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All I Want Is You.


"Austin....," Shay whispers into the younger man's hair, blushing the hair back with his finger so the forehead is expose. Shay pressed a tiny kiss on the forehead of the younger man's.

"Hmmm?" Austin, the younger man, hums as he opens his eyes to look at the older man.

"I love you my screaming prince," Shay coos.

"I love you too Shayco," Austin responds.

Their lips connects as Austin's hand automatically attaches it to Shay's cheek. Shay spread a wide grin on his face. Austin parts his lips from Shay's, copying the grin.

"Shaybae?" Austin asks.

"Yeah babe?" Shay answers.

"Sex...," He whines as he buries his face into Shay's chest, pressing small kisses on the chest.

"Babe..." Shay starts till he feels the kisses on his chest, "A quickie? We have to pack cause the bus will be here soon."

Austin nods as he yanks off his shirt, exposing his chest. Shay smirks to himself as he pulls off his shirt. Austin pulls Shay close as he connects their lips. Austin unbuttons Shay's pants. Shay's hands working on Austin's pants. Austin pulls the zipper down, follow by breaking the kiss so Austin can pull Shay's pants down. Austin knocks Shay down onto the bed. He pull the pants off Shay then he yanks down his own pants. Austin grips Shay's boxer's ban. Shay nods him to continue. Austin steps out of his jeans, following by pulling down the boxers to Shay's ankles. Shay kicks off the boxers on to the floor. Austin pulls down his boxer briefs to the floor, stepping out of them. Austin crawls on top of Shay, his legs going on either side of the older man.

"Are you topping babe?" Shay asks.
"Of fucking course," Austin answers aggressively.

They connect their lips. Austin reach for the bottle of lube, grabbing it tightly. He opens the bottle and squeezes a fair amount on to his member, tossing the bottle on to the floor.

"Ready?" Austin whispers huskily tone of voice.

Shay just nods. Austin slides himself into Shay. Shay moans quietly as Austin slides in.


The End.


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