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This One's For Us


The week of Las Vegas was something to remember. Nights of partying and dancing and being tangled up in Austin. It was relaxing, and fun, but coming home felt nice. Austin and I picked up Lennon and made our way home. We sat on the couch trying to figure out what to do, when Austin's phone started ringing. I watch him answer but I don't hear what they're saying, just a mans voice. After hanging up Austin turns to me.

"I have a photo shoot tomorrow." He looks down.
"Well, that's fine, Felicity asked me to hangout anyway." I smile and tilt his chin up to me. "Go be my favorite model." He giggles and kisses me.
"Ah, I love you." He kisses my forehead and pulls me over. I stayed nestled in his arms for the day, we spent at home, just like a few more days.
Austin does work around the city but comes home to me every night. I've been doing shoots, and even a few wedding shoots. They were becoming my new favorite. I met the families and they were so excited. You felt the love when you were there. I was starting to like the ideas of weddings... a big change for me. The brides were beautiful and the grooms were darling. I loved shooting these, and I hoped more would come along.

These weeks seemed to be flying by, even with December and Christmas quickly arriving. This was our first Christmas in a house so we planned a little Christmas eve party for our families and friends. I loved planning parties, so I was on top of everything, but Felicity was there to help, where Austin couldn't.

"So what food are we having?" Felicity asks while we shop around for decorations. "Food is important." She says.
"I know, I don't know..." I say, feeling a bit exhausted. Earlier this morning I woke up feeling sick, and I've been throwing up all morning.
"Are you sure you're okay to be out right now?"
"Yeah, I just feel drained from all the puking this morning." I sigh. "I'm afraid to eat anything."
"Well, I feel like I could eat a horse... Periods suck... By the way did yours end quickly because mine better hurry up." Period. What. I haven't even had mine yet... "Lily, are you okay?" she asks. "You look like you just seen a ghost..."
"Felicity... I haven't had my period yet." I look to her nervously.
"What!? You always get it two weeks ahead of me." She stares me down. "Always." I quickly grab my phone out of my back pocket and open my period app, it always tells me when I'm due to have it. The screen says I'm two weeks late. I feel Felicity grab my phone and look at it, and gasp. "No way... "
"No, there's a mistake." I say, gulping nervously.
"Lily, you've been using birth control right?" She asks. "You've had it for months... you've used it right?"
"Not since before Austin left... I totally forgot." I feel my heart beating out of my chest, I couldn't believe it... What if. She and I stand in an aisle for what seems like forever, and I don't know what to do.
"Let's just get you a test... and see what happens, maybe it's just off." She shrugs. I nod blankly as she pulls me to the aisle of pregnancy tests. She gets a few different ones and we head to pay. All of this is happening without my mind being there. I am so numb, I don't know what to do or think. I just sit quietly in the car as we go home.
So many thoughts fly through my head. Will this ruin us? What will Austin think? What if he leaves? How am I going to be alone with a baby while he tours? How can I do this? How could I let this happen? I feel my knee bouncing up and down, my nervous habit. I feel like I could cry, but no tears come out.
"Just breath." Felicity says ushering me to her bathroom and shutting me in without her there. I try to just breath but I am shaking... what if...
After 5 tests the verdict is clear. I'm feeling a mix of feelings, but I'm not even sure how I should feel. Felicity sits shocked as I am. The word is spelled out on one of the tests... PREGNANT. I feel my phone vibrating like crazy in my pocket. Austin.
"Hey baby, how was shopping for the party?" His innocent voice asks.
"I. I don't know." I know I sound not okay, I know he's going to notice.
"Are you alright?" He knows, he asks.
"We need to talk."
"Oh... okay. I'll be home by 9 tonight, just finishing up some things."
"I love you."
"I love you too." I say before hanging up.
"Do you want me to be there with you?" Felicity asks.
"No, I have to do this on my own." I stare off.
"Well, I love you and I'm here for you. Austin loves you too." She says hugging me. "Call me tomorrow and let me know what happens." She walks me to the door. I get into my car and drive, and now that I'm alone, I start to cry.
When i get inside I just sit on my couch and cry, as Lennon comes and cuddles up next to me, licking my hand. He always knows when something is wrong. I wait for Austin impatiently, pacing, and when he's not home by 9:30 I'm a little angry. I call his phone but no answer. I wait even longer when it's already turning 11, I'm furious, I don't even know why.
When he finally gets through the doors at 12:30 a.m. I just sit there quietly. "Hey, baby, I'm sorry. I had more stuff than I thought.."
"3 Hours later." I mumble, rolling my eyes. He goes to kiss me, but I push him away lightly.
"I said I was sorry." he says, a hint of frustration lines his voice. "What's wrong?" He asks.
"Nothing." I stand up and head towards the bedroom.
"Lily, talk to me, this is what pisses me off, you need to communicate."
"Well, maybe you should have came home earlier, when you said you would." I'm furious with him, I need to breath.
"I got home as soon as I could. Why are you so angry with me?"
"Listen, I just have something to tell you." I say before we get into a huge argument about nothing.
"Then tell me." He says quietly.
"I... I." I can't just say it. I sit on the bed and put my head in my hands.
"Lily, what's going on?" I feel warm tears dripping from my eyes into my hands.
"It's going to change everything, Austin. You don't understand." I look up at him, tears streaming down my face.
"Did... Did you cheat on me?" I look up at him.
"Why would I ever cheat on you!?" Now angrily I stand up. "I can't believe you'd think that." Now I am second guessing him. "Do you not trust me?"
"Lily just tell me what's going on then!" He says getting more and more frustrated.
"Austin, I'm pregnant." it just flows out. He stands there stunned. His eyes wide, just staring down at me.
"What?" he finally says. I just nod sobbing, because he just stands there. I wish I could hear what was going through his mind, I wish I knew what he was thinking. He just comes over to me and grabs me into one of those hugs, the ones that inform me that everything will be okay. He pulls away and stares into my eyes, a big smile I didn't see before this embrace. "This is amazing." He says, kissing my lips. "I'm so excited."He says.
"What?" I ask confused. "You're okay with this?"
"Yes, yes. I'm excited." He wipes away my tears and kisses my lips, what a sigh of relief.
Our next step would be to make a doctors appointment to make sure, and let our family and friends know. He takes me in his arms and kisses my forehead. I'm feeling a little better about the situation, but is a baby the right choice for us? I wasn't to sure.

3 days later.

I always got nervous when I went to the doctors, and I've never had an ultra sound before. I was so nervous but Austin was by my side holding my hand. As the nurse took all my vitals I was slowly calming down. When I was finally getting my ultra sound, we finally seen the baby's heartbeat. I was amazed, and I felt my heart skip a beat. I had a life inside of me. I feel Austin's hand tighten around mine, and his big smile shined bright towards the screen. He covers it with his other hand.
"Incredible." He says smiling huge. "I'm going to be a father. " He kisses my lips. "Lily, this is our child." My head is spinning, and I feel a little excited. "Lily, marry me." He says. I almost don't acknowledge it.
"Lily, marry me." He says, getting off the chair and kneeling, revealing a ring box in his pocket. "You're the only girl in the world for me. I want to be with you, forever.... will you marry me?"


@TheStorm No prob! :)

@Iyonnea'sthebandwh0re Thank you very much!!! :) I really appreciate it!
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Thank you very much!!! :)
TheStorm TheStorm
Wow, I frigging loved it! So ballsy to stop the wedding for the one you love.