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This One's For Us

What Happens in Vegas...

For the first night in months I slept amazing. When I wake up Austin isn't beside me, but I hear someone moving around in the kitchen. I wrap myself up in the sheet and walk to the kitchen, where Austin is in his boxers cooking some French toast. The smell of cinnamon floats in the air and the sight of Austin is fantastic. When he looks up at me, his hair a mess his skin glowing, that dazzling smile on his face I melt inside.
"Good morning beautiful. I made your favorite." His sweet voice says. I nod quickly sitting at the table as he serves himself and me some. He and I enjoy the breakfast, I sit in front of him watching his every move. I missed him being here so much. When we finish we wash off our dishes together, and place them in the dishwasher.
"What are we going to do today?" he asks as he follows me to the bedroom.
"Whatever." I shrug.
"Well, I was thinking Vegas."
"What??" I ask with a confused look, half laughing. "Vegas?"
"For the week?" He smiles.
"Are you serious??" I ask with excitement.
"Yeah the guys and I planned this out. We're all bringing our ladies." He smiles spinning me around. I trip on the sheet and fall into him, laughing.
"What are we going to do with Lennon?" I ask concerned, when I hear his little yip.
"My dad is taking little man." he smiles picking him up. "Now get ready, we're leaving by 4."
I get a morning kiss and I rush off to the shower. I throw on a pair of jeans and a simple shirt. I do plain makeup and leave my hair besides for brushing it. When I find Austin, he's sitting on the couch talking with his dad, and drinking coffee.
"Lea! I haven't seen you in a while." He smiles, and I hug him. "How are you."
"I'm good, better now that Austin is back." I say sitting beside him.
"Yeah he was telling me about it. I hope you guys have fun in Vegas."
"I'm sure we will." Austin laughs grabbing my hand.
"I better get going though, I have a few things I need to do when I get home." He says yawning and standing up.
"Say goodbye." Austin says kissing Lennon on his tiny hand and handing him to me.
"I'll miss you baby!" I say kissing him and putting him into the little dog carrier. He looks so sad when he's being carried out but I know he's going to be in the best hands. We say our goodbyes and Austin goes to take his shower, as I pack some things.
He comes out smelling so good once again and throws some clothes on and packs some things as well. A few hours later we're with all the guys and their girlfriends in a limo on our way to Vegas. We're popping champagne, and singing songs together.
When we get to the hotel, we go our separate ways to get to our rooms. Austin puts his hands over my eyes, and I play along.
"I have a surprise for you." He whispers in my ear. My lips spread into a smile, and I cover his big hands with mine as he guides me to our room. I love the feeling of him close to me, his heartbeat in sync with me. "We're almost there. No peaking allowed."
"I'm not." I giggle.
"Okay, 3-2-1." He gets his hands away from my eyes. The hotel room is lit up with nothing more than candles. The bed is huge and spread with rose petals. It's romantic and different. I've never been treated this way before.
"I love it." I say excited and I pull him in to kiss his face.
"But before we can enjoy the bed," he kisses my neck and I shiver. "I made dinner reservations."
"I got the perfect dress." I say tearing away from his hands. I blow him a kiss and head to get ready in the bathroom.

I got dressed in a suit and walked around the room taking a look at our beautiful view of the strip. Being back with Lily made everything feel great. From the moment I woke up beside her this morning I felt like I was brand new.
"Lily, let's hurry it along in there."
"I want to look perfect!" she yells from the bathroom. "I'm almost ready!"
"You'd look perfect if you wore a clown suit, now please hurry baby." I beg. "I'm starving." this time she doesn't reply. I wait a couple more minutes and finally I hear the door opening. I turn around to completely lose my breath. She's stunning coming out, I just stare blankly at those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. My heart is pumping out of my chest, as she bats her eyes.
"What?" She tries to hide away a smile, but it peeks through. I don't know what to say, I'm speechless. I walk up to kiss her lips, but she stops me. "Uh-uh, we should wait until it dries, or you'll be going out looking like a clown." I smile, because the words just don't come. I put my forehead to hers and then I kiss her forehead.
"You look beautiful." I say. "Stunning." she pushes me away playfully and her cheeks turn pink.
"Shut up!" She says. "Do you like this dress? I picked it out for a special occasion." I spin her around, the dress hugging every perfect curve just right. She was really a sight to see, and I couldn't wait to have her on my arm tonight. I couldn't wait to show her off.
"Do I look pretty?" I joke, as she grabs her purse.
"Undoubtedly handsome." She says walking back to me, and pulling me by my suit and surprising me with a kiss.
"But you said..."
"I don't care anymore." She giggles kissing me one more time, before we leave the hotel room, and head to the restaurant.
Dinner was romantic. I hadn't had that great of a date in years. It was a fancy restaurant and it was quiet and very personal. We had a beautiful view of Las Vegas. It was beautiful. We talked about a lot, things we haven't talked about in a while, a lot of memories and just fun. I really realize how much Austin made me happy. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. When we walked down the strip together he held me close, we got stopped a few times by fans and it was nice to meet some of them.
We end up buying some ice cream and heading back to the hotel early. We couldn't stop kissing each other, all over the place, but when we got back, we took some time to get some champagne sent to the room. Austin and I stand kissing, for a little while until he turns towards the bathroom.
"I'm going to run a bath." he smiles, and I lay on the big comfortable bed. He comes back out and takes off my shoes for me, and when I stand up the door is knocked on. He runs to it, and brings in the Champagne and two glasses. He brings them to the bathroom with us. He gently holds my hair away from my neck, kissing it and zipping down the back of my dress. I turn to kiss him as it slides down to the ground. He un-hooks my bra without our lips parting.
"Come on, catch up." I smile helping him take off his suit and unbuckling his pants. But he giggles, and kisses my forehead.
"I got this, get in." He nods towards the tub, steam rising, and it had Jacuzzi bubbles on. He holds my hand, as I climb in, and pours two glasses of champagne before getting in himself. He sits across from me as we sip the champagne, take in the relaxation.
"Thank you for tonight Austin." I say, finishing my glass. "It was... incredible." I smile and he does too, looking down. That made me happy. His happiness was mine.
"You deserved every minute of it." He says, grabbing my hand and kissing the top of it. He pulls me in front of him, kisses my ear. He wraps his arms around me holds me tightly. I lean myself into him as we sit in comfortable silence.
I sit tracing every tattoo on his right arm, every curling wave, every detail. I watch as goose bumps raise little by little. He gently strokes my hair, away from my neck with his left hand. He kisses me again. I tilt my head back closing my eyes.
"It's still amazing to me." He says quietly. "You were the one all along." I grin, and run my hands down his legs and around his small knees, slowly shifting to face him again. I kiss his lips, and his nose, and his forehead.
"I love you." I breathe. "I always have. Now I'm in love with you." His reply is another kiss to my forehead, to my nose, and finally to my lips. I turn around and fall back into his arms, my favorite place in the world. He slowly and softly runs his hands through my damp hair then wrap themselves around me again, where we sit in silence, just letting the calm slip in.


Lily's Vegas Look: Here


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Thank you very much!!! :)
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Wow, I frigging loved it! So ballsy to stop the wedding for the one you love.