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You've Lied To My Face

A Part Of Me


'... I like you, Tino. Last night with Alan... It was a misunderstanding. I have never felt anything for him. And I probably never will. We were both drunk off our heads and -'

'A drunk man's actions are a sober man's thoughts, Phil.' I interrupted.

'I swear, it's not like that, Tino!' Phil walked up to me and I took a step back, caution clouding my eyes.

'Tino,' Phil grabbed my hands and before I could blink pressed his lips to mine. He pulled me closer as I melted, eagerly responding to his kiss. My body wanted, no, needed his lips on mine.

'I'm sorry.' I whispered against his lips as we caught our breath. The Pierce guys came back on the bus and started catcalling and whistling.

'Go Phil!' Jaime called. Phil just smirked at him. My mouth dropped open.

'What's the time?' I blurted out, looking around wildly for a clock.

'Relax, it's two forty-five.' Mike said, pulling out his phone and checking the time.

'Shit!' I grabbed Phil and dashed past the guys, causing them to scatter to both sides of the bus. Yelling a goodbye, I literally dragged Phil to our stage, where Austin was waiting impatiently, tapping his foot.

'Guys!' He said.

'I know, I know. But we're all good now.' I flicked my eyes to our entwined hands as proof. Austin relaxed. He was such a marshmallow. Anybody else probably would have killed us. Our show was in half an hour and we still had sound check to get through.


Title cred: The Storm - OM&M

Wow. This was short...


I sincerely thought it was great. c:
phalentino phalentino
Woah, really? I'm currently rewriting it because I think it's pretty bad...
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
OH i rate this story 10000000 out of 10 jfc i loved this so much
phalentino phalentino
Why, thank you! :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
love thi