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You've Lied To My Face

The Only Kingdom You'll See


A year later

I watched the two lovebirds scurry up on stage. It was about time! I stopped Alan from going on and have him a small kiss. The crowd was shouting out our names, probably wondering where the fuck we were, but I didn't really care.

'Austin, we need to get on stage, now.' Alan started leading me on.

'I know, kitten. But they did it.' I said, pulling him back. 'Want to make an entrance?' He nodded, so I pulled one of our guitar techs over and explained my plan.


Tino and I walked onstage, waiting for Alan and Austin. Tino took his place behind the drums and started tapping on them. I fidgeted as the fans started yelling out Austin and Alan's names.

A young girl at the front yelled up at me, 'Where are they, Phil?' I shrugged and walked to the spare mic and tapped on it, blasting feedback.

'Sorry guys,' I apologized, wincing. 'But it seems, uh,' one of our guitar techs walked onstage. I looked at him quizzically and he started speaking.

'Hi guys. It seems that Austin had a bit of an accident on his way and Alan has gone to help him.' I whirled around and started running for the stage wing. Why wasn't Austin okay!? Our tech grabbed my arm, keeping me on the stage though. A few seconds past and the crowd was dead silent. You could read all their thoughts. What's wrong with Austin?

Suddenly, a high pitched scream filled the air, and it was quite obvious it was someone yelling into Austin's mic. Everybody jumped, and Austin barreled onto the stage, Alan clinging for dear life on his back. Oliver Sykes was chasing them, trying to look scary but ending up funny.

'Yes I had an accident and became Superman! I saved a not-so-innocent victim!' Austin yelled, dropping Alan and applauding. The crowd clapped along, half of them clutching their hearts.

'If you get what he means,' our guitar tech said, winking. Oli bowed as Alan said,

'Give it up for the monster - OLIVER SYKES OF BRING ME THE HORIZON!' Our guitar tech and Oli walked off stage, arms linked. We played our set and as our last song drew to a close, Tino started messing up. So was Austin and Alan. The beat wasn't as heavy, the guitar not as loud. I sounded out of place, so I stopped. Austin wasn't screaming our lyrics, instead, he was humming quietly. The crowd was just as confused as I was. What was going on? I looked at Tino for some guidance and my jaw dropped. No way. A random girl screamed,

'Oh my God!'


Title cred: House Of Wolves - Bring Me The Horizon


I sincerely thought it was great. c:
phalentino phalentino
Woah, really? I'm currently rewriting it because I think it's pretty bad...
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
OH i rate this story 10000000 out of 10 jfc i loved this so much
phalentino phalentino
Why, thank you! :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
love thi