'd always been like a brother to me.
"Yeah. It hasn't been the same though, Austin's lost his flame after you left. When he's on stage you can't tell, because he still loves that... but he's distant. I'm surprised he even came out tonight." I take my alcohol in my hand and chug it.
"He's... here?"
"Yeah. Actually he's over there... let me call him over... he'd love to see you I bet." He bets... I'm frozen. What do I say to him? He's like a stranger to me. I don't turn around but I want to run. Tino's waving him over, and I'm having a heart attack. My head is a whirlwind of thoughts as he makes it to where I'm sitting.
"Hey..." He starts to say to Tino but notices I'm sitting there. His eyes widen as he looks down at me. Is he going to run? Is he going to yell at me? Or what? I can't predict this. I stand there looking up to those familiar brown eyes, the ones I haven't looked into for three years. I only wish I knew what was coming next.


When Tino called me over, I didn't know what to expect, but I wasn't expecting what I came to face with. Lily. Her beautiful brown eyes, huge looking up at me. I didn't know what to say. The last time I seen her, we broke up. The last time I seen her, we ended everything. I feel my heart jump in my chest, and I feel like I can barely breath. She looks beautiful, just like I've always known.
The past three years have been me working. I didn't want to 'move on', I didn't care for relationships, I wanted to be drowned in my music, and that was it. I went on a few dates, but all I could think about was Lily's brown eyes, her soft pink lips, her long flower-smelling long hair. I thought we'd reunite sooner, but when I got off tour after we broke up, she changed her number, and refused to see me.
Tonight I stood speechless in front of her. For the past three years I went over and over in my head of what I would say to her. I planned horrible things, I wanted her to feel what I felt, like my heart was ripped out of my chest, but in the end all I really wanted to say, was that I missed her.
I feel my lips curl into a smile, and hers follow suit. Do i shake her hand? Do I draw her in for the hug I've been needing? I just stand there with that stupid grin on my face, but she gives me the answer. She stands up and hugs me. Like when we were friends in high school. I hope she can't feel my heart racing in my chest, where her head is resting. This hug is tight, and we're both not pulling away right away. I smell her hair again, that sweet summer scent.
"Hey." I finally get out through the lump in my throat.
"How are you?" She asks. "Let me buy you a drink." she smiles, she seems so composed. I nod and sit in front of her.
"You look great Lily." I say as she hands me a drink passed from the bartender.
"You do too." she grins, looking down. "How have you been?" she asks again.
"Working." I nod. "How about you?"
"Same." She nods and looks down at her hands. "How about we get out of here? Go somewhere quiet and talk." She says quickly, and I can hear the hint of nervous in her voice. Without a moment's hesitation, I nod my head. She nods smiling, and I follow her out the door.
"So have you met anyone?" She asks once we leave the club. Where we're going I don't know, but I don't care. I shake my head.
"Nope." I laugh a little. I wonder if she was expecting that.
"Really?" She asks. "I have." She says quietly, and looks at me, I guess for reaction, but I keep my cool even though my heart falls into my stomach once again. We're walking down to the beach, such a familiar place with her. We both take a seat in the warm, soft sand.
"What's he like?"
"Austin, you'd really like him." she looks at me. "He's funny, and sweet, and charming." she starts to go on about the new guy in her life, and my chest is on fire with jealousy. "Austin, we're getting married. I want my best friend to be there." She looks up at me. "I've been waiting years to build up the courage to talk to you again."
"Lily you shouldn't have been afraid."
"But I left Austin. I should have tried and fixed it. I left."
"Lily, let's just bury the past." I say, trying to erase that memory from my head. I look at her, sweet face, she has tears in her eyes, and I can see that she is truly sorry.
"I really am sorry Austin." She nods, "And I've been waiting years to say that to your face." She says touching my hand, softly.
"Lily, the most important thing, is my friendship with you. I lost my girlfriend, but most importantly I lost my best friend." I say looking out into the darkness of the ocean. "Lily, losing you, was hard. But if this is my chance to get that friendship back I want to take it... don't you." She looks at me with those beautiful eyes again. The tears aren't drastic, or rushing out. They flow down her cheeks slowly. She still looks beautiful even with these tears running down her face. She nods pursing her lips.
"More than anything." She says, and she takes my hand in hers. "I've really missed you."
"I've missed you too." I pull her in for another hug. I wanted to come back from tour, and get her back. I wanted us to kiss and makeup. I wanted us to have passionate make up sex that made us weak for days. That was three years ago, but here and now, I wanted nothing more than my best friend back.
"We've got a lot to catch up on." She finally grins, wiping her eyes.
"I've got all night." I giggle. She nods and leans on my arm, and begins telling me the details of missed of her life. Finally, I had my best friend back. Finally.


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@Iyonnea'sthebandwh0re Thank you very much!!! :) I really appreciate it!
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Thank you very much!!! :)
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Wow, I frigging loved it! So ballsy to stop the wedding for the one you love.