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Window Seats and Good Cologne

We were currently sitting on an airplane on our way to Heathrow Airport. I had the window seat and Austin was in the middle of Alan and I. Tino, Aaron, and Phil sat on the other side. We were all in the first-class area of the plane, amid middle-aged men in dress shirts and ties. I had to threaten the boys within an inch of their lives to get them to stop being so loud. Right now, Alan and Aaron were asleep, Tino was in the bathroom, Phil had his headphones in, and Austin and I were talking.

"How have you been holding up?" I asked Austin.

"That bitch doesn't deserve to have me thinking about her night and day," he shrugged and I giggled.

"How did you find out anyway?" I asked.

"Well, she got pregnant while I was on tour. I'm not stupid. Plus, Shayley was on tour with me. So, at least he got screwed over, too," he smirked.

"I guess you could say that," I sighed.

"Oh... sorry," he grimaced, realizing what he'd said.

"It's fine, Aus," I sighed.

"So, what exactly happened with Shayley?" Austin turned to look at me.

"He... uh... I guess he just... got bored..." I looked out the window.

"Adeline, look at me," Austin said firmly. "He never deserved you and he shouldn't have done that. I know you're still hurting. Hell, I'm still hurting. But, no guy in his right mind would ever get bored with you."

I smiled softly, "Thanks, Aus."

"Anytime, Ads," he smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders in a side hug.


We finally arrived at the gate at about midnight. I made Austin carry me out of the terminal because of my legs being weak from not being used for about 10 hours. I had my head in the crook of his neck as he carried me to the bus we'd be using for the few days we'd be on tour. He had the faint scent of the cologne I had bought him for his birthday last year.

"I've always loved that cologne," I yawned, snuggling even further into Austin's chest.

"So do I. It's probably one of my favorite gifts. I just smell so good," he laughed.

"You do, Aus," I smiled, letting my eyes close as he set me down onto the bed. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight, Adeline," he whispered gently.


"You like her don't you?" I heard Alan in the front lounge.

"I don't know..." Austin sighed.

"Yes, you do. Let's face it, the only reason you even stuck with Gielle is because Addie was with Shayley."

"Look, Alan. I loved Gielle. Not because of anything Addie did. Not because of Shayley. No one had anything to do it, Alan," Austin yell-whispered.

I slid down from my bunk deciding it would be a good time to interrupt. I made sure I didn't have anything inappropriate showing and tried to make my presence known.

"Hey guys," I said cheerfully.

"Hey," Alan muttered, getting up and leaving the bus.

"Hey," Austin smiled.

"What's wrong with Gingy?" I asked, trying to act like I hadn't heard the butt-end of their conversation.

"Oh. He's just crabby because I wouldn't let him get high before the show," he shrugged.

"Oh. Okay," I frowned.

"Why? What's wrong?" Austin's smile dropped off his face.

"Nothing. It's fine. I'm fine," I dismissed his question, reaching up to grab a cereal box.

"You know, you could've but a bra on," Austin observed, moving to get the box for me. Our eyes met and I blushed.

"Sorry. I'm not used to having 5 guys in the same... bus as me."

"You should go put one on before someone tries to bone you," he crossed his arms.

I put my hands on my hips and cocked my eyebrow, "It's not anything you haven't seen a million times before."

He blushed and turned away, "I'm gonna... uh... go get ready."

"Alright," I eyed him warily as he walked hurriedly to the back.


"Hey, Phil. Hey, Oli," I smiled as I walked into the OM&M dressing room.

"Ello, love. I aven't seen ya in forevah," Oli grinned, standing to give me a hug.

"Me, eitha, love," I grinned, mocking his accent.

"Oy! No need ta be mean just cos I'm gorgeous," he winked, pulling away. He held me at arm's length to really get a good look at me. "And so are you."

"Oli..." I blushed.

"No, love. You're gorgeous and I don't see why that idiot, Austin, don't see it."

"What?" I asked, looking over to see Phil making the "stop talking" motion with his hands.

"Oh... uh... sorry. Silly me. I've gone mad. Too much vodka," Oli laughed nervously.

"Oh, Oli," I laughed, trying to act like I had dissmissed the matter. "You always act completely bonkers when you drink."

Phil opened his mouth to say something when one of the stage techs walked in, "2 minutes to stage, boys."

"Alright, we'd better go," Oliver smiled, hugging me. "I'll see you later," he winked.

"See ya, Ads," Phil smiled, hugged me, and then followed Oliver.




I love it! Please update!!

It's-just-me It's-just-me
Haha. I'll try. c;
Claire Carlile Claire Carlile
Please do another update! I need this! I will die without it!<3
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